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8 comments to “Should Mark Zuckerberg Step Down As CEO Of Facebook?”

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    If he wears a suit do the bigmouths think Zuckerberg will run things better? He is who he is. I think it was a huge mistake to take FB public, but it is what it is.

    "We love when corporate bigwigs use puns …" That's not a pun, you stupid, illiterate cretin. As a user of the English language, you are a failure. But that's something you should be used to. Your shitty gay club CD is tanking, IM5 is going nowhere, Matty B is a joke, you'll suck in that miles-off-Broadway play, your children's book sales were in the crapper, Sliimy was pathetic, and your readers here do little but insult you. Perez = failure.

  3. SaintX says – reply to this


    Yes You Bore Me, i am normally not one to get involved, but serious, shut the hell up already. You have made your point time and time again that you do not like Perez, yet you feel it necessary to keep senselessly hollering it out. Btw you are incorrect, "in over his hoodie" would technically constitute as a pun in modern vernacular. Please just get off this site and never return. Oh and one last thing… While i might not be the biggest fan of some of the things perez has said in the past, to call him a failure is absolutely inane. He owns a media empire, whether you like it or not. He has built this website and its many spin offs from nothing. He has loads of fans, followers, and supporters who keep his revenue stream extremely high. You sound like some petulant child bullying some kid simply because he is more successful than you. Grow up, and get out already.

  4. LOL says – reply to this


    Re: SaintX – Nothing that Yes You Bore Me said was wrong. Perez's CD isn't exactly burning up the charts, IM5 has yet to make a meaningful impact on the music world (and probably never will), MattyB *is* widely considered a joke, Perez's laughably hypocritical children's book was a poor seller, Sliimy's failure was mostly due to his association with Perez, and most of the readers here do insult Perez. As for his appearance in the miles-off Broadway production…well, the guy directing it said the only reason Perez was hired was to bring "star power" to the show. Problem is, he picked a z-list star, and his show will suffer for it.

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    If they hadn't overpriced it for the IPO, maybe perceptions would be different now. No reason for him to step down unless he wants to.

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    Sounds like some sore bitter bitch. Mark wears what he wants, and there's no reason for him to step down.

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    Re: Yes You Bore Me – I'm beginning to think that you are a scorned lover!

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    im no expert on shares but even a moron can see that other companies on the net that are huge have shares under 20 bucs a share . so it was inevitable that this would occur…

    im picking theyll sit around the 14-15 mark …or less even

    as for this guy well maybe its karma hes ridden the wave and now it comes crashing down on him… who knows
    credit where credit is due he did good for awhile .. but now hes in big boy territory

    Re: SaintX – hooray thank u thank u….Re: Lady Who Bores Me – i thought u were best pals isnt that why u changed ur name …