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One Direction's Zayn Malik Caught Cheating On His GF On Camera?!

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While we previously heard the rumor of One Direction’s Zayn Malik hitting on one of the group’s dancers, this is a whole other story!

A girl staying at the same hotel as Zayn, caught some video footage (creepily?) through her room’s peephole, of the boyband member hitting on a girl who was NOT his GF, Perrie!

Check out the video (above)…just make sure you turn your volume up!

In case you couldn’t understand what was said, Zayn’s bodyguard was supposedly heard telling the girl to go to her room, all while Zayn yells at him!

Zayn then can be heard telling the girl to “come back in a half an hour” and then asks her how old she is!

The group’s security guards pretty much cockblock Zayn, saying they’ll be keeping guard all night long…!

Cray cray!

Seems like the cheating rumors could be true, as Zayn deleted his Twitter earlier after all the hate tweets he’d been receiving!

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309 comments to “One Direction's Zayn Malik Caught Cheating On His GF On Camera?!”

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  1. 1

    So, homo, why do you always have the comments off when you post about MattyB? Mega hit? Seriously? We all know you fancy yourself a talent manager, but if you think that that child is gonna have a huge career under your inept tutelage, you've lost what little is left of your teeny, diseased mind. You've been "managing" him for how long now? And he has no career. You're so desperate that you promote him on your site, and we always laugh at you for it. Give it up, fool.

  2. 2

    She never came back.. And he was joking and winding the guards up.. Stop starting rumors about this shit. He didn't do it..

  3. David says – reply to this


    Celebrities really have no privacy at all.Sad fucks take videos like this and another sad fuck write crap about them like mrs Hilton

  4. name * says – reply to this


    Perez you really need to shut the fuck up. Does this hav anything to do with you? NO! You are messing with the wrong fucking fandom. We WILL find you. He isnt cheating! they were trying to tick the guard off. You obviously dont know anything about One Direction. The boys always try to do something mischevious. You are so fucking irrelevant. You might as well delete everything you have ever written about the boys. FUCK YOU IRRELEVANT FUCK!

  5. emily22 says – reply to this


    This isn't cheating cause Zerrie was never real in the first place!

  6. Sarah L says – reply to this


    OMG just stop i wish you were getting hate like zayn right now and knew how it felt

  7. Richie says – reply to this


    As it is by the way, that word that the subtitles didn't mention was 'codgers', as in 'old codgers' - British slang for old people.

  8. IHATEPEREZ says – reply to this


    You need to seriously stop making people mad!

  9. DirectionerForLife! says – reply to this


    You know what Perez shut the fu*k up you tw*t and delete every social network you have because no one likes you! Like what the heck do you even do for a living make crazy a** fashion statments that you think look good? Bi**h please, sit your fat a** down and don't you ever DARE talk about my boys again, cuz us directioners(REAL DIRECTIONERS) will end your whole carrer! Bye now(:

  10. fuck you Perez says – reply to this


    First of all, you can easily ruin your career because of directioners. I feel bad for you, second of all. This video is old. You are too gullible, you have no life. And this isn't Zayn. peace out bitch

  11. Abby says – reply to this


    This is so fake. Seriously!? You have no idea what was really going on. You haters are such jerks doing anything for attention and ruining peoples lives.. GET A LIFE!!

  12. rosie says – reply to this


    too bad this video was taken before perrie…

  13. Stephy says – reply to this


    And for all them dumb fucks zeerie is real get over it no wonder he deleted because of SO CALLED FANS he's cares bout her why won't people be happy for them!!

  14. Maria says – reply to this


    You know, everyone has a Opinion, but sometimes it's better if you don't say anything at all and I mean you Perez Hilton.

