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Finchel Finito?! Glee EP Teases Shocking Spoilers For Season Four

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glee finchel lea michele cory monteith split

Oh boy. All right. Deep breathes. In….out….in….

You know what? Screw this @$#^! What are you trying to do to us, Ryan Murphy and Co.? Have we not been loyal Gleeks? Have we not dutifully marched along to every drum story beat you’ve thrown at us the last three years?

Then why, OH WHY, would you allow Finchel to become a thing of the Glee past?! WHY HAVE YOU FORSAKEN US????

Okay, settling down…. Here’s the sitch fellow lovers of all things Lea Michele and Cory Monteith:

EP Brad Falchuck reveals that last season's tearful breakup between Finn and Rachel “will stick” and that both characters will take romantical detours in their lives that will take them far, far away from each other. As we all know by now, Rachel has a new hot boytoy in her midsts who goes by the name of Brody, played by the delectable Dean Geyer. Brad reveals:

“She’s now not coming from a place when she met Finn, where she was like this totally insecure, annoying little girl. Now she’s a woman and she’s been through a lot and she’s achieved a lot. So she approaches boys differently, with a different kind of confidence and a different kind of maturity. There’s not as much, ‘Don’t mention sex.’”

Sex?! SEX?! She gets to get BUSY with this new guy too?! DAYUM! Some gals really do have all the luck…

But while Rachel is off boinking this new bro, Brody, what is our fabulous Finn up to. Surely, he won't be stuck off in the sidelines watching Rachel move on with her life in the arms of some other guy? Not quite, reveals Brad, who adds that Finn is in for his own love connection in season four as well, explaining:

“Undetermined at this point. But he will have someone. He will definitely have someone.”

Fine, if he must. Can we make one request, though? No more Quinn. Please. That ship has SAILED. They had their shot, they had their second shot. They were each other's first real loves in life, but they've grown WAAAY past each other. Plus, when Dianna Agron does return to the show, we want it to be for a stronger reason than just dating Finn Hudson again. You know, IF she returns….

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12 comments to “Finchel Finito?! Glee EP Teases Shocking Spoilers For Season Four”

  1. noro says – reply to this


    sorry this is one fan that refuses to watch the show if that happens i only watch for finchel bye bye

  2. 2

    her nose

  3. 3

    Finn and Quinn — YES YES YES

  4. Alexa says – reply to this


    I say, about time. Finchel should leave their relationship in high school, because they are not compatible beyond that. I want them both to be happy but I don't see that happening if they try to keep up their doomed from the start relationship. I don't hate Finchel but in real life they wouldn't make it beyond HS

  5. Summer says – reply to this


    To quote Cory Monteith himself," Finchel Is Forever". RIB,remember that!!!

  6. NOOOOO says – reply to this



  7. helen says – reply to this


    WHAT DO YOU MEAN Finchel is finished? NOOOO They're my favorite couple ever! Just tell me they're just on a break!

  8. FinchelMoncheleshipper says – reply to this


    I literally feel sick … OMG … I am literally bawling right now. This is too much too fast. Wayyyyy toooooo much wayyyyyyyy tooooooo fast!!!!

    Train (Finale) … Summer Hiatus … Monchele (Best Part) … Spoiler Rachel Love interest (#StayAwayBrody) … NOW a spoiler of a Finn love interest!? WTF … #StayAwayFromFinchel #NoNewLoveInterestForFinn!

    Perez - dooooooooooooo something! Help Finchel! This will kill the show! If they destroy Finchel (even though 'Finchel is Forever' per Cory) - this will kill us Finchel Shippers. It will destroy the show!

    We need Brody gone already and Finn's new love interest to NEVER be seen!

  9. 9

    eww finchel!

  10. Sarah says – reply to this


    I don't get it either…Brad calling Rachel at the origins of the show "annoying"!? Way to believe in this character. Not okay.

  11. ashley doucette says – reply to this


    ACTUALLY* rachel berry has a photo of finn in her dorm room… SO FINCHEL FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Fan67859 says – reply to this


    I love Finchel but It might be interesting to see new relationships.