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Kristen Stewart Wore Robert Pattinson's Hat & Backpack In Public; R-Patz Wasn't Impressed

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robert pattinson with kristen stewart wearing his hat and backpack

Remember when Kristen Stewart finally came out of hiding this week??

Welll.. as happy as we were to see her, we hear Robert Pattinson rolled his eyes at her choice of attire.

Wearing his baseball cap, his backpack, and the gold ring he gave her, her fashion didn't do anything for him but make him raise one of those manly brows.

A source says:

"Rob's not impressed by the photo of Kristen, and he's not sure what she's trying to prove. With these photos of her wearing his hat, backpack and ring, it's just got him wondering what kind of mind games she's playing. Kristen's been consistently texting and calling Rob and he hasn't really wanted to listen to how sorry she is or hear any excuse. So by Kristen wearing his stuff, he just feels like it was another way for her to reach out to him. Kristen's not making it easy. She's not ready to let him go."

Oh man, this is rough!

We just don't wanna see anyone hurting ANYMORE than they already have!!

And it sounds like he desperately needs some space before he rules her out forever!

[Image via Nikki Nelson/WENN.]

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24 comments to “Kristen Stewart Wore Robert Pattinson's Hat & Backpack In Public; R-Patz Wasn't Impressed”

  1. iCR says – reply to this


    Poor girl, she looks like she is really trying for a second chance.

  2. Roe says – reply to this


    If they really love each other, they will find their way back together. The best thing is that they should sit and talk to each other and see if they can work things out.

  3. coolbean says – reply to this


    Wow..I really want this source as a friend..not..if this were true you Perez would not be the one getting the info..find a new hobby and quit being a jerk with all of these ignorant irrelevant posts

  4. 4

    Oh please Perez, now you are grasping to draw out the drama, this is what lovesick, heartbroken girls do…

  5. Susannah says – reply to this


    Well, it is pretty obvious now that Perez is using every single thing these two do or say as a way to make more money. What a jackass.
    Yeah, and I know that these people are "celebrities" of course… but young girls and young guys (and not so young girls and guys!) go through these phases sometimes when they break up. She could be doing it to get him back, she could be doing it as a way to grieve the loss of him, or she could be doing it for… whatever fucking reason she's doing it!
    They're a young couple who are living and learning from their mistakes in young love the best way that they can - while millions of people eyeball their every move.
    Give them a rest already!!!! What is this mass media behaviour doing to either of their psychological development? They could be feeling the fallout of this in their young lives for years… it's not helpful for their emotional or mental growth.

  6. 6

    Who said it was his backpack? Other "sources" are saying it's hers and he was just caring it that one time. But what is it that says they can't have an exactly the same backpack? Doubt it's one of a kind. The hat? His hat is more dark-blue while hers is more black.
    As for the ring, it hasn't even been confirmed he gave her a ring let along that one.

  7. Susannah says – reply to this


    And while I'm sure to get a few "booos" from this comment, let's stop painting Kristen as the evil cheating whore, and Robert as the poor saintly chap who did nothing wrong.
    People cheat for a LOT of reasons. We have no idea what went on behind closed doors for them. They could have been fighting for months… and maybe they were fighting about something that Robert did too, for heaven's sake! (It takes two.)
    Or in this case, three… the director she cheated with. Or four… his wife.
    None of us know what happened here, all we know is what happened AFTER the fact.
    So let's let them ALL sort through their shattered relationships in peace already.

  8. Conspiracy theory says – reply to this


    Maybe they each have a hat. Whoever said it was Rob's, did they or was it a "source' .
    The bag was report as Kristen's that Rob borrowed.
    Or maybe just maybe they never broke up. After all it was a 'source' that reported it not them or their camps.
    They could be sitting back and shaking their heads at this wondering how it got blown out of proportion.
    After all no stunts have been reported before right? Rob did announce on Eclipse press tour that Kristen was pregnant with his baby on Oprah. He also did say the minster during Breaking Dawn was real and now the were actually married.
    Maybe this another prank that got out of hand this time? Nah the 'source' said it was real.

  9. flim flam says – reply to this


    She only wants him because he doesn't want her anymore. It's all about the chase and getting her way.. If he goes back to her, she's going to mistreat him again.

  10. 10

    Perez is my guilty pleasure, I totally welcome any and all information about Kstew and RPatz…keep em' coming Perez!!!

  11. Grown women says – reply to this


    Re: Susannah – That is so true!

