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John Mayer's Using Katy Perry To Get To Rihanna?? Pshh…

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Ha! Sorry, this is just the funniest thing we've ever heard!!

You see, there's a lil' birdie out there who's saying the only reason John Mayer's hot and heavy with Katy Perry is so he can find love in Rihanna's place!

That's right: John-John is USING Katy P to get to Mis RiRi. Like that would EVER work!

They say John and Rih hit it off back at an industry party in 2009, explaining:

"John was smitten. He tried to lure her back to his place on several occasions, but Rihanna just laughed him off, saying she wasn't his type. That only made him want her more. He's a dyed-in-the-wool horn dog and ALL girls turn him on. Rihanna has ALWAYS been a fantasy chick for John."

They also say he tried to get in her pants again last year, but she turned him down… again. And that "it was only after he'd exhausted all his efforts" with RiRi that he considered Katy again. And that maybe he can get through to Rih with his affections for KtP.

Oh, puh-lease!! We call BULLSH*T!!

Don't get us wrong. It wouldn't surprise us at all if was attracted to Rihanna. Gurl's on the radar of every straight man's second head.

But that doesn't mean he's manipulating Katy to make her bestie jealous! C'mon now…

[Image via Buzz Foto&WENN.]

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