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One Direction's Zayn Malik Caught Cheating On His GF On Camera?!

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While we previously heard the rumor of One Direction’s Zayn Malik hitting on one of the group’s dancers, this is a whole other story!

A girl staying at the same hotel as Zayn, caught some video footage (creepily?) through her room’s peephole, of the boyband member hitting on a girl who was NOT his GF, Perrie!

Check out the video (above)…just make sure you turn your volume up!

In case you couldn’t understand what was said, Zayn’s bodyguard was supposedly heard telling the girl to go to her room, all while Zayn yells at him!

Zayn then can be heard telling the girl to “come back in a half an hour” and then asks her how old she is!

The group’s security guards pretty much cockblock Zayn, saying they’ll be keeping guard all night long…!

Cray cray!

Seems like the cheating rumors could be true, as Zayn deleted his Twitter earlier after all the hate tweets he’d been receiving!

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309 comments to “One Direction's Zayn Malik Caught Cheating On His GF On Camera?!”

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  1. hateu says – reply to this


    What kind of proof is this ? get your facts straight before you assume things. It isn't fare to accuse someone who's famous without knowing the truth just so you can make money. This is a bunch of bullshit your such a loser go get a life and stop hating on One direction .Go find yourself a different occupation instead of trying to ruin other peoples lives.

  2. 202

    Ya'll Over Here Telling Him Its Not True , But What If It Is True ? Maybe Its Not ? YA'LL DONT FUCKING KNOW . Were Ya'll There ? NO . So How About We All MIND OUR OWN Business , And Shut Up . Later On , We'll Find Out If Its True . Stressin Over This Dumb Thing … STUPID!

  3. Anonymous says – reply to this


    Fuck you Perez. Yeah fuck you. And fuck all your family and all your fucking life.. cause yeah, WE directioners love to fuck retarded people like you.

  4. alison says – reply to this


    well, maybe… the sercurity guard wasn't letting the fan see him. so maybe the security guard was like, "no you can't see zayn." and maybe zayn felt bad for this fan.. so he was angry at the bodyguard an he told her to come back half an hour or something so he can meet her…? i dont know.. im just guessing. don't judge zayn because you don't know his side of the story.. ok. and these girls who filmed this, don't know what privacy is… ugh. just leave zayn alone..

  5. HA! says – reply to this


    Re: emily22 – dude i agree. Perez u cant mess with One Directions Fandom. theyve(1D) already been under a lot of pressure and we need to fix this. ur just adding gasoline to the fire. Zayn would never cheat on his gf and im sure this was just a joke. ppl need to stop cyber bullying because these ppl are HUMANS WITH EMOTIONS, u piss me off. ur only famous because of all the bullshit u say. If we just stopped reading wat u have to say then ud b obsolete. GoodBye u rude a-hole. this is the last time i read any of ur BS. 1D FANDOM LOVES YOU ZAYN! STAY STRONG WE SUPPORT U ALL THE WAY.

  6. Iagreeandilove1D says – reply to this


    Re: Sam – i completly agree but also alot of girls who are actual tru fans know they are not perfect. Zayn smokes none of them are virgins, most giels who i consider true fans,know they are nkrmal teenage boys with normal teenage urges and if u consider urself a "reall directioner" and ur sending perez threats and think the boys are perfect then u are just sad.. and this is coming from the point of view from an actual directioner. I dont believe zayn cheated on perrie but that does not mean it.could.not happen no one si perfect especially not one direction

  7. PEREZHILTONGETALIFE says – reply to this



  8. ALEJANDRO VELEZ says – reply to this


    -.- .l.

  9. Destini says – reply to this


    Re: fuck you PerezRe: LoveForMusic – I Couldent have Sad It Better Myself LEAVE OUR BOYS ALONE…I Hate Cussng But GTFO Perez

  10. emily22 says – reply to this


    Re: livelaughlove – No it wasnt, it was in June, AFTER Zayn and Perrie said they were "dating"

  11. emily22 says – reply to this


    All you people saying its not him are dumb okay! 1. Its his voice (just drunk) 2. Their security guard Preston is right there and it trying to get Zayn not to have sex. Why they fuck would Preston try to stop two random people from having sex!? Obviously that means it had to have one of the boys. 3. He has black hair, Zayn is the only one of the boys with black hair! There's your proof.

