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Robert Pattinson Torturing Himself At NYC Hotel?!

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Why, oh sparkliest of vampires?! Don't surround yourself in such bitter-sweet memories!!

Robert Pattinson may be keeping a cool noggin during press interviews, AND has been spotted party-rocking round' NYC like he owns the streets, but apparently dude is battling some intense inner demons…

Cause he is staying in the SAME hotel he and Kristen Stewart used to frequent on their trips to the Big Apple!

R-Patz has allegedly been staying at the chic Mandarin Oriental Hotel while promoting the David Cronenberg flick Cosmopolis, and is most likely shacking up in the 20k/night presidential suite.

That sure is some expensive mental masochism!

[Image via WENN.]

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35 comments to “Robert Pattinson Torturing Himself At NYC Hotel?!”

  1. 1

    He deserves better, he's been so nice about this whole thing. He deserves someone that loves him as much as he loves her, he just needs to let go of her, she's not worth it.

  2. Vic says – reply to this


    Re: Britney1113 – Too bad Rob does not listen to you. He is a grown-up and I am sure he is capable of making the most important decision of his life.

  3. Robyn says – reply to this


    I think its both pathetic and ironic that the very tabloids throwing stones at Kristen, are now realizing a reconciliation is what is going to sell their covers and stories, and make them the big bucks! Those who were on-board the bash train, are now defending her honor? I think not… The poor girl will never be able to trust anyone again…

    As a mother myself, I feel my heart break for her. She is just a baby in the real world, and is allowed to make mistakes. In the "Hollywood" world, we pretend that young people are all grown-up. take Suri Cruise for instance, wearing makeup and high heels at 6 years old. These children have to grow up so fast, and are forced to deal with adult problems. To those of you who say 22 is old enough to know better, then I say "shame on you", and you obviously don't have children, or are not past your twenties, and you too think you know the world.

    F*ck times 80 and give her a greak already..

  4. Terri says – reply to this


    Re: Robyn – Totally agree with you Robyn. Its time to give her a break. the girl got it, enough already

  5. 5

    OMG! Enough with this already. We get it. She hurt him very much. It's not the end of the world. He is sitting in some 20K/night suite, has obviously great friends, millions to boost, a nice family and there are literally millions of girls who'd drop their panties in a second for him. So why are we supposed to feel sorry for him? If his biggest concern is his girlfriend cheating on him…he should seriously consider himself lucky. He probably isn't even "torturing" himself and if he is…that's part of breaking up and he'll get over it, but omg…STOP making it sound like some great big tragedy. Even lovesick teenagers don't make such a fuss. These are grown people. Jeeeeeez

  6. 6

    Re: Vic – I was just making a statement, I think I already know that he doesn't listen to me. It's my opinion, which everyone is entitled to.

  7. 7

    This is no longer a story, homo, and hasn't been for a while. Stop posting every time one of them farts, you stupid jerk.

  8. cINDY says – reply to this



  9. Guene says – reply to this


    Re: Terri – LOL, WOW, That's funny because they cheated and they are telling Rob what to do, give me a break!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tom Sturridge and his girlfriend were cheaters to, so why would he listen to them, my god Rob can't you think for yourself, can't you listen to your heart and don't you think you owe it to you both to give it a try, Kristen said she would even go to counseling, or are you afraid to find out why she did it?? I'm about done with this, I have been with you both from the beginning, watched all your movies to, but this whole affair thing is old now, make up your mind and give her a choice, why make her feel bad forever, she knows she was wrong, Hollywood is just killing her inside and out.

    Love Is Patient Poem

    Love is patient, love is kind.
    It does not envy, it does not boast,
    it is not proud. It is not rude,
    it is not self-seeking,
    it is not easily angered,
    it keeps no record of wrongs.

    Love does not delight in evil
    but rejoices with the truth.
    It always protects, always trusts,
    always hopes, always perseveres.
    Love never fails. . . .

    And now these three remain:
    faith, hope and love.

    But the greatest of these is love.

  10. 10

    Re: Guene – AMEN!

  11. 11

    how about he come and gain clarity in my outback shack i just sold and i hole up in that presidential suite as i got no mental anguish at all… maybe the dust will clear his head

  12. Katarina says – reply to this


    Re: Guene
    Guene, thanks for posting the Love Poem from Corinthians I think it's something Rob needs to read/hear. I believe Rob & Kristen are both totally still in love with each other and he needs to stop listening to his so called friends especially Sienna Miller who had a long affair with a married man that had kids and almost ruined his marriage, and Tom should understand if no one else does being he had a kid with Sienna knowing what he knew about her. Rob if you try to fight against a reconciliation with Kristen you will regret it the rest of your life, true love that is given to you through destiny only comes once in a lifetime. Go get Kristen now!!!

  13. 13

    Perez, he has not been partyng around! Stop spreading lies!

  14. 14

    Re: Guene – love is not blind thou we all saw the pictures

  15. Virginia says – reply to this


    Re: Katarina
    "Rob if you try to fight against a reconciliation with Kristen you will regret it the rest of your life, true love that is given to you through destiny only comes once in a lifetime. Go get Kristen now!!!"

    I'm guessing Katarina, that you stay up late at night clutching your favourite hero poster while dreaming of hearts and flowers and kisses and vampire babies…?
    I think you've mistaken "Rob" and "Kristen" for their Twi-light characters…
    Good Lord, people! Grow the fuck up!
    Just because you saw their "true love forever" crap in a movie DOES NOT mean they are soulmates for eternity in REAL LIFE!!!
    They're young people who had a relationship. Period.
    It's now over because one of them cheated. Period.
    (And the thing is, one of them might have "cheated," because there already were problems in the relationship to begin with. Problems they both contributed to.)
    My poor dear, take it from someone who's probably twice your age and already through menopause, "true love" is more than a couple of kids making out in the dark and swearing to love each other through eternity.
    True love takes work. And maturity. And respect. And no cheating.

