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Beyoncé Moves Worlds With Brand New I Was Here Video! Watch!

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Absolutely breathtaking!

Beyoncé took the floor of the United Nations by shimmery storm when she performed this one!

Singing I Was Here in honor of World Humanitarian Day, the cameras at the UN captured Queen Bey's radiant essence of beauty and compassion.

And she truly shines as a beacon of light for humanity with her performance.

U gotta check this one out (above)!! Pure brilliance!!

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78 comments to “Beyoncé Moves Worlds With Brand New I Was Here Video! Watch!”

  1. Madeline says – reply to this


    The visuals are fucking breathtaking, Beyonce has done it again!

  2. 2

    It makes me mad to see this woman standing on a pedestal singing about making a difference. She is one of the modern ultra-rich who live their lives with opulent consumption while giving a tiny percentage of her massive wealth to charity. One of the biggest problems with the economy today is these rich people who hoard their wealth and put very little back into society. Yes, Beyonce, you were here, and you were part of the problem, not part of the solution. Oh, and did you borrow your buddy Kim's ass for this video?

  3. chanel says – reply to this


    Put your money where your mouth is.

  4. pink says – reply to this


    rosebud99——-Stop hating on her for being rich. She earned her fkin wealth. She doesn't owe anybody sh!t. It's her money and it's her CHOICE if she wants to share it or not. Maybe if you got some ambition and followed your own dreams, you could live the good life too. UGH.

  5. Ruby says – reply to this


    She looks beautiful in the video:)

  6. MeanBoy says – reply to this


    Re: rosebud99 – And what ?! She should apologize for being rich ?! She does what she wants with her money.

  7. Suzie says – reply to this


    Beyonce has done plenty of charity in the past. This is not the 1st time she's done something charitable. She stunned in that video.

  8. skankeliminator says – reply to this


    She does a lot for charity. I'm sure more than most. The problem with most of America is everyone wants something for nothing. This nation has become so lazy and complacent. Less motivated, less educated and less ambitious. Instead more ignorant, more bigoted and more resentful of those who have achieved through hard work and dedication to their career and craft.

  9. Jack says – reply to this


    What can ya say - she needs to be more responsible about the messages that she sends in the music videos that she makes. This is where it really counts. Want to change the world, change the message that your sending to countless young adults. She needs to do that first. This is just lip service otherwise.

  10. 10

    Re: pinkRe: MeanBoy – Yes she earned it and she can do what she wants with it, but for her to stand up there and act like she gives a damn pisses me off. This trend of the super rich to hoard their money and give nothing back impacts us all. It widens the gap between rich and poor, it degrades the economy, and it was a major factor in the decline and fall of other civilizations. This is what happened in Rome, and it is also what happened prior to the French Revolution. Some rich people like Warren Buffett, Mark Zuckerburg, and Bill Gates give more than half of their wealth to charity. Others like Beyonce and Oprah hoard it, yet expect everyone to praise them when they give money to charity that equates to far less than they make in interest on their hoard - for which they get a tax break, so in fact they are actually giving less than nothing to charity.

    Re: pink – I do follow my dreams and live a good life. I give to charity to the point that I would rather skip a holiday for a couple of years than stop payments to my charities. Beyonce could give away 3/4 of her wealth and not have it affect her lifestyle one bit. No, she doesn't have to - but if she is going to be a wealth hoarder, she should get off that pedestal and stop being a hypocrite.

  11. 4lyfe says – reply to this


    You know you have done alot and is a good role model when the only negative thing people say about you is how rich you are lol. She actually has talent and isnt seen out at clubs at 4am, or has a DUI, etc…. say what you want about this girl but i like her.

  12. 12

    Another tiresome pose from the preachy famewhore Beyonce. She is a self-absorbed asshole. If she wants to make a difference, let her practice WTF she preaches and donate the money she spends on her Hamptons rental to those in need. I would LOVE to punch this woman's teeth out. She is sickening.