  12. HiltonHater says – reply to this


    Stfu Hilton !

  13. Tessa says – reply to this


    Zayn would NEVER cheat on his girlfriend. This is a disgusting rumor that you helped spread and you could ruin Zayn and Perries relationship. I've lost all of my respect for you.

  14. Cassie says – reply to this



  15. Aileen says – reply to this


    Whoever recorded this video it's not your damn problem of what Zayn does or did leave him alone it his life !!😠😡

  16. Jenn says – reply to this


    this video was shot before perrie….

  17. huh says – reply to this


    huh. asshole. not zayn. but u

  18. ONEDIRECTIONLOVA says – reply to this


    Like seriously? Can't you give them some privacy? & This was BEFORE he was dating Perrie. So STFU.

  19. directioner x says – reply to this


    First of all: Zerrie is fake. Second: It's not CHEATING, he is just a normal guy -___-

  20. dah says – reply to this


    Re: Sam – I wish there is a like button?

  21. $#!+ says – reply to this


    Ok, whoever sent you this video is a total creep.

  22. directioner says – reply to this


    fuck dat shit

  23. valeeStylinson says – reply to this


    What idiots!! Really you surely are haters!! ¬¬ I can't believe that they invented this crap
    I hate you haters!!!!! .l.

  24. Tia says – reply to this


    Maybe the boys on One direction aren't as perfect as you all seem to think. You want them to be real, but criticise them when they do something wrong. They're just teenagers/young adults, they're going to make mistake. Don't blame Perez for a mistake Zayn made

  25. Kenzie says – reply to this


    I feel like that's not even Zayn…

  26. Grow Up says – reply to this


    Calling Perez a "homo" like it's an insult is not okay. Grow up

  27. eigjdfkh .l.l.l. says – reply to this


    bullshit. .l.l.l.l.l.l.l.l.l.l.l.l.l.l.l.l.l.l.l.l.l.l.l.l.l.l.l.l.l.l.l.l.l.l.l.l.l.l.l.l.l.l.l.l.l.l.l.l.l.l.l.l.l.l..l.l.l.l.l.l..l.l.l.l.l.l.l.l.l.l.l.l.l.l.l.l..ll.l..l.l.l.l.l.l.l.l..l.l.l.l.l.l.l.l.l.l.l.l.l.l.l.l.l.l.l..l.ll..l.l.l.l.l.l.l.l.l.l.l.l.l.l.l.l.l.l.l..l.l.l.l.l.l.l.l.l.l.l.l..l..l.l…l.l.l.l.l..l.l.l.l.l.l.l.l.l..l.l.l.l.l.l.l.l.l.l.l.l

  28. YOU'D LIKE TO KNOW says – reply to this


    Firstly, they're in a hotel, which means that they were probably on tour. Zayn and Perrie weren't even official back then. They were probably just good friends! Plus, someone said he sounded kinda drunk in it, which I actually had in my last argument. If he's drunk, single, and a pretty girl wants to get into his room, he's probably not gonna stop her.
    Also, there's no video of them kissing, or actually doing anything, she just needed to go into his room for something! She could be a family friend, or have to give him something!Honestly, just cause he's inviting a girl into his room doesn't mean he's gonna freaking sleep with her or something. Seriously! Like please don't make these stupid conclusions for no freaking reason…..

  29. YOU'D LIKE TO KNOW says – reply to this


    .. Like honestly, i donn't think you realize how this fandom could ruin your career for just jumping to so many fucking conclusionns. This really pisses us all of, because apparently he wants to leave now. Or something….

  30. Emily says – reply to this


    It says that he was cheating during the Olympics….but the Olympics were in London….why would Zayn stay in a hotel in London, when he lives there? PLAIN AND SIMPLE LOGIC!

