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Todd Akin Admits His Rape Comment 'Was Medically Wrong'

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Sure, it took the guy a public scandal that may cost him and the Republican party a seat in the Senate, but Todd Akin has finally acknowledged that women can not "shut that whole thing down" while being legitimately raped.

Commenting on the issue of abortion — specifically for women impregnated by a rapist — the Missouri Congressman suggested that "doctors" have proven that a woman's uterus will magically turn off during non-consensual sex.

He's apologized for his thoughtless comments, but instead of confirming or denying whether or not he actually BELIEVED the medical miracle he was describing, he simply said he "misspoke."

During an interview with George Stephanopoulos on Good Morning America today (above), the politician finally acknowledged that his comment "was medically wrong" and explained:

"I understand that pregnancy can result from rape and those are terrible circumstances … I understand that and I’ve acknowledged that fact. At the same time I don’t apologize for the fact that I’m consistently pro-life. I believe in defending the unborn and I believe that based on those kinds of principles we can win this race.”

We're so happy a member of the House Science Committee edumacated himself! Yayyyyyy! LOLz!

It's just too bad he thinks the only political issue that can "win" a race is abortion. That decision is a pregnant woman's choice and her choice alone. It doesn't affect the entire country or even a senate district, so it really shouldn't be a political issue at all!

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