  15. riham says – reply to this


    FUCK YOU HATERS!!!!!!!! thats all that i can say

  16. idk says – reply to this


    honestly its ethier fake or he's drunk but i think everyone need 2 stop hating on perez nd zayn

  17. ABBY says – reply to this


    I'm by no means a 1D fan and I don't doubt that the taken ones are indeed cheating on their girlfriends but this is just plain creepy. It is one thing for camera's to follow celebs about whenever they dare to venture outside but it's another when you have to avoid standing in view of the peephole in your hotel incase stalkers… ehh "fans" are recording there to find something they can shove on the internet.

  18. Stephy says – reply to this


    So there's loads of zayn fans plzzz tell me why you dnt like YOUR IDOL DATING PERRIE such a sweet girl tell me??

  19. OneDirectionAreShit says – reply to this


    Pile of shit > One Direction. You people are actually mental. Go visit a psychiatrist.

  20. fajdhfkjadhkjfhadskfm says – reply to this


    listen perez this video is fucking 5 months old wayy before zayn and perrie were dating, didnt see that coming did you ass hole…. go fuck yourself and get a fucking real job this is why celebrities hate people like you, they cant even have a normal life cuz low lives like you ruin theyre fuckig life and reputation

  21. Stephy says – reply to this


    Re: ABBY – I agree zayn obviously had enuf of the bullshit

  22. Perez You Are Stupid says – reply to this


    My name says enough……

  23. Rainbow, Unicorns, PH- says – reply to this


    Just quit writing irrelevant shit about a band that's much more famous than you. Stop.

  24. Only1D says – reply to this


    why on earth film from the freaking peep hole!! what a creep! who the hell does thatt?? i love zayn<3

  25. mikela says – reply to this


    Re: Stephy – i love zayn dating perrie…

  26. Sam says – reply to this


    I'm sorry but half of you are so naive! This is real and they do hit on girls and try and sleep with them! I've seen it happen! All you "Directioners" that idolize the guys for being so damn perfect are wrong. I've seen Harry tell a security guard to get a girl for him, I've talked to girls that have proof that Zayn tried to get with them before AND during when he was "dating" Perrie. You need to wake up and realize they aren't as perfect as they seem. They're freakin 18-19 yr old guys that can get anybody and half of these girl are willing to give it to them. I'm in no way saying its right to have as much sex as you want but when girls are throwing themselves at the guys what to do expect?!

  27. Mack(0/5)enzie says – reply to this


    because this is obviously real

  28. mrseanmartin says – reply to this


    Niceee! i love how fans get pissed off ! All that naivity mixed up with indignation? men, do i love that taste? YES I DO !

  29. Fran says – reply to this


    Você é realmente ridículo.

  30. Monya K says – reply to this


    The video itself on the other hand is ridiculous! When Zayn "tells the girl" to come back, the girl isn't even there, she'd already left (doesn't take a rocket scientist to notice that) and so it is quite obvious that he was just trying to wind up Paul..you can't exactly say that's never happened before..As for Perez Hilton, he's probably the biggest douchebag on the planet..not even sure why he's famous..Scumbag!

  31. livelaughlove says – reply to this


    this was 2 months before they were dating

  32. mimi says – reply to this


    I love you zayn you are and always will be my favorite i support one direction but everybody seriously needs to calm down first of all zayn is a big boy & he should take responsibility for his actions but I do agree it is creepy what the girls did recording him but lets face it if anybody would have done the same thing imagine your in the same hotel room as your idols!?! what i dont understand is everybody hates on his relationship with perrie & everybodys hating because this video leaked! I just hope zayn is happy i love him I think he is so different from the rest of the 1D boys & i love that about him! IIWe need to stick together and show our love and support for these 5 incredible lads. so dont hate on perez hes just doing his job ppl!Love youuu zayn<33 it does get better!

  33. Meg says – reply to this


    people just need to leave their noses out of other people's business

  34. kay says – reply to this


    this is where rumors start! u dumbass, zayn wasnt even there. LOOK UP UR FACTS before posting shit.