  31. Srta. Malik says – reply to this


    No por que nadie sabe si realmente es Zayn, aparte no creo que sea verdad, era una broma, pero como la gente que no sabe que colocar en las noticias para tener algo malo de el. dejenlo tranquilo no se metan en su vida. el es grande y si cometio un error sabra arreglarlo….,

  32. Chanel says – reply to this


    Re: emily22 – Zerrie IS real. If they were not, then Zayn wouldn't take her to celebrate Eid wth his family. Eid isn't something you take your "fake" girlfriend to be apart of.

  33. Léa-LoveOneDirection says – reply to this


    Cher Perez Hilton, en mettant cette vidéo vous avez déclenchez la colère des Directioners et de Zayn, je vous souhaite un bon courage pour vous en sortir …

  34. isadora says – reply to this


    I hate u so much, stupid!, you are a gay!

  35. Nazifa says – reply to this


    Re: direcioner ! – this not real zayn is not like that the girl never cameback!!!

  36. Léa-LoveOneDirection says – reply to this


    Je rectifie la fin de on commentaire Je vous souhaite bonne chance pour vous en sortir…
    Les Directioners nous sommes prêtes à TOUS pour les One Direction et cette vidéo vous auriez vraiment du grader cette vidéo pour VOUS !!!!!!!!!!!

  37. getalife says – reply to this


    it doesn't even sound like zayn.. well to me it doesn't.

  38. CheLly_BeLly1D says – reply to this


    Perez you need to Shut your FACE because Zayn didnt do ANYTHING alright.I only wish you were getting the hate he is getting.Poor Zayn and F**K you Perez.

  39. brovlogforever says – reply to this


    This is just out of hand like really and to me it sounds like niall if anyone not zayn u cant see there face but it sound like niall

  40. Sarah says – reply to this


    You guys are all gay! Why are you attacking Perez Hilton? He's just doing his job! I love zayn but it's his fault for doing this. Stop blaming Perez for zayns mistake…

  41. 241

    You little ass kids cant ruin his careerso stfu and sit your ass down lol

  42. LOL you suck, says – reply to this


    I seriously thought Perez Hilton was someone who found out things right away. And was always the first person to find out shit….. Funniest part is this was before Perrie he should get his facts straight.

  43. Kori says – reply to this


    Screw yall. Now he might leave the flippin bband because of yall!

  44. Josephine says – reply to this


    I fucking hate you, why are you so freaking mean to EVERYONE?

  45. UR Nuts!!! says – reply to this


    Re: Sam – Amen to that hun!

  46. nik says – reply to this


    This video was leaked out before he was dating perrie. but seriously who gives a fuck if he cheats? it his own life not ours . he has his own age and hes just like us normal people (but gets paid defo more than us), he will still like girls.

  47. Erin says – reply to this


    Do you see what this has caused??? I hope your happy for LYING!!!!!!!!

  48. Natalie says – reply to this


    lol "hitting on one of the group's dancers" One Direction doesn't have dancers.

  49. ......... says – reply to this


    que le pasa a la gente que quiere acabar con la carrera de las demás personas que mierdas tiene en la cabeza? detesto esto como no cierra la boca…. ni que tu fuera perfecto critico de mierda >.<
    no habla bien de nadie, deberia criticarse USTED MISMO!!!
    no se a visto en un espejo!!! y deje de destruir la vida de las personas
    todo lo que sale de su boca es malo es una bola de chisme andante $%/#)%!
    ni merece ser tuteado no valeee como persona…

  50. chloe mateo says – reply to this


    Only one thing that I can say, Its not directioners fault, its Directionators fault. well, I guess you guys can understand what I mean if you're a directioner. And PLEASE. STOP THE HATE

  51. who cares says – reply to this


    Who cares he's a nobody from a one-hit wonder boy band.

  52. nina says – reply to this


    Re: audrey – I totally agree! I'm pretty sure the majority of his readership are people older than 15. So they fail. Honestly, all the fans are accomplishing is showing the world how ridiculous 1D's fanbase is. All in all, if I was one direction I would be embarrassed by the way my fans act and treat people. I'm worried for this generation.