  13. 13

    Re: MeanBoy – It's not about how much money each person earns - it's about putting yourself in the public eye as the face of a humanitarian cause (such as Beyonce did with this performance) and then not actually financially contributing anything significant to the cause. Jay Z's 2010 audited tax return shows that he donated $6,431 of his $63 million 2010 earnings to his own Shawn Carter Scholarship Fund while Beyonce earned $87 million in 2010 and didn't donate any money to her husband's foundation or any other charitable organization. Instead, she puts on expensive designer gowns & jewellery and sings a 3 minute song to try to encourage people to be charitable. It's the hypocrasy of behaving as a public ambassador for charitable giving and not actually donating any money at all to charitable causes that's annoying - not the fact that she's earned millions.

  14. Allyson says – reply to this


    so inspiring, it's a shame people still have negative things to say when she's one of the few celebs that actually uses her fame to work towards helping people . her team has worked extremely hard to gain support and it has paid off . Beyonce is legendary!

  15. 15

    @Rosebud, You're just some poor white trash loser who is jealous obviously. Beyonce has worked VERY hard for most of her life and doesn't have to give one red cent if she doesn't want to. You act like she writes her own paychecks. AMERICA is the one who chooses to pay her so much. So get off her back. This woman has done more with her life than you could ever dream to do you pos. I give her props for standing up SOOO many times in order to get Americans to take notice of things beyond themselves. Clearly she is a compassionate person who knows that there is more to giving then just money.

  16. to rosebud says – reply to this


    Re: rosebud99 – you are such a negative piece of shit. writing paragraphs to bring negativity towards a positive cause when I highly doubt that you've given a single cent to charity. seriously who are you to judge someone else's contributions? you're nothing but a pig who sits on this site all day waiting on the next celeb to bash!

  17. pink says – reply to this


    Rosebud99———-She's not a wealth hoarder. It's HER money.

    Yes You Bore Me———-Well then Bono is a hypocrite. He preaches charity but pays NO TAXES. Brangelina preaches charity but bought a $65 million French estate.
    Cloony preaches charity but lives a luxurious lifestyle. Oprah does too.

  18. annoyed says – reply to this


    all this video does is annoy me… im not inspired… making a song about being charitable and collecting the money it brings in does not count as being a humanitarian. why dont you open up some of those purse strings and give back a bit and then we'll talk. hypocrite.

  19. annoyed says – reply to this


    Re: greeneyedgay87 – no she doesnt have to give a cent of her money and people wouldnt really care what she did with her money, but for her to make songs to "inspire" people to give back and to take notice of things happening around the world while she sits on her high horse and does nothing herself is ridiculous

  20. Yeah, I said It says – reply to this


    DAMN! She's trying to do something positive. Stop trying to turn it into something negative. How about being motivated to help out in your own community instead of bitchin on a gossip blog? Y'all want to dissect every little thing. 100 million people got involved in World Humanitarian Day. Some of you should too.
    Or maybe get a hobby. Go pluck your puzzy hairs.

  21. What? says – reply to this


    She does give back. Do a little research.

  22. 22

    Not to be racist but Beyonce and jay are the only black music entertainers that i see throwing charitable events for different communities. Everyone brings up her renting a home for 400k but do people remember that she and her husband are the richest couple in the industry? they can afford it and they deserve to spend their hard earned money as they please . i applaud them both.

  23. 23

    Terrible singer. Sooo fucking fake. No wonder she's not on Rollingstones all time top 100 singers.

  24. 24

    She was called out recently by her lack of charity work/donations and a statement was issued by her camp saying she had given $100,000 to a charity. She seemed to think that was a very generous gift. Well, take some lessons from Angelina Jolie who gives one third of her salary from making movies to charity plus donates a lot of her time as well. Beyonce is just another greedy celebrity who has no concept of how people suffer in the world or how much they need a helping hand.

  25. kristina says – reply to this


    Re: pink – but when does someone have too much money. not saying if i know or not, but it seems like she has more then enough money then she needs and it wouldn't hurt to share some of it.