  35. Don'tBelieveIt says – reply to this


    He didn't cheated on Perrie, he is not that kind of guy, no way ! He was drunk and you can hear it, he was joking around maybe and that's all. No metter what will happen Zayn will NEVER cheat on someone !!! He just can't, he respect girls too much, still NO FUCKING WAY !!

  36. Get your factstraightt says – reply to this


    This was way before Zayn and Perrie started dating. And zerrie is real, to all those who think otherwise. There are pix of Zayn celebrating eid with perrie and his family, and you don't just celebrate eid with someone outside of the family and non-Muslim.

  37. Nura Zimah says – reply to this


    Why Perez your such a creey stalker whatever zayn is doing in his life right now is none of your fucking buisness

  38. FFS says – reply to this



  39. You're a dumbass Pere says – reply to this


    Awkward moment when this was taken b4 Perrie and it's fake. dumbass Perez Hilton

  40. Jessica says – reply to this


    It was your fault in the first place to show this video. Zayn shouldn't be receiving mean tweets from fans!

  41. Maureen says – reply to this


    You need to grow up and not just giggle and type up drama like a teenage school girl.

    To think a grown man would need to be told this by a girl 20 years younger than him.
    I don't even like One Direction, yet the way you snoop into celebrities lives is quite sickening.

  42. 42

    Re: Sam – Completely agree with you. But what more can you expect from little teenage girls? They think they are all perfect and can do no wrong. I like One Direction, but news flash girls, they are horny teenage boys and are just looking to get laid from anyone that catches their eye. Do you not recall what Harry said to the winner of X-Factor when he won? "Think of how much p*ssy you're going to get" — HELLO?!? All that is on their mind is money, banging lots of girls, and eventually they become obsessed with being famous. Sad, but true!

  43. nnnnyr says – reply to this


    That's some funny stuff. Keep it up. Piss these little girls off. I don't even like this Perez guy, but these fans of this boy band think that they will ruin him somehow. He'll keep posting this stuff on his site, and these people will come here to hate, and Perez profits. It's hilarious.

  44. alex says – reply to this


    Re: Sam – i agree 100% and i'm a complete die hard directioner. everyone is acting so goddamn niave. they're young men, rainbows and popsongs aren't the only things on their mind people. when you have girls practically throwing themselves at you because you're a famous recording artist it's not exactly hard to get girls. god, everyone needs to grow up and stop hating on perez. he makes his money by writing GOSSIP which is exactly what this is, so sit the hell down and shut the fuck up.

  45. Calm down says – reply to this


    Seriously everyone needs to calm down! For those defending zayn "directioners" good that your defending the guy but don't get all defensive! You don't know zayn personally to make out if hes even capable of cheating or not. All you know is what he tells you in interviews. He's still a typical teenage boy! for all we know the girl could be standing at the end of the hall way when zayn says come back. And I don't think Perez is saying its true, the title obviously holds a question mark! And dont hate hm for what he says, I'm pretty sure this is his job! If yous are all winded up about all this, why don't you all ask zayn if this is true! Oh that right.. Cos yous all don't know him PERSONALLY

  46. Maddy says – reply to this


    Have you ever thought that it could possibly an old video? Before he was even dating Perrie? You are so fucking stupid.

  47. 47

    Honestly, why do you belive this?!?! Its obviuosly fake. get a life.

  48. Sam says – reply to this


    Re: it-is-what-it-is – Unfortunately half the girls are teenagers and want to believe their idols can do no wrong and trust me I was in that position once too. My idols were perfect no matter what, it'll take time but they'll learn, as did I, that no one is perfect and One Direction is far from it. Most of the time they are nice lads, but they do go after girls as any normal 18/19 yr old does. Sad but true yes, I like them just much as I used to and this had nothing to do with it. I do hope Zayn bounces back from this and any hate he does recieve, I just think some fans need to reevaluate their stance on them.