  53. catcooper23 says – reply to this


    Its people like you who start rumours. This is not cool. like honestly, he was just freaking joking around. He never actually cheated on Perrie! Its not like once you have a girlfriend you cant even look at girls anymore. he's in a boyband, girls are going to be all over him. its part of the job. honestly, grow up.

  54. jessica says – reply to this


    its soooo obvious tht he was messing around wid the guards trying to get them mad u can hear it in his voice for gods sake!!! or maybe he even was drunk. GOSH PEOPLE MAKE A BIG DEAL OUT OF EVERYTHING!! HE REALLY LOVES PERRIE SO STFU.

  55. Just Asking says – reply to this


    Just one simple question to Perez? What do you get for showing such a creepy video (shot months ago through a peephole), and adding some speculative text to it?
    Is that a was of making a living, seriously?
    You, of all people, should understand the risks of being demonized and hated because of hearsay and speculative nonsense.
    I think you have forgotten you once had a soul. That will come back to haunt you.

  56. 256

    IT'S CALLED BUSINESS. Mario had no choice but to run the story and I can't blame him either. Maybe Zayn or whatever the fuck his name is should've kept his tiny thing in his pants! All you tiny little brats complaining should shut up and get over it. This is a gossip site and things get dirty. If you don't like it…get out. Nobody is forcing you to get on this site. Mario, thank you for coming back. I know you feel conflicted because some of these people are your friends but sometimes you got to do what you got to do. Like I said, it's all part of the game of business. It's the only way to keep your site alive and it's what you're known for.

  57. cookie mnster says – reply to this


    this vidio is so old wow you are so hater sos please some 1 help them

  58. FUCKYOUPEEZHILTON says – reply to this


    Re: crstra – This isn't even real!!!!!

  59. FUCKYOUPEREZE says – reply to this


    Re: Sam – You need to wake up and realize you are a hater and nobody likes you :D

  60. Nyan says – reply to this


    Seriously Perez, You're a Stupid.

  61. Bettsy Gonzalez. says – reply to this


    Perhaps you are perfect?, no?, then stop criticizing others, we all have faults, even you.

  62. #ComeBackZayn says – reply to this


    ummm first of all he was joking and second of all you have no proof that he cheated..do you see him kissing the freaking girl? and third of all that's not even his voice.

  63. iiilove says – reply to this


    Re: ABBY – we're not hating on zayn just perez

  64. erica says – reply to this


    i dnt think zayn should leave one direction and you people need to leave zayn alone its his life and he culd waht ever he want okay one direction means the world to me and it would be sad to see them break up so yall act like u never done nothing before if u dont want people to talk about you dont to it back to them because when you fight fire with fire the burn comes right back to you

  65. Amanda Obeso says – reply to this


    Did you not hear him? You could obviously tell by his voice he was drunk. When people get drunk, they say some pretty crazy stuff. If that is him, and if he intended to do anything even relatively intimate with that girl, do you think he would do that to Perrie? I'm going to be honest, in my opinion, I don't think their relationship is real, it might just be for publicity. But if it is real, and if he really loves her, he wouldn't do that. Again, he was probably drunk (even the girl in the video says he's drunk), and didn't think about what he was saying. Quit making up stories and mature. Until you have complete proof, and he admitted to it while SOBER, don't make assumptions.

  66. 266

    Re: Yes You Bore Me – You are an old ugly hag who will die alone and insignificant. have fun with your shitface bitch

  67. Taryn says – reply to this


    Perez Hilton, you are so dumb! Zayn was just messing with his bodyguard! The girl didn't come back. Zayn loves Perrie, they went to see Zayn's family a couple days ago… So you should really stop trying to make people hate One Direction. Just because they are talented doesn't mean you should make up stuff. You are famous for no reason. At least they do something with their lives.