  26. Brian says – reply to this


    Like Beyonce or not, this video is about being human. Lending a helping hand—-Those who dislike the video—I pray of the day when you are in need of help that you dare not utter the words "Help me"—Instead, i hope you choke and rebuke your negative comment about humanity. You disgust me.

  27. Lorr says – reply to this


    SHE does share her money and wealth or they wouldnt have asked her to perform, she didnt just show up, she was asked by the United Nations to come perform cause she is an ambassador, and all of you saying she needs to give more money etc to charities HOW do you know she doesnt or does? Pretty sure your not beyonces financial planners and pretty sure none of YOU are giving even close to the amount of money and time she gives to them. So maybe you aholes should get off here and practice what you preach. If you have annoying rude things to say, why bother sharing your negative opinion. Get bent.

  28. mothergotback says – reply to this


    Re: chanel – . No body said nothing when elvis overdose and he was put on a pedstal and you have the nerve to say something stupid as that no matter what the reason for her death. You have no right to judge when your day comes will you not be judged. Then shut your pie hole

  29. 29

    That was a great performance. Don't know what was going on with the sleeves of her dress though? haha.

  30. 30

    I love how you've been trying to blow this bitch up for a couple weeks now.

  31. 31

    Re: rosebud99 – yes to this!!!

  32. 32

    Re: greeneyedgay87 – You're a fucking moron for being ignorant to the truth, so please keep your ignorant mouth shut, redneck.

  33. 33

    Kim K, is that you?

  34. 34

    Re: pink – yes but then again …shes profitting out of promoting charity…wich i find a little hypocritical cuz she could give much much more than she does. as a matter of fact shell be making money out of this song.

  35. 35

    Exactly. She may donate here and there, and we all do in the same relativity, but to humblebrag about it to the world like she's this benevolent force behind charities is so fucking ungracious, uncouth, and tasteless. It's actually very fitting to what hollywood is today. It's a phony, "look at me handing over a $10 bill to a homeless man. Make sure you zoom in on this generous gift I'm giving"

  36. Alicia says – reply to this


    Do some research about Beyonce's charity work before you make wrong assumptions.

  37. Nonya Biznazz says – reply to this


    It is hysterical to me that anyone would criticize her for not donating enough of her money. Even if it is a small percent of what she earns, how much have YOU donated? You are the fucking hypocrites. This is supposed to be a motivational video to remind ourselves that there is more out there than just the frivolous silliness that we live on a daily basis. So shut up, and do something yourself instead of worrying about someone else.

  38. Beyonce's Charity Wor says – reply to this


    *46664 *Food Bank for New York City
    *Artists for Peace and Justice *Kids Wish Network
    *Barbara Davis Center for Childhood Diabetes *Love our Children USA
    *Candie's Foundation *Miami Children's Hospital
    *Clinton Bush Haiti Fund *MusiCares
    *Clothes Off Our Back *Music Rising
    *Feeding America *Oxfam
    *Save the Music Foundation *Stand Up to Cancer
    *Survivor Foundation *The Lunchbox Fund
    *The Samburu Project *Women's Fund
    *Ronald McDonald House *Cosmetology Center

  39. You are a dumbfuck says – reply to this


    She never claimed to be Mother Teresa. And she's done MORE than you and I ever will. Shut up and sit down idiot.

  40. MissAmiia says – reply to this


    whether the rich or poor gives little or alot, they have given apart of their sweat and blood to help people in need. They can choose to not do it and what can anyone do about it but they chose to give or contributed their time in helping out. A little help from everyone makes a big different to people in need. Just because celebrities are rich does not mean they it came to them just by the flick of a magic wand, they worked their asses off to be where they are. you choose to miss a holiday rather than miss a payment then that is your way to helping out so there is no right or wrong in which ways or how people choose to give to people in need. people have too much time on their hands to be hating on people who doing something to help. How do you know they have not given to charity, the amount you as an individual would like them to give. Giving to charity does not need to be announce as long as you in your heart know you had done something to help. Beyonce, you are a great inspirational lady!

  41. Person says – reply to this


    Re: rosebud99 – She donates alot of charity to people…and it's not her fault she's rich.