  49. Grecia says – reply to this


    “Story behind the Zayn video: Zayn, Danny n Louis were asked by Paul to get back to their room, they were messing around-like boys do And were teasing Paul.. The girl in the video was a FAN! Zayn was joking around “bring ur mum, Danny likes then old” the girl did NOT Really go to theyre room! What did u think? She got off with Zayn n her mum got off with Danny?! Pfftt idiots!!!!! THINK BEFORE HATING!” Can yall just stfu about Zayn cheating now because it’s not true.

  50. Stephy says – reply to this


    Re: Monya K – ok so u say that but wait that is zayn and he his saying those things to that girl drunk or not if he was dating perrie at the time that's discussing he should not to do that drunk or not drunk be hooking up with other girls i love zayn n perrie tho 8-)

  51. fdsafasdf says – reply to this


    “Story behind the Zayn video: Zayn, Danny n Louis were asked by Paul to get back to their room, they were messing around-like boys do And were teasing Paul.. The girl in the video was a FAN! Zayn was joking around “bring ur mum, Danny likes then old” the girl did NOT Really go to theyre room! What did u think? She got off with Zayn n her mum got off with Danny?! Pfftt idiots!!!!! THINK BEFORE HATING!”

  52. Kate says – reply to this


    I find all the comments bloody hilarious!

  53. meeeeee says – reply to this


    i thought for a while that he did it. But this video is no proof? I mean you can barley see him or here him. that's probably not him.

  54. Me says – reply to this


    You're such a hater!! Fuck you Perez!!!!

  55. FuckYouPerez says – reply to this


    You just know to talk bad about people??? STFO
    No one likes you! you're such a asshole!

  56. iHATEPEREZ says – reply to this


    stop starting rumors. it makes me so sad that people like you exist. you do not deserve this fame.

  57. Alice says – reply to this


    just saying, that was from LAST YEAR!!

  58. IHATEPEREZ says – reply to this


    this video is old

  59. Louis'sGirl says – reply to this


    Ok so first of all She walked in a whole different direction then zayn and how do u know it wasnt somebody else in the hallway people get a life

  60. audrey says – reply to this


    I'm just curious as to how a bunch of 10-14 year old girls sitting behind a computer can really end someones career? what exactly are you planning on doing to stop him from writing on his blog or making public appearances? messing with a fandom will only cause the people in the fandom to not like him or support his career, but i'm sure the majority of his readers will stay and ensure his career doesnt end

  61. Claire says – reply to this


    Re: Mack(0/5)enzie – Im pretty sure they're all virgins…

  62. Perez you fucking suck says – reply to this


    Perez STFU nobody likes you!

  63. You're a jerkoff sir. says – reply to this


    I don't even like One Direction, but this is sickening. You never cease to amaze me Perez, with how far you shove your nose into others business. You're probably going to ruin this kid's whole career, and that's just pretty damn low. Even for you.

  64. Directioner286 says – reply to this


    Zerrie was never real in the first place.

  65. Shinita says – reply to this


    So the turd cheated on his GF, why is it any of his fans' business? You little girls are beyond delusional. These fans nowadays…

  66. Zoe says – reply to this


    Re: emily22Re: emily22 – whaaa?

  67. Serena says – reply to this


    does it actually show him cheating on her? no. it just showed that he wanted her to come to his hotel room. the security guards made sure she left. those girls most likely didn't even get the whole story. just because you're this big famous blogger doesn't mean you can spread a rumor. he didn't cheat. so i suggest you find out the real reason from the real Zayn Malik before you put his untrue story all of your blog. thank you.

  68. PerezIsAMotherFucker says – reply to this


    This is what you do for a living? Ruin people's career and lives by posting shit like this? What happened.?..were you too dumb to even get into Mcdonalds too?!?!
    I guess Will.I.Am didn't punch you hard enough… tsk tsk tsk.

  69. Tara says – reply to this


    He was obviously drunk. People need to calm down because everyone does stupid things when they're drunk.

