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Todd Akin Admits His Rape Comment 'Was Medically Wrong'

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Sure, it took the guy a public scandal that may cost him and the Republican party a seat in the Senate, but Todd Akin has finally acknowledged that women can not "shut that whole thing down" while being legitimately raped.

Commenting on the issue of abortion — specifically for women impregnated by a rapist — the Missouri Congressman suggested that "doctors" have proven that a woman's uterus will magically turn off during non-consensual sex.

He's apologized for his thoughtless comments, but instead of confirming or denying whether or not he actually BELIEVED the medical miracle he was describing, he simply said he "misspoke."

During an interview with George Stephanopoulos on Good Morning America today (above), the politician finally acknowledged that his comment "was medically wrong" and explained:

"I understand that pregnancy can result from rape and those are terrible circumstances … I understand that and I’ve acknowledged that fact. At the same time I don’t apologize for the fact that I’m consistently pro-life. I believe in defending the unborn and I believe that based on those kinds of principles we can win this race.”

We're so happy a member of the House Science Committee edumacated himself! Yayyyyyy! LOLz!

It's just too bad he thinks the only political issue that can "win" a race is abortion. That decision is a pregnant woman's choice and her choice alone. It doesn't affect the entire country or even a senate district, so it really shouldn't be a political issue at all!

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19 comments to “Todd Akin Admits His Rape Comment 'Was Medically Wrong'”

  1. 1

    What he needs to admit is he is too old school and conservative to join the real world — time for him to be voted the hell out. Take your conservative BS nonsense and retire.

  2. 2

    WHEN HE STARTS HAVING babies then he can decide for me, A WOMAN, when or when not to have an abortion. Conservative religious nonsense.

  3. Mary says – reply to this


    No shit it was wrong, but unfortunately it is right in line with the conservative thought process. Fuckers.

  4. 4

    Beautiful photos… Can't wait for another more…

  5. LiberalsMakeMeSick says – reply to this


    Hey Perez, why didn't you post a story when Biden said to a black audience " They are going to put "y'all back in chains" or when Biden said "Republicans squeel like pigs"? I never saw any posts on that???

    You aren't playing partisan politics are you????

  6. 6

    Re: Yes You Bore Me – Don't you have to be in school or at work now? How is it you have time to post the exact same comment on every story every day?

  7. 7

    for once i agree with you perez

  8. 8

    Re: Meggie246524 – If I thought my life was any of your business, I'd have told you already. But my activities are clearly NOT your business, you nosy cow. If you don't like what I have to say, then don't read what I post.

  9. 9

    At least he admitted it, the damage is done though

  10. 10

    Re: Yes You Bore Me – Your life is this site, obviously LOL

  11. thetrin-02 says – reply to this


    Being that a very close friend of mine got pregnant as result of rape… I'd like to punch this guy in the balls. I am not for abortion, but I am for the right to chose. That should be up to the woman, always! (Not late terms) No government, man, or woman.. Has the right to tell a woman she has to carry the baby of a man the robbed her of her free will. That's like getting rapped all over again. They need to let this go, and work on bigger issues… the economy, the job market, the school system, ect… This has all ready been hashed out. Lets move on… how about the record number of homeless school children? Lets talk about them, what is the government doing to help them, since they are so worried about the children, help the ones that are here, and suffering.

  12. jeff says – reply to this


    Not only medically wrong, but an idiotic and irresponsible comment. This guy just needs to go away with all the other crazies. Religious nuts… do some research, all religion is man made. Study religion as a whole, not just what is practiced today.

  13. martieo says – reply to this


    Oh Wow, his reasoning pretty cool. If he got "legitimally" raped by an HIV positive male his system would just reject any virus and he would remain healthy, no matter what. Ah, in his world the human body is a remarkable thing. Def not concerned about a flue shot this season.

  14. 14

    For The Record: Akin's an idiot A-N-D he absolutely represent the Republican party.

  15. 15

    Wining and dining a lady before getting her pregnant can be accidental. But liars and deceivers that promise marriage, and then vamoose before the child is born are criminals. The lady has been emotionally and sexually raped. She is righteously allowed a Rape-Abortion under Bible belt laws, even if the encounter with her lover was consensual.

  16. 16

    WTF! This is just another example of how the Republican Party is out of step with issues. I don't believe that it's a matter of being conservative..It's just plan ignorance!

  17. Miss Mama says – reply to this


    I love his choice of words to describe his opponent. "she's pro abortion where I am pro life." no sir she isn't pro abortion, she isnt saying abortions for everyone like a party favor. She is pro choice. The decision that is a private decision not a government one.

  18. YesYou'reBoring says – reply to this


    Re: Yes You Bore Me – [re=6159937]
    Anyone who gets bent out of shape from a gossip site clearly has no life. Hey idiot, here's a clue: you make your business everyone's business every time you post your daily diatribes. The only reason people read your posts is to condescendingly laugh at you. BTW, what happened to the old name, La Garse?

  19. 19

    The freak should just drop out of the senate race. Then he can have a show on Fox too.