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Kristen Stewart Sees The Light In Her First Photo Since The Cheating Scandal! The Sunlight, That Is…

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kristen stewart first photo out in public since robert pattinson cheating scandal

Not lookin' too bad, KStew!!

We know last month was wretched for her, but Kristen Stewart finally emerged — abs and all — this week.

Having dealt with all the Robert Pattinson-relationship drama after photos of her and Rupert Sanders' affair leaked, Kristen looks like she's ready to finally face the public.

Though she won't be appearing at the VMA's or the final Twilight convention, she will be at the Toronto Film Festival next month.

Let's just hope she's ready to talk by then too!

[Image via FameFlynet Pictures.]

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12 comments to “Kristen Stewart Sees The Light In Her First Photo Since The Cheating Scandal! The Sunlight, That Is…”

  1. 1

    She owes you no explanations or apologies. Any talking she has to do will be about what SHE wants to discuss. You are WAY too emotionally invested in this, pansy. You need to go get a life and see if you can find another homo to put up with you, because the hetero guys you perv on certainly don't.

  2. Liyah says – reply to this


    Does anybody else notice that fameflynet is the company that got the 1st pic of her out if am not mistaking they took the pic KS and KS kissing. Anyone see the problem with this and now liberty ross is out going to movie premieres. JMO but there is really something wrong with this story. Anyway Preez your like 2 days late with this info I don't know how your site is up and running.

  3. 3

    she needs to come out of hiding ok so there is like mentalness for a couple weeks then something else will happen and people move on to that.. the tortured look she always has i think has nothing to do with acting but shes just a very tortured person regardless even before this had the same pained look all the time..woe is me god noone gives a shit they got their own lives …they dont care about some over paid barely talented person who cheats on her bf seriously noone seriously cares ,,,move on everyone else has .. u did what u did and now its time to face the music but it wont last long before people go and look at some other car crash its human nature …nothing to do with u and ur self torture..everyone thinks u were manipulated anyway…but seriously who cares…

  4. 4

    Re: Liyah – yes its all very fishy and something weird going on

  5. 5

    Think they will get back together again, maybe sometimes next year. But there will be a lot of drama before that happens, especially the coming weeks/months before the premier and maybe sometimes after. She will stay away from the spotlight for a while (personal choice) but it wont damage her career.
    He will start seeing someone again, maybe a blond but I think that they will get back together again in a year or so. Just got this feeling about it.
    As for Rupert and Liberty, they will work it out.

  6. Weird says – reply to this


    Something weird is going on. Rob said it, the director from Cosmopolosis, John Stewart has all referred to the incident as 'weird'. Something is going on and it is not what the Tabs think.
    The only ones who know is the main four. We may never know but I doubt it was a simple cheating scandal. Publicity maybe? Why for one was the story sat on for a week? Why in broad daylight when well hidden before? Coincidence on the time of other movie events?

  7. yup says – reply to this


    Just leave her alone…you should be harrassing the MARRIED MAN that has CHILDREN, not her…so sick of people attacking the woman when clearly a married man is to blame more…She is also 24 years old…she should be free….R PAtz was not doing it for her anymore and she looked the other way…so what? who cares….She should hold her head up HIGH!!!! R patz is gross..perhaps she wanted sex with someone who actually bathed and cut his fingernails…I would cheat on R PAtz too.

  8. 8

    Oh my she's lost quite a bit of weight. Re: Yes You Bore Me – Here's a challenge for you … see if you can try to make one post without making any reference to sexual preference. So far, you've never been able to do it. Give it a try hon.

  9. correction says – reply to this


    Re: yup – actually she's 22 years old and the director is 41 years old and that's a 19 years difference.

  10. automaticsystematic says – reply to this


    Hopefully that sage will help her erase the memories of Sanders creepy face!

  11. 11

    Why the fuck should she talk to ANYONE other than the Sanders family and Robert. She has no explaining to do to the public or anyone, its her fucking private life so back the fuck off. She doesn't own you anything. AND THIS HAPPENED DAYS AGO, and I am surprised you posted this, cause she looks DAMN good, and she is wearing some of Rob's stuff. Get over it.

  12. Luck6 says – reply to this


    I actually can't believe that no one is blaming the director. Kristen was what 17/18 years old when she made the first Twilight movie. Now at the ripe old age of 22, with little experience in life let alone relationships her director who is married with children and is twice her age not to mention in an authoitative and influencing position has an affair(????) with her. I think her took atvantage of her and her nievety. Just looking at it from a moms point of view, if she were my daughter. And maybe Rob instead of being jealous and wanting to know what happened should treat her as a victim. Just saying…..think about it!!!!!!