  42. 42

    bitches stay so pressed on beyonce, she's amazing. her contribution to music in my generation is unparalleled and she is very decorated for her 30 years too. Her bod is like WHUT in this video ***dead

  43. 43

    actually she doesn't do a whole lot for charity

  44. 44

    her husband throws 10 grand at whores.. i guess that's charity.. keep them snorting the coke

  45. justin says – reply to this


    Re: annoyed – Bitch hold the fuck up! Before you start making all these stupid comments do some research. That's all i have to say.

  46. greeneyedgay87 says – reply to this


    Re: pollopicu – Ignorant about the truth? Honey get a life. and Redneck? do you even have the education of a middle school student? I'm from Manhattan my dear. Suck a dick :)

  47. 47

    shes a natural beauty unlike her best pal kim k
    the ass is as big and in white its a little hard on the eyes but

    at least beyonce has talent and she sang her little heart out

    i just wish she would choose her pals hangers on more wisely…

  48. BEYHIVE says – reply to this


    Everything Bey does someone has to try to bring negativity into it. Shut the fuck up people. If you care so much about how much she is donating get off your computer and stop complaining and go make a difference. Get the fuck off of Beyoncé's back. Before all you mother fuckers complain about how much she doesn't donate you should all get famous,make millions,donate as much as you would like. But until then SHUT THE FUCK UP!

  49. 49

    ok leave out money.. how many times has she put on a construction hat and dug bodies out of rubble.. saved someones home from a fire.. went to a flipping soup kitchen. I bet she would be humiliated to show up to a soup kitchen knowing she could buy every single person there their own home and it wouldn't even touch her coin purse.

  50. FuckYouRosebud99 says – reply to this


    Re: chanel – Everything Bey does someone has to try to bring negativity into it. Shut the fuck up bitch. If you care so much about how much she is donating get off your computer and stop complaining and go make a difference. Get the fuck off of Beyoncé's back. Before you start complaining about how much she doesn't donate you should all get famous,make millions,donate as much as you would like. But until then SHUT THE FUCK UP! Oh and one last FUCK YOU "rosebud99'……No one more thing BEYONCÉ has always been BOOTYLICIOUS, she doesn't need to borrow her "buddy's ass." Have a wonderful rest of your life trying to bring people down when clearly they are on another level than you.

  51. 51

    Re: rosebud99 – Well said!

  52. 52

    This video really doesn't inspire me. Most of the footage from the video is just her singing. There's less images of people struggling and more of her singing. I'm sorry. If I'm going to be really honest, I don't donate money to charity because I don't know where the hell my money is REALLY going to. It's not even about being lazy. Believe me, I would love to donate some money, but I always have a gut feeling that my money isn't going to help those who are suffering. In general, celebs will still be part of that 1% of wealthy Americans, no matter how much, or how little they donate to charities.

  53. Nicole says – reply to this


    Re: Suzie – The only reason she was there that due to compliment Harry Belofonte called her on, stating she does not do ENOUGH humanitarian efforts to show she really care. MILLIONS Recording Artist have been there… standing right where she is standing performing a song under pressure, Fuck her

  54. 54

    what a dreary boring song.

  55. alias0602 says – reply to this


    Re: kristinaRe: rosebud99 – why should she have to share any of her money.. just cause she makes more then the you or me doesn't mean she doesn't work extremely hard for it.. maybe harder then you or me.. ppl need to back of celebrities just cause they earn the big money doesnt mean that they should donate to charities.. ppl are always looking for money and even if she did give half of her money to charity she would then probably get hateful comments for not giving it to the right one..

  56. 56

    Re: alias0602 – It's not so much about having to share your money. If you don't want to give back/feel a sense of social responsibility/help others in need, then fine. That's between each person and their own conscience. The issue here is that if you put yourself in the position of acting as an ambassador to humanitarian causes, it's hypocritical if you don't contribute any money to any charitable causes. That's what Beyonce does - she sings a song about humanitarianism at the UN but that's all she does. Her public tax returns show that she contributes no money, other than a $100k donation several years ago. So if she doesn't want to give money to charity - that's fine - her money, her call. Then she should just earn her millions and do whatever she wants with her cash and stay away from charities, the UN, etc. But when she puts herself out there as a representative of charitable causes and tries to inspire people to give their time & money (as she did with this performance), it's grossly appalling, hypocritical & deceitful when she doesn't donate any of her own money to charity.

