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TJ Jackson's Co-Guardianship Of MJ's Kids Gets Made Permanent!

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Katherine TJ Jackson Permanent Custody

Sounds like the Jackson family can at least put ONE dramz-filled matter behind them for now!

Earlier this month, TJ Jackson had been granted co-guardianship of Michael Jackson’s kids, along with their grandma, Katherine Jackson.

While the shared guardianship was only temporary, it seems a judge has just ruled that TJ will now permanently be Paris, Prince and Blanket’s co-guardian.

The decision seems to be one that was supported by MJ’s family, as his kids have grown super close to their cousin over the years, with Katherine herself even approving!

With TJ’s new role comes more responsibility, such as shielding the kids as far away from the family dramz as he can and helping take care of them, along with their household.

Seems like the family did what’s best for MJ’s children, in helping to ensure that they'll be well taken care of!

[Image via WENN.]

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11 comments to “TJ Jackson's Co-Guardianship Of MJ's Kids Gets Made Permanent!”

  1. 1

    Katherine's just making contingency plans in case she kicks the bucket, that's all.

  2. 2

    I feel sorry for those kids! Their dad was a freak and they have no chance of living a normal life. The rest of the family is just gold diggers and want every penny they can get from MJ's estate. Pitiful!

  3. 3

    CANNOT WAIT for those kids to be old enough to tell all this fricking freaks after their money to go to hell. It's a fricking ridiculous circus. I figure MJ's daughter has more brains than the rest of them put together. At LEAST she has guts.

  4. 4

    Re: -Shootingstar-Re: -Shootingstar- – You believe their dad is a freak simply BY WHAT YOU HAVE READ IN THE PRESS, WHICH IS ABOUT 99% UNTRUE. STFU. You are pitiful for believing every thing you read in the tabloids as 100% TRUTH. DUMB ASS IDIOT.

  5. 5

    Is it just me or does Prince Micheal look exactly like Micheal's doctor Arnold Klein? How is it not so obvious to everyone that these are not his children.

  6. 6

    I know she is their Grandmother, and I'm sure she loves those kids and they love her, but why is she even their co-guardian? I think she is just too old to be even a co-guardian of these kids. Before I get yelled at for that, I'm in my 30's and looking after my own kids is difficult! There's no reason for her to be their co-guardian except cold hard cash, and I don't think she is after money, her puppet master kids are! Why not let these kids have a chance at a semi normal life and let TJ have full guardianship? He seems like the only Jackson who has the best interest of the kids in mind and doesn't seem to be a gold digger like the rest of the Jackson clan.

  7. 7

    maybe TJ can finally get the family and the world tostart calling the youngest by his proper name- and ditch the `blanket`
    when he is in a classroom with other kid (which he will want to do now that the 2 older ones are no longer home schooled) can you imagine the teacher and other kids calling him Blanket
    that`s absurd!
    part of it is their father`s fault- his desire to be royalty- king of pop- military style jackets whatever- he didn`t use common sense naming the boys
    if he nicknamed the first one Prince- why call the second one that
    and how can the second one be Prince the second when legally there isn`t a first
    the world indulges .. nobody questions..because someone is rich and well known
    the kids names are legally
    Michael Joseph Jackson Jr (nickname Prince)
    Paris Michael Katherine Jackson
    Prince Michael Jackson II (nickname Blanket)
    if that`s not the dad`s ego and weirdness- what is

  8. 8

    Re: JayHer
    thinking that keeping her co-guardian on paper guarantees her being supported by the estate and keeping the standard of living that Michael provided for her and wanted to see her keep by the wording of his will
    just my guess

  9. 9

    Michael Jackson is not the father. None of the three look any thing like each other and to say they are "black" is truly stretching reality as far as it will go. Denial is something grandma is good at because apparently it pays well. I'm sure she loves the kids but who are we kidding? Michael Jackson was lighting in a bottle and we won't be seeing a talent like his any time soon. Certainly not from any of these "Jacksons".

  10. crabgirl says – reply to this


    Re: Fibber – YOU ARE RIGHT!!

  11. crabgirl says – reply to this


    Prince I's Father is Arnie Klien Paris's Father is Mark Lester,Blanket is Not Related at all.