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Friend Says Real World Star Joey Kovar Was 'Suicidal'

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There is no official explanation for the death of Real World: Hollywood star Joey Kovar, but family members fear it was some kind of drug overdose.

A close friend, on the other hand, believes his death was more like a suicide or the dangerous effects of mixing prescription medications.

Jared Degado calls his friend's death "a shock, but not a surprise" because he had been receiving "suicidal text messages" from the Celebrity Rehab participant. He gave his insight in a recent interview during which he explained:

“Joey sent me some very suicidal text messages lately. I’ve been really worried that it was going to get the best of him and I had a feeling he was either going to commit suicide or that all the prescription medications he was on were going to make his body give out.”

Degado works for MuscleWolf Productions and was preparing to shoot a new reality show with Kovar. He says that the deceased 29-year-old was "at a low point" in his life and frequently mixed Adderall with other prescriptions, as he continued:

"When I just heard about Joey’s death and I was shocked but not surprised. His life was at a low point. Joey was sober for some time, but he suffered from major anxiety issues so he took medicine for that. He also took Adderall. We would be in meetings and I would see him have an anxiety attack and he would take his meds for that and then he would start to get really lethargic. Then he would take the Adderall to perk up. When you mix Adderall and other prescriptions it is really hard on your heart.”

As far as his family's fears that he overdosed on some kind of illegal drug, Degado countered:

"Joey wasn’t doing any illegal drugs lately. He didn’t have the money to do cocaine anymore and he wasn’t even drinking.”

Again, our heart goes out to Joey's family and friends. It's sad to see anyone die at such a young age no matter what the cause of death was.

Even more sad is the fact that the reality star had a two-year-old daughter, for whom he was trying to straighten his life out for.

A life taken way too early. There's not getting past that.

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10 comments to “Friend Says Real World Star Joey Kovar Was 'Suicidal'”

  1. 1

    I wonder if this Jared guy reached out to try to help Joey. Maybe the texts messages were a cry for help. Joey was obviously willing to go to rehab once to get clean. I'm sure it's embarrassing to admit you failed and need professional help again. Sometimes you need the push and guidance of a friend to go back. I hope this guy didn't just get the texts and ignore them or brush them off. That would be sad.

  2. 2

    It is always so sad to see the havok addiction and mental illness can wreak on people. He was a good looking guy with a child. I'm sad that he was suffering so much. If you need mental health help, get it. It can be dead serious. RIP Joey, hope you are finding some type of peace now.

  3. 3

    Another 12-Step Religious AA/NA Cult SUCCESS STORY; Dr. Drew's 12-step religious cult BODY COUNT is piling up….

  4. 4

    Be respectful and leave this alone

  5. dc says – reply to this


    A friend identifies suicidal before the suicide. Joey may have died from presription drugs, as so many have before him, and as so many more will.

  6. 6

    Good riddance

  7. lieslieslies says – reply to this


    Don't believe everything you read. The family has no reason to believe he was using illicit drugs. I am friends with Joe's brother. Try reading the article in the Chicago Tribune. RIP Joe. you are in a better place where the cruel media can no longer take pleasure in your (usually embellished) pain ♥

  8. Checkcall says – reply to this


    Re: liesliesliesRe: lieslieslies
    so a normal health conscious 29 yo just died from natural causes? He was an addict. If he was using addictive prescription drugs like adderall or Valium, it's still a relapse and a drug overdose. People are so ignoran when it comes to drug addiction.

  9. lieslieslies says – reply to this


    Also please know that I would caution you all to put the shoe on the other foot. What if this tragedy happened in your family. What if Joey was your son or brother. Just remember that he was a cherished member of a loving family so please keep your rude comments to yourself. I'm fully aware of Joe's battle with addiction for most of his life. That doesn't mean he was a bad person, it means he had a disease. You would never treat someone with cancer the way you treat this man with a horrible disease. All I ask is that you all think before you speak. RIP Joe ♥

  10. Jerry de Pape says – reply to this


    Re: lieslieslies

    Very good advice. I can only hope that other's will take it seriously and act on it.