  57. jel says – reply to this


    Re: pollopicu – lol does beyonce giving back to charity upset you that much? holy shit.

  58. 58

    Re: alias0602Re: Meggie246524 – Meggie's reply is right on the money. As for how hard Beyonce works - I have no doubt that she is a hard worker, but the amount of money some of these entertainers make is totally disproportionate to their effort. Do you really think she works harder than the average nurse or school teacher? Yet these people work without servants catering to their every need. They make a difference in people's lives, and they get no accolades, and put up with tons of abuse. Life is not fair - people rarely get what they truly deserve. But the big picture is that these mega-rich people who hoard their money are damaging the economy.

  59. 59

    You people kill me I have never seen so much negativity about a person in my life. This girl could take a shit and it could be something wrong with it…Damn…half of u complaining probably have never did anything charitable in ur life so who are you to judge her or anybody else about what they do…and its not alway about the money yeah she got it so what but maybe just maybe she wants to go about it another way…There are plenty of celebrities that don't give to charity and they don't perform or work charity events either. Get off her back and get ur lazy asses up and do something and quit grriping about e

  60. 60

    You people kill me I have never seen so much negativity about a person in my life. This girl could take a shit and it could be something wrong with it…Damn…half of u complaining probably have never did anything charitable in ur life so who are you to judge her or anybody else about what they do…and its not alway about the money yeah she got it so what but maybe just maybe she wants to go about it another way…There are plenty of celebrities that don't give to charity and they don't perform or work charity events either. Get off her back and get ur lazy asses up and do something and quit griping about everybody else. And fyi this song is on her album last yr. She didn't write this song for this occasion. It was already written. Great Job Beyonce u look amazing!

  61. AMBER says – reply to this


    Can't believe she would have the audacity to mention a donation of $100K, give me a break. I've given more than that on a salary that doesn't even equal half of that. You guys are pathetic, you don't deserve the UN floor, you should be shown the door. You are not a true humanitarian. What have you done really to sustain jobs, create jobs, other than for the employees of the high profile business you spend hundreds of thousands with which help create trust fund babies. Other than photo ops that drive more sales of your self-indulgent bullshit, where have you really used yoiur wealth to change lives in your own backyard, in the communities that helped nurture your career. What have you done $$ for them lately. Look around Beyonce, our communities have street names for fallen heroes and housing projects named for great scholars yet economically, we own nothing. We are the great consumers and your music to a large extent reinforces that…you cannot celebrate humanitarianism until you have been a true one for your own community. Put your money where the need is….and don't invite the media!

  62. cyn says – reply to this


    This video pisses me off. You make millions. It's one thing to make decent money, live a life with a few nice cars, a nice house, a bigger house that is MANAGEABLE on your own, one you can clean on your own and having what you need with a few added luxuries, etc. But living in a ridiculously big mansion with way more room, bedrooms, bathrooms, closets, chefs, maids, and nannies than you need is stupid. Staying in a 20K a night hospital room when you have your baby is stupid. Making that video cost more than the amount it would take to feed some of those families for an entire year. Yet us average citizens that work hard for our money and still struggle paycheck to paycheck, barely affording insurance, having to buy our food from walmart because we can't afford real, wholesome food that isn't killing us slowly, will most likely have bigger hearts and will still find a way to donate money to the less fortunate. When you compare every dollar we donate from our measly paychecks, it probably averages out to millions of your money that you don't donate. If we made 1600 a month and donated 3%, that would be roughly $50 a month from one person. If a person makes 5 million dollars in a year and they donate 3% they would be donating $150,000. Helping this world is simple, the problem is our views are too messed up.