  70. OneDirectionSuckss says – reply to this


    One direction sucks, zayn sucks & directions suck muahaha good perez keep pissing them off I'm getting a kick out out watching these pathetic directionless get worked up over any little thing. One direction doesn't give a fuck about you so why care about a stupid little band that will be forgotten by next year?

  71. 71

    So I guess the guards were going to stay "Up All Night" :) )

  72. 72

    moron you realize how many people hate you?? Shut the fuck up already…I think you deserve too be bullied for not minding sour own business I fucking hate you..you are a disgrace to the latin and gay community…and btw stop promoting shit like matty b Im5 and kat graham..NO ONE GIVES A SHIT ASSHOLE!!!

  73. Kristal says – reply to this


    Re: name * – this is what Perez does, don't like it? why don't you get off HIS website.

  74. bella says – reply to this


    perez is actually psychopath or what…

  75. Wheresmypopcorn says – reply to this

  76. Bob says – reply to this


    Ur a bitch..

  77. Lisa says – reply to this


    Perrie is a gorgoeus lovely girl, how dare you cheat on her? STUPID BITCH

  78. direcioner ! says – reply to this



  79. heather's bestfriend says – reply to this


    i can't believe you did that to him you asshole. people look up to them, even some little kids. everybody loves them and your are making fake videos. besides,you could barely hear what they are saying, you probably twisted his words to sound like he said that. he probably just said something that sounded like it. either way, its none of your buisness!! so leave him alone!!!fuckhead!!!

  80. Iloveonedirection says – reply to this


    You messed with the wrong fandom Perez! You better watch out. Directioners don't like when you mess with one of our boys!

  81. Dumbass says – reply to this


    First off, this video was released months ago. Second, don't end all your sentences with exclamation marks. It's very annoying. Third, you're a dumbass

  82. coral says – reply to this


    Lol, you have no life. You make your living off of other people's misery? You are disgusting. You need to get a real job.

  83. Chantel says – reply to this


    I'm sorry but anyone saying that Perez has ruined his carreer by posting this, or that Directioners are going to end his career really need to take in the fact that PEREZ WAS AROUND LONG BEFORE 1D AND WILL BE AROUND LONG AFTER. This is his job, and he's hilariously great at it. No one actually knows what really went down, so I don't really understand half the comments who are making the excuse as if they know exactly what was happening. No one knows. I understand wanting to defend Zayn because you love 1D's music, and love Zayn but don't fucking threaten that you're going to kill Perez, spewing ignorant sexually oriented hate and telling him to take his own life. That's just pathetic in every sense of the word. If you can't wrap your head around this consider if roles were reversed and people were telling ZAYN to go kill himself, or that he was irrelvent; i'm sure none of you would approve of that either. Fuck, regardless of status - no one human being should be put through such torment. LET HIM DO HIS JOB. He's entertaining and if you aren't happy with it you can take your crap somewhere else.
    That being said, have a goodnight everyone!

  84. Chantel says – reply to this


    Re: Tara – i'm really loving the fact that some directioners are saying HE WAS JUST TRYING TO WIND UP THE GUARD or HE WAS KIDDING THEY'RE ALL JOKERS and others, like yourself, are claiming HE WAS JUST DRUNK. lmao so clearly NO ONE can really say for sure what really happened. no one but zayn himself, i guess. i mean, regardless of what was actually going on it DOES look like what the blog post is all about is actually going on in the video. but who fucking knows. no need to hate on another human being because you don't condone someone hating on another human being that you just so happen to idolize. people are people. they make mistakes but no one deserves to be bashed, ridiculed or threathened; i'm sorry - no matter who you are, what blog website you run or what boy band you're apart of.

  85. Gia says – reply to this


    Ok so correct me if I'm wrong but this video seems to have been taken in a Hotel and if I'm correct (which I am) the boys have no need to be in hotels right now because they are in England recording their new album and since the boys have purchased flats in England they have no need to be in a hotel. If this did happen it was on Tour where Zayn and Perrie had not said that they are dating only recently did they confirm that they are dating. So just to be clear I'm sure this did not happen recently. please stop trying to make the boys life harder.

