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We have to hand it to the Twi-hards here! Yes, they may have nervous breakdowns over fictional characters who sparkle and brood, but last night, they cam… Read more…

15 comments to “The Twi-Hards Come To Robert Pattinson's Rescue During Awkward Interview!”

  1. 1

    I actually saw the interview and I think it seems like a bad slip and he wasn't originally meant to ask that question. Just a really bad slip. I did after all say if you and Kristen were having problem, as if they weren't having any, so I don't think he gave much thought of it before it was to late.

  2. 2

    Practise what you preach and respect their privacy. Take a few pointers in what the fans are doing, Just stop with the constant digs at Kstew. We all know you hate her why can't you leave it be. So Sick of seeing this. Had he cheated would the world still be dragging the crap on and on. Whats with the witch hunt with her its so stupid. So what she got caught in the arms of another man. She's been embarrassed and dragged though the mud. Her cross to deal with why can't you get over it and move on. So sick of media beating stories to death. One minute she is accepting the breakup next she is reportedly texting non-stop, next she is depressed, next she is accepting it again. Who cares so over it wish you were too. isn't Brittany or someone doing something stupid to shift focus? Next topic please.

  3. crazycrazy says – reply to this


    Not gonna lie but boy is looking all kinds of fine lately! This whole him getting cheating on just made him so much HOTTER. Don't deny it. LOL, okay maybe that's just me & a thousand other girls! Before, I really didn't care for him but now it's a different story. Twisted I know. Anywho, he looks good no denying that but his eyes tell a different story for sure. It's okay he's young & there is plenty of fish in the see ;)

  4. oooooooHHH. Myyyyyyy says – reply to this


    Idk this warrior type guy…gulp. That's worth the effing farm…

  5. 5

    Okay you 'steaming' pile fo shit, one of your 'gay icons' has come to Kriostens defense and in a big way:

    She even goes so far as to say that if she were a young actress today she'd "quit before she started" thanks to maggots like you. So there. Because of you, we may ever have an other Jodie Foster to grace our screens. or really, we'll get actors like we get politicians… people so adept at being false due to the overwhelming number of gossip mongers out there (like YOU) that no one of any real talent will dare get involved in the performing arts!! Thank you, you talentless shit eater. You are helping reduce all of entertainment to YOUR pathetic level.

  6. Name says – reply to this


    No, they weren't being thoughtful! It's KPews fans not wanting rob to say anything negative or true about their queen. They are fucking psychotic dykes

  7. 7

    Why did I have to click a F*cking button to get "next question" …so f*cking annoying. This is what I mean by too much $hit!!!!

  8. Leslie says – reply to this


    I've never seen Rob look this good. Wow!!!!

  9. Ale says – reply to this


    I think the most important thing here is… Who told him that wearing his cap backwards is cool? I love him but, really?

  10. 10

    If Kristen or Robert ever found out who you are they may need to get a restraining order.

  11. wendil says – reply to this



  12. wendil says – reply to this


    Re: crazycrazy – If this is HOT for you..mmm,he is NOT ATTRACTIVE at all! What the girls see on him?

  13. loveu1432 says – reply to this


    I think he should take her beack becuse the only thing that could hurt way worse than this is robert 20 years down the line thinking 'What if I did take her back??'

  14. marilyn says – reply to this


    All I can say is leave the girl alone.Who has not made mistakes in their younger years?Only difference is we are not in the spotlight.Thats how life is.Hopefully she will learn a valuable life lesson from this.Also rob and kristian are not married,or even engaged!!!From what I hear they did not even "do the deed",just did some heavy kissing.I think Rob was great in the way he handled the press.There was no bad mouthing on his part.A gentleman all the way.I think Rob will give things time and wait until his inner anger goes down a bit.Then I think they will be able to really sit down and talk.Then it can be decided between both or them to go on or not.A little break may be just the thing both of them need.Rob is really handling this like an adult.

  15. 15

    Re: Ale – I agree that stuff is so 90's.

    Also once again he needs a shower, shave and shampoo - yuck otherwise.