  63. 63

    Re: cyn – what the fuck! do you expect her to donate 80% of her earnings and live in a shoe box? they live in New York City for goodness sake do you know how much a decent home costs there? they can afford it, it's their money they WORKK for it! it doesn't make her a bad person, because she is obviously still doing thing for the less fortunate. you people are so fucking ungrateful!

  64. Liz says – reply to this


    Re: to rosebud
    Look it's pretty obvious, some of these self-indulgent artsist could be doing so much more to make a differenc in their communities right here in the USA; 50 Cent went over to Africa to donate food (great)(nice photo ops), but S. Jamaica, NY where he grew up is starving with high rates of foreclosures and homelessness, gun volence, aids even Wil I Am bailed some folks out of forclosure (but none of his peers followed)—these efforts grab headline but do little to impact peoples lives long term…I agree with Rosebud (and I'm black) you make a difference by coming out of your comfort zone and putting your financial resources behind real projects and programs that create opportunity. Screw the budget and politicians real change happens with private initiatives. Beyonce could lead the way by calling on her peers to make a serious commitment to return to the hood and pay it forward, identify worthy projects that no one ever heard of and help out, create something, do something for the common good not for your bottomline.

  65. 65

    Re: VictoriaCasse – Of course I don't expect her to donate 80% of her earnings! But, you do realize that if she did donate 80% of her earnings she would still be very wealthy and it wouldn't even impact her lifestyle. She would definitely not have to live in a shoebox. I am grateful to people like Warren Buffett and Bill Gates who are trying very hard to get the mega-rich to be more charitable. When Beyonce does that, I will be grateful.

  66. jennifer says – reply to this


    How wonderful it is to be sparkling in a white dress like an angel and give fifty cents to a dying world. What I am trying to say is that Beyonce has enough to raise a village and after seeing her list of charitable donations I lost everything for her. Shame on Beyonce! Please, do you think people are stupid. We all know you love attention and all of this is about you. When i see you in a soup kitchen or in one of these countries like Angelina Jolie, then I could relate to " I was here." It is very easy to sing in luxury to the whole world without getting out of our comfort zone. Beyonce you better come again.

  67. 67

    Nice, but it takes more than that for me to feel moved.

  68. 68

    Re: Meggie246524 – best comment ever!! beyonce does nothing to help anyone!! she even had a fake baby!! and now she's doing everything to be white!! she gives NO MONEY and she's bleaching her skin now ala michael jackson!!!! she's nuts!!!!

  69. 69

    Re: rosebud99 – okay i've come to the realization that you aren't very smart, if she gave 80% of her earnings to charity she would NOTTT be mega rich.. lol and Beyonce has gotten support from dozens of wealthy celebrities on this cause so your other point is irrelevant also… and since Warren Buffet is close to Bey and Jay i'm sure he was helping with this cause as well

  70. 70

    I signed in again to this shithole of a site tonight just to post a comment in here.
    (Not that anyone cares.)

    I read a quote here a few days ago, and I LOVED it:
    "The farther back you can look, the further ahead you will see." - Winston Churchill.
    Winnie has one hell of a fine point.

    From Re: alias0602
    RE your quote: "…why should she have to share any of her money.. just cause she makes more then the you or me doesn't mean she doesn't work extremely hard for it.. maybe harder then you or me.."
    (Buddy, I know a few blue-collars who could work CIRCLES around this bitch. Building bridges, patrolling beats, wiping the garbage off of city streets, and PROTECTING our fucking countries from perverts and rapists and gold-toothed wanna-be rappers with guns in their pants… good honest HARD FUCKING WORK. A hell of a lot harder than this, "I sang some pretty songs and toured the world and all I got to show for it is 80 million dollars" twat.)

    Get some perspective, people! FOR FUCK'S SAKE! LISTEN TO YOURSELVES!
    If THIS is the prevailing attitude in the United States these days, it is no bloody wonder the country is falling into the toilet!