    Thank you:)

  86. Zayn's fan says – reply to this


    Perez its none of your fucking business

  87. no one likes you says – reply to this


    omg perez stfu. you're so irrelevant. you don't even know the situation on this.. first of all this video is months old. there's no evidence to prove it was taken after zayn and perrie started dating. second of all, you have no idea what happened between zayn and that girl. all we see here is zayn (possibly jokingly) inviting a girl into his hotel room. that's all, end of story. thirdly, you don't know ANYTHING about zayn and perrie's relationship. maybe they're in an open or casual relationship? maybe their relationship is just for publicity? there are a lot of possibilities, and you don't know anything so shut your mouth. we all know you don't like one direction and are obviously extremely biased. this fandom can ruin your "career" (if you can even call it that) in a heartbeat. get a life.

  88. SylvieBear says – reply to this


    Zayn says: "These old codgers go to sleep in half an hour" (in reference to the security guards). You don't call someone an old codger if you're angry at them, you say as more of a joking way. It's English humour, Zayn is winding the security guards up in the video. Although I think it's fair to assume that most of the 1D boys have slept with fans at some point or another, I don't think this video is showing that.

    Noun 1. old codger - used affectionately to refer to an eccentric but amusing old manold codger - used affectionately to refer to an eccentric but amusing old man

  89. Anna says – reply to this


    You little girls are so funny. Thinking Perez is going to just stop what he does because you're telling him to. Hahaha.

  90. emilie says – reply to this


    It's kind of funny that half of the people that have written a comment, just do it because they like one direction. I mean maybe he's cheating, maybe he's not. But you went in on this site, so you know what You were getting yourself into. So please for the love of god, just shut the fuck up!

  91. ThisIsDumb says – reply to this


    I love Perez. Directioners are becoming so stupid for christ sake. Love the drama this guy creates!

  92. 92

    Re: Sam
    Agreed with most!!
    If any of you were a young, famous, rich, and attractive teenage boy I doubt you'd want to settle down with one girl either..
    But poor Perrie :( He shouldn't have been in a relationship in the first place if he wants to fuck a bunch of different girls.
    If this is old like some people are saying, then whatever, but if it is legit then Zayn, you just became my least favorite from One Direction.

  93. PerezIsStupid says – reply to this


    It would be better if the idiot recording it wasn't talking, or at least, had a nicer accent. Furthermore Perez, you're pathetic for even stirring rumours that you can't verify to be true.

  94. me says – reply to this


    are you fucking kidding me? this video is from months ago and at this time perrie and zayn weren't even together, stfu.
    and he didn't deleted it, he only deactivated it.
    did you ever think about this, that you can hurt someone with such stories? you make me angry. kjsföadsfj

  95. Danielle says – reply to this


    I particularly am not a big fan of Perez either, but I felt the need to defend him, because you guys are way over the top.

    You guys get angry when people make fun of you, or say you're ridiculous for being a "super fan" of one direction, but you're living up to that bad name because of what you're doing right now.

    Grow up, and for heaven's sake, if you can really spend all day talking about this, then go find a damn hobby.

  96. Maleia says – reply to this


    He might be drunk!

  97. Mad Person says – reply to this


    wooow Hilton is stupid, zayn was drunk, he cannot be blamed for his actions!!!!! I mean i bet Perez Hilton has gotten drunk before and started making out with guys….

  98. WOW. says – reply to this


    GUYS! Its a boy band for crying out loud. The Beatles, Backstreet boys, NSYN, NKOTB,, and many other boy bands sleep around. thats just how they are. imagine meeting thousands of girls each day…of course they'll want to bang. As much as i love One Direction i lnow that they've each been with tons of chicks. Prob Harry Styles is banging some chick this very moment.

  99. JENIFERMOTHERFUCKER says – reply to this



  100. Paige says – reply to this


    This is bullshit, he was obviously joking.

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