  12. Grown women says – reply to this


    Poor Kristen and rob ! Kristen is heart broking by her on making ,but girl the best thing for you to do is hold your head up get yourself together stop punishing yourself for a mistake that a lot of people make .rob is heart broking also but he's going on and looking better than ever and u need to do the same ! If you really love him and he you , it will work its self out ! You are too young to be so sick about this it will pass !everyday is different . The best way to start living again is to live well that's how you get your man back !

  13. 13


  14. 14

    Re: Lady Who? – Hey asshole, it takes 2 to tango. I don't see the director taking any heat.

  15. janejane says – reply to this


    She's wearing his things, because she misses him. The items are a tangible comfort. When my father died, I would hold a book he read or the things he had saved in his top drawer (the proverbial man's "junk" drawer). I held a small golf pencil and could imagine him filling out his score card. I ran my fingers through his pocket change that he kept in a small flat container. All these things calmed me. Now, Kristen is walking the gaunlet when she goes outside. She used to have him by her side, protecting her. Now, wearing his hat and backpack are "wearing protection" against the madding crowd. She's not wearing them to manipulate him. She's wearing them as security. Leave her alone.

  16. truth says – reply to this


    how do u know how he reacted if you are not there, hes not going to tell you how he felt or how his actions were. this is her way of keeping him close to her and he really does know this and really!!! that is good for him, he knows how she feels, lonely and missing him, i think she has learned her lesson, i mean people she didnt committ murder, we have all done wrong things so dont
    cast stones, that nasty married man should be fired so what no consiquences for him but she gets it all, you need two hands to clap he is a pervert who sniffin where he shoulnt be , married man, kids???? dont be haters for what i say just expressing how i feel whether right or wrong

  17. ELO says – reply to this


    Re: Susannah – Amen! Totally agree. I'm really tired of the Kristen haters waiting to see her self destruct and lose everything she's ever worked for. They can't find real news to talk about so they make it up just to be mean and spiteful. Hey, I hope Rob and Kristen get back together. Then I hope they both make a public announcement together saying we're human, made mistakes, but we love each other and we're working it out. Leave us in peace to do that. They don't need to hide, make excuses or apologize to anyone for being in love…..being who they are. It's their life. Being a performer doesn't give everyone else the license to destroy them as human beings. I just don't believe all this crap these media creeps are spewing that they know what Robert and Kristen is thinking, doing, feeling……for all we know they've been spending time together mending in private. I wish them both the best.

  18. Jaybird says – reply to this


    Re: Queen Bee 36 – This is what girls being coached by their PR teams do.

  19. 19

    is that the same hat of his she wore when she cheated?
    hey just asking….

    i dont have times for cheats i cheated many many times and every time i didnt care enough not to … i didnt cheat on my current flame because i know its a deal breaker and vice versa if u cheat it means u dont really care enough not to cheat…

  20. Melania says – reply to this


    I'm so sick of the bashing of KStew, WTH about Chris Brown and Rihanna. He beat the shit out of a woman and all is forgiven, and Rhianna it's obvious on Oprah's interview cant leave him alone! Leave Kristen alone and focus on that story which is sick and unforgivable. Get a damn grip on REALiTy!!

  21. Gladis Brito Rodrigues says – reply to this


    "I'll leave the measure of Bonfim, not cost me …
    But I get the disc Pinxinguinha, yes, the rest is yours …
    Simply put, you can save the leftovers of everything they call a home …
    The shadows of all that was us … Our best memories …
    That hope everything will straighten … Forget it! That alliance you can commit … Or melt … But must say that I will not give … The pleasure of seeing me cry … I will not even charge you to damage your …
    My chest so torn … Incidentally, accepted an aid your future love pro rent … Return Neruda me that you took, and never read …
    I slam the gate without fanfare, I carry an identity card, a nightcap, a lot of nostalgia … And the slight impression that I'm coming late …
    Without fanfare … You'll already late … "

    Yes, this is what I think Robert feels right now …
    Bonfim ribbon is widely used in Brazil. Neruda is a poet well known in Brazil; Pinxinguinha is a singer, also well known in Brazil …
    Yes, I'm brazilian …
    And what is in quotes is a song called "simply put".

  22. KStew Krew says – reply to this


    Oh Perez….u shit. You are a fool. Who says it's not Kristen's stuff … Oh yeah… Your source…ba ha ha. If it is Rob's stuff then good for Kristen in keeping them and wearing them. Who cares. Oh yeah, those Twihard Twits would…psycho bitches that need to get a life. Stay strong Kristen…btw, she is looking hot. Glad to see her out and about.

  23. LovinmesomeRob says – reply to this


    I hope tat Rob isn't impressed by that at all and I hope that he remembers that the last time she wore his hat in public, she was getting her box chewed in an alley by Rupert Sanders.

  24. click here says – reply to this


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