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Lindsay Lohan Shows Off Every Curve Of Her Canyons!

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Lindsay Lohan No Bra Venice 1

Oh LiLo…

Looks like Lindsay Lohan was spotted out and about in Venice, Cali, looking one itty bitty arm movement away from a MAJOR fashion mishap!

Check out the starlet (above) in her backless AND braless number!

LiLo was doing some vintage clothing shopping with her little bro, Cody, yesterday, when she decided to flaunt her sideboobs in all their glory!

Still haven’t seen enough of the actress?? Take a look at the uncensored pic (below)!

We guess it’s kinda hard to find a bra to go with such a low back halter top??? Though, Linds’ well-endowed self could’ve maybe benefitted!

[Images via AKM-GSI.]

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30 comments to “Lindsay Lohan Shows Off Every Curve Of Her Canyons!”

  1. 1

    This Non Workout Body of a 50yr Old should be kept under wraps…..

  2. A greed says – reply to this


    It's not that easy to be constantly photographed all the time, When she has kids it will be very hard…then she prob will relapse. Doesnt she ever think about her mom?

  3. 3

    Yeah because that is how you should dress when you are out with your LITTLE BROTHER, you should always let him get a sneak peak at your side boob, show as much skin as possible dont dress appropriately, and try to draw as much attention to yourself as possible so that it takes away from him, what a train wreck!! Why would anybody dress like that in front of their brother, have some self respect, and if you cant have that try and have some respect at least for your family and others….GEEZ!!

  4. MichJB says – reply to this


    She can tuck those saggy funbags into the top of her waistband like an eighty year old woman.

  5. AmyC says – reply to this


    Can someone explain why her 26 year old boobs hang down to her waist? thats just disgusting! she may have big boobs but they look like something out of national geographic!

  6. 6

    Nasty. The least attractive thing a woman can do is not wear a bra, because the least attractive look on a woman is that of the saggy ass titties. Sling those fuckers before they touch your knees.

  7. 7

    Duh… Why did you censor the photo in the first place?

    And BTW, she has natural large breasts; il is perfectly normal that they should sag a bit. They are not inflated with silicone.

  8. maggie says – reply to this


    wow, she's only 26 years old. no boobs should sag like that no matter what size you are.

  9. 9

    Re: AmyC – Because she has accelerated her aging process by hard living.

  10. 10

    flabby flab sag

  11. 11

    she has to lift those baggies up to scratch her navel.

  12. 12

    Re: HateMachine – How ’bout that side boob? Huh? That turn you on? Well, it shouldn't, because that's my side boob. Good night, everybody.


  13. 13

    skinny fat is never a good look

  14. 14

    Nasty. Just flat out NASTY. Could she dress any more inappropriately? She's flabby, out of shape, saggy, trashy, & just plain gross. At her age, regardless of how large they are, her boobs shouldn't be sagging that badly.

  15. 15

    girlfriend needs to quit smoking and drinking.. and needs to hit the gym. i'm pregnant with my 2nd child right now and look way better from the back than she does. and in the face.

  16. david says – reply to this


    dumpy. frumpy. and her ass is flat as the nevada dessert. or her career.

    fugly child!

  17. 17

    Re: Michmasterflex – I think I just threw up a bit in my mouth, the thought of Lindsay's or yours or anybody's side boob does not "turn me on" I am a hetero female, if that thought turns you on go for it, but she needs to have some self respect, you dont see A-list celebrities dressed like that, there is a reason she is where she is on the D-list, dress appropriately, for heavens sake you are out with your little brother that is so creepy….doesnt anybody else see that it is creepy??

  18. shotzduckface says – reply to this


    Re: HateMachine – haha chill, michmasterflex was making a family guy reference. but if you didnt get the reference, then yeah, that response would seem REALLY creepy lol…

  19. 19

    Nasty her little brother has to see her saggy titties and very nasty with the cancer stick between her fingers.

  20. Nbullett says – reply to this


    That's One he'll of a Sloppy Diva….she is craving attention with everything she does, it's getting old, smarten up and do something productive little girl

  21. 21

    Is she Amy Winehousing us on purpose? If she isn't then I truly think that this will not end well

  22. barny says – reply to this


    Have to disagree with all the negative comments.Lindsay is looking good again.She has large real BOOBS that sag.I'd gladly take lindsay with her natural Boobs that sag over some woman with hard fake boobs.Not even a contest.Get over your jealousy.

  23. 23

    Re: shotzduckface – HAAH yes, thanks, i was making a family guy reference! haha geez eh. least you noticed :)

  24. Lilli725 says – reply to this


    She looks awulf. Her body looks like it’s over it and 45-60 years old. But like an old woman that never did anything good for her body. Depsite her being drug-addicted, law-breaking, narcissistic, hypocrat, surgery-addicted, old-looking, bloated woman, she has a terrible ‘sense’ of style. And her ‘I’m-better-than-anyone-else’-attitude makes her even more disgusting.

  25. 25

    LINDSAY shes looking carefree which is good but thats just awful maybe she took some of the clothes liz wore and then come up with this ensemble LINDSAY U arnt miley cyrus…put some clothes on gurl at least a bikini top under that would of saved it

  26. Aaron Saltzer says – reply to this


    I still don't understand why she never wears a bra.

  27. 27

    Re: Michmasterflex – ok ok my bad, havent watched too much TV so I didnt get the reference. So let me throw this out there too…Hey Lindz get to a gym, because you have absolutely no firmness, or tone to your body you are like jello….maybe that is the endorsement you are going for to be the "Jello Jigglers girl" HAHAHAHA

  28. 28

    …raspy voodoo doll…

  29. e-dub says – reply to this


    Mmmm white trash!! Sexy lol.

  30. 30

    It's a shame cuz she used to look really good…now she has the body of a 40 year old :-/. How is it that she and I are the same age and I actually look 26?..lol.