  68. Bitch says – reply to this


    Re: mrseanmartin
    Hey bastard wtf leave us alone y dont u go join Perez in the hole he desereves to be in

  69. Perez Hater says – reply to this


    Re: Chantel
    Obviously your a Perez Person bc now Zayn is even threatning to leave the band

  70. Thisisridiculous says – reply to this


    Celebrities can have no privacy nowadays. Plus this is unbelievably creepy and stalkery that this was actually filmed. Zayn can do whatever he liked, and as said below it was a joke and she never came back.

  71. valery solano says – reply to this


    Listen to me … I worth a damn if you have no social life, to put those rods zayn that not even in the video looks if it's … it's just because you're jealous … you're a ingnorante … that does not respect anyone's life … stop invertar k things are and you better worry about falling ill but who knows what k … so keep your life and stop mourn because you do not have the reputation that they have …

  72. 272

    Zayn didn't cheat that was before him and Perrie. Seriously.

  73. Anom. says – reply to this


    You directioner fans are so annoying. You just dont want to be real and accept the fact that Zayn is POSSIBLY cheating, not saying he is(being you one direction stalkers start sending me hate mail.) I really don't like directioners just saying.

  74. jenny says – reply to this


    omg, why's people so mad at perez.? Perez is just doing his job. he's not the one who took the video. what the hell. You never know, maybe the one who took the video is a directioner, who pulls the fandom or zayn down secretly. duhh. grow up guys.

  75. caroline says – reply to this


    what is wrong with you? why do you feed off of others hurt? even if he is, is it really any of your buisness? quite honestly zayn is a super kind person. what has this world come to? we feed off of lies, and other peoples hurt to make our lives feel better than they are. i would seriously consider what you writing online. people hating on zayn how could you say such stuff when you dont even know him? you dont know how he feels or what he's going threw. so stop being scumbags.

  76. Aria says – reply to this


    This is funny cause this video is months old, and taken before Perrie and Zayn started dating..

  77. cool says – reply to this


    i saw this video wayyyyyy before al this zerrie shit happened

  78. carla says – reply to this



  79. Smile says – reply to this


    This doesn't means he's cheating Perrie, maybe the girl was a fan and wanted to see him and the guard wouldn't let her talk to him and zayn as a good idol that as good of the girl, tries her not to be sad and discussed with his guard for not letting him talk to her, so he said "I wanna know how old you are" just to annoying his guard…PLEASE!

  80. WTF! says – reply to this


    Face Reality…


    One Direction(on camera): Thank You, Thank You we owe it all to our fans"

    One Direction (off cameras): Stupid Dumbfucks, we are happy cuz we got fame, money, and all of the cats we want. (if you get what i mean by "cats" then ur awesome.) -.-


  81. 281

    Good holy jeez, One Direction fans are nuts. What the hell is going on with teenagers now? I had crushes as a teen but these psychos are threatening, cussing and wishing death. Grow up. You don't know what these guys are capable of, you are just defending them because you like their music. Quit acting like a bunch of immature brats.

  82. LailaHoran says – reply to this


    holy shit guise, this was filmed like 2 months before he even 'got' with perrie, and just got released now so all you little guiliable and annoying fuckers can LEAVE.

  83. herher says – reply to this


    Re: LailaHoran – No it wasn't it was filmed on the last week of the American strand of the Up All Night tour. The pictures which made those two official were "leaked", when they arrived back. But the pictures were in fact taken before Zayn was about to leave for the American Up All Night Tour. Therefore, this video was taken after they were technically confirmed together.

  84. Missy says – reply to this


    Do your thing, Perez. Haters gonna hate! :P

    I feel bad for people who are so obsessed with this dumb boyband that they'll actually get pissed at YOU for showing/stating the truth, lol.

  85. LWWY:) says – reply to this


    This video was taken before Zerrie was official. Get your shit together! -.-”

  86. name* says – reply to this


    I can't believe you! This is none of your business, IT WAS A JOKE. You messed with the wrong fandom, we will protect our boys no matter what it takes.

  87. Ceecee says – reply to this


    You irrelevant fucktard. They always do this stuff, just to tick off the guard. You messed with the wrong fandom. I'm surprised anyone still follows you. "Zerrie" isn't even official. You, Hilton, are so stupid. You have NO IDEA what you just did to your career. Us Directioners are going to end up knocking your "career" down. You will no longer have your own radio show on 105.5 and you will be gossiping yourself.