  71. 71

    Y'all set your celebrities up on a fucking pedestal as if they are gods and goddesses.
    They grab grab grab grab grab grab grab grab grab, both money and attention.
    And - because most of you are so bloody ignorant and JEALOUS of their fame and wealth - you FORGIVE them when they earn the highest possible incomes imagineable for strutting their stuff, "singing songs all perty-like," and performing in their “breath-taking” videos.
    And you overlook the fact that – YES, EVEN THOUGH THEY CAN DO WHATEVER THE FUCK THEY WANT WITH THEIR MONEY, I AGREE 100% - they don't give a rat's ass about you or I unless it gets them MORE GODDAMNED MONEY!
    (Beyonce and Jay-Z were the TOP earners for 2011, apparently, with 80 million.)
    You DEFEND these rich fuckheads! And then you go to church and pray to Jesus that you can be just like them! I'm not a Christian, but from what I understand, Jesus wanted to help the poor - do you honestly think he'd be happy lining his bank account with cash, flying around in private jets, and making US feel guilty about the money that WE should be donating?

  72. 72

    You are so brainwashed by these shiny celebrities that you can't see the goddamned truth:
    They may be talented, sure, but they are also extremely greedy and insecure, and - because of our inability to SEE this, and call them on it - they have actually come to BELIEVE that they are in fact the gods and goddesses that we have made them out to be. That they are separate and somehow more special than we are, and somehow deserve to be forgiven for earning millions and choosing to do SWEET FUCK ALL ABOUT IT.

    We all say to ourselves: "Oh, but it's ok if they want to spend it however they want, because if I had that money, I'd be a rich son of a bitch too."
    Is THAT what you want for the future of your country?
    “Come to ‘America,’ where freedom reigns! Be all that you can be! Grab all the money you want! Be a selfish piece of shit, ‘cause it’s ok, here in the United States… where no one gives a flying fuck about anyone! Yeeeeee-hahhhh!”

  73. 73

    And why the Winston Churchill comment?
    Look back on the country's history, and take note of how "fame" has shaped our priorities, and our goals, and our dreams. Look waaaaaaaaay back.
    Look at where we were years ago.
    And open your goddamned eyes, and HONESTLY look at where the hell we are now.
    Entire cities in disrepair.
    Gang warfare.
    The rich stealing from the poor, and the poor blowing up the rich.
    “Religious” pieces of shit doing whatever the fuck they want, because well, (they’re pretty sure, anyway) that they’ve got “the answer” to what happens when we die.
    And every generation becoming greedier, more heartless, and more (ahem) “forgiving” of these rich bitches and bastards who that think it’s OK they make millions and millions and millions of dollars more than WE do, because we WORSHIP THEM.


  74. Nathan Barnett says – reply to this


    people like @rosebud99 make me mad yes beyonce is ultra rich but why is she ultra rich because people have bought her tickets and albums and singles she has earn her money what a person does with there money (no matter how much they have) is no ones business, beyonce is not why the economy is the way it is, she earns her money just like everyone else and pays tax just like everyone else so what you just sed so narrow minded and pethetic

  75. 75

    Beautiful photos… Can't wait for another more…

  76. Aino Pellinen says – reply to this


    I'd say she's a bit hypocrite. Because she hasn't done any major charity although she has all the money in the world. This has been noticed by Harry Belafonte in many magazines and papers.

    Don't get me wrong I love Beyoncé but this "charity project" is included her own music and that only means more money to Beyoncé's bank account. Wake up people it's all about marketing and making up the illusion.

    There are many other projects where she could have been and other ways to help. Why she is asking other people to donate when she is the most richest people in the world? And what is all about putting self-important pics to her Web site at this time when she should be doing charity and helping others? That I think is a bit hypocrite.

  77. Keria says – reply to this


    Re: FatAzzPooHeadDoodle – R U kidding me since when does becyonce tried 2 bealch her skin Beyonce and Jay z are just many of the Celebs Who actually give their money 2 charity and 2 she DOES ACTUALLY A BABY !!!! and also haters she does not ALL her 2 charity cuz she need 2 pay all the bills and stuff

  78. All About Music says – reply to this


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