  16. Twilight08 says – reply to this


    I really feel for him he is not receiving not a moment of rest from either fans standing outside his hotel or from photogs flashing bulbs in his face every second he steps outside. I can't wait and IN am he too would feel the same, once BD2 comes out and a month later it all dies down he can finally move on better than before. So Robert stay strong hand up hang in there. It will be over sooner then you think. (This my prayer). That picture of him above looks so sad. He's not torturing himself the public and photogs are

  17. hope says – reply to this


    He should take her back beacuse the only thing that would hurt worse than this is robert 20 years later thinking What if I did take her back??

  18. be strong says – reply to this


    Re: Terri – It's not like they were married and she cheated on her husband. If he wants that kind of commitment, then marry her!

  19. 19

    Updated the blog!
    Rob Pattinson .. and on and on…

  20. 20

    hate to say it but between the two of them- in almost all of the photos I have seen,
    red carpet or whatever, they always looked tortured and awkward- like it was just terribly painful having to be there
    so if he's looking tortured now- you'll have to forgive me for not seeing it

  21. RVD says – reply to this


    I think comments and media coverage such as this are way out of line. You continue to show pictures of the event, old story lines, and repeating the events; hoping to stir the public, and continue to hurt them all. If you want to give a story, give facts, not fiction, stop rehashing and linking to the event. Stop everything and let them all heal. Take down your old stories, pictures and fan comments so they can't be found if you really care about her well being. Oh, I forgot, you're in this for the money. You don't really care about her health and well being. You’re just pretending you care. Ooops, my bad!

  22. RVD says – reply to this


    Re: Vic – Who, you? Bite me!

  23. RVD says – reply to this


    Re: Britney1113 – Sorry Vic, meant that for Britney. Let's do that again…
    Who, you Britney1113? Bite me!

  24. 24

    Re: RVD – What's your problem?

  25. 25

    Umm…maybe he likes the Mandarin Oriental Hotel. If they always stayed there I bet the staff knows him and takes good care of him. Just because you visit a place you visited with your ex doesn't mean it is painful.

  26. shaabms says – reply to this


    Dear Perez, I don't know if anyone else has noticed the sadness in Rob's eyes. Oh yes he smiles but not with the sparkling eyes as before. I hope everything goes well for him and that somehow he can find happiness, if not with Kristen which I still hope for but with someone who truly apprecieates him . I don't know if they realize how happy that couple made people like me who enjoyed the devothion they maanifested together. They were so cute and loving.

  27. Tabby says – reply to this


    The only way to stop this media frenzy, is to stop reading the tabloid articles, blogs, comments, & stop posting comments. That's the only chance all of them will have to get past this. Whichever way they choose. I feel bad for following these stories now. Read the Fox News article online- 'In defence of Kristen Stewart'. I've said from start- "cheating is wrong, but so is the witch hunt". I'm not gonna follow this anymore.We are in danger of contributing to tormenting people, already destroyed by a personal, private situation. What do you say guys? :)

  28. hope says – reply to this



  29. Annie SweetAngel says – reply to this


    OMG Im sooooo confused as to why people are talking about this? She made a "mistake"??? Did you ALL forget she did the same thing to Micheal Arragino? She cheated on her LONG-TERM bf with ROBERT PATTINSON. And Robert Pattinson complains he doesn't forgive "cheaters"? Robert Pattinson did the same thing Rupert Sanders did, but the difference is, all the TWILIGHT fans forgave Pattinson. Please! NOW everyone is being pathetic! NOT only is Kristen Stewart is a SERIAL cheater and Rupert Sanders is a pig, Both these idiots deserve what they get. And Robert is no Better! He encourages cheated obviously. Just as long as he's getting bootie and is a sparkly vampire? This makes it ok to take Robert's side? You all are delusional. Media too. Wake up! Kristen Stewart is a SERIAL CHEATER! Rupert Sanders is a pig. Robert Pattinson is ok with cheaters IF it only benefits himself. LAME

  30. Nina says – reply to this


    That Pattinson had to protect Kristen from the attacks, instead he left her alone. He is a selfish man and I think it’s a very good solution when Robert gets a new girlfriend! So at last, the madding crowd will cease to harass Kristen!

  31. eleonora says – reply to this


    I agree. It’s time Robert to get another girlfriend so the brainless crowd can stop to torment Kristen. Pattinson is selfish and infantile. He ran away and so he caused his“fans”to trash Kristen even more. He is not worthy of her and it is no wonder that she cheated. He is no more the innocent victim!

  32. belee says – reply to this


    Enough! His better off!!!!!!!

  33. Sara says – reply to this


    He could have chosen another hotel, there are tones in NYC. He deserves way better than that bitch.What she did was crule and stupid! If you agree with me, please check out my video on Youtube. My channel is called ReviewSomethingVlog.

  34. Renota Johns says – reply to this


    I was a fan of Robert Pattinson but now I don't like either one. Both have ruin the Breaking Dawn , for me. There is only selfish s.o. b's in hollywood. I won't be spending a dime to see either Robert Pattinson or Kristen Stewart films. They both suck.

  35. Courtney says – reply to this


    Re: Robyn – well said. Agreed.