  88. Ceecee says – reply to this


    Re: Lisa – OBVIOUSLY, Perez Hilton is a lowlife douchebag who has to create rumors to be "cool". "dirty hoebag" and "stupid bitch". CLASSY. you are an idiot. Just like Perez. You believe everything you see/read, and if you don't see it or read it somewhere, you start making shit up. Who do you think you are?

  89. BlahBlAH says – reply to this


    perez hilton, you literally have no life you constantly depend on gossip just to fit your needs of fame. i never thought you were a legend or decent or anything you're boring. im no directioner but seriously you just enjoy making up stupid lies that other 'bullies' enjoy because they think they are better than everyone else. Just stop thinking your awesome, people really hate you right now. Enjoy your sad life, buh bye!

  90. Lucyy says – reply to this


    Re: Sam – finally someone who's talking sense here! Now I'm a one direction fan, but not the silly naive little girl type who THINK they like one direction, but really only see the bubblegum image that they have to maintain. They are young! They like to have fun and when fans throws the,selves at them, why wouldn't they take advantage? I don't blame them. And for you idiots, you do realise management control just about EVERYTHING just like every other celeb? 'Zerrie' is fake and you need to get over that. Buhbye

  91. 1D B*TCHES says – reply to this


    this is bull~sh*t you need to stop hatin and perez you have no IDEA what you're talking about prob go this video to tick off directioners and yeah noone likes you no way!! go to h*ll omg this was BEFORE perrie keep up to date on sh*t perez god!

  92. DirectionerSelenatorHS says – reply to this


    I think Zayn Never did that. It is an honest man. He is adorable.
    And in addition he has a girlfriend. He would not have a girl to come with him. This is wrong! It will come directly and then the hotel was not good to stay asssez group One Direction. Now I hate Perez Hilton. You still feel compelled to criticize!! The directioner are angry!!!

  93. JUST SAYING says – reply to this


    all you people sticking up for him just cause he is in 1d he cheated FACT

  94. pooping on perez says – reply to this


    shut the fuck up perez. you seriously concern me, i wonder if you actually are retarded

  95. 1D's biggest fan says – reply to this


    This is BULLSHIT!!! He did NOT do this! He was joking ! So stop posting this shit about our boys!!!!!!!

  96. Drizzz. says – reply to this


    Re: name *

    I think you need to calm the fuck down, and go outside.

    Breathe in the fresh air.
    Make friends? I think you might need some :/
    See the real world, it's a place we call reality.

    It's a place where normal people live.
    Normal people who don't threaten bloggers over blogging about stuff that people will talk about.

    Normal people who aren't actually ever going to be close to this Zayn kid, or any of that One Direction Massive and have come to terms with it.

    Grow up.


    p.s, come find me. I beg you.

  97. Drizzz. says – reply to this


    I seen to have aimed my last statement at One delusional creep.

    But there are fucking thousands of you.
    Jesus Christ..teenage girls these days.

    I mind following Spice Girls and that, but I didn't actually go about threatening to hunt folk down and end their careers. THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU?!

    Commenting on Perez' job, or physical appearance is pretty cunning though chaps, really original.

  98. Erin says – reply to this


    Lol look at all the one direction freaks flipping out, it's a f*** GOSSIP site, if you can't handle it don't come to this site.

  99. Naynay2093 says – reply to this


    i think one direction is really pathteic notice how they say how they care about fans but they dont there just say that beacuse they make money of of them so one direction and there really ugly girlfriends can jump off a cliff Yes You Bore Me


  100. Baynay123 says – reply to this


    First if all you people who are defending zayb are really meantal your acting like hes susch an angel like he can never make mistake like on some real shit grow the hell up he obvisoly did cheat and hes retarded as hell peopke really pathtic so u guys can wastte yr day getting pissed at perez for telling the truth im going to actully do somethimg with my life

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