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Kristen Stewart Was Overjoyed With 'Full' Life Right Before Cheating Scandal Hit

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kristen stewart full of life before scandal

Kristen Stewart was THRIVING right before the cheating scandal hit the tabloids.

She was finally reaching out of her shell. And this was apparent by the beaming enthusiasm she was beginning to show compared to her trademark deadpan appearances.

She even told the September/October issue of Little White Lies how 'full' she felt working. She never wanted to take a break.

Elaborating on her love of life, she told the magazine:

"Right now, I feel so full. I’m like, bursting. I should be working. I don’t want to take a break. It’s funny, on set, I don’t have to go to the bathroom, I don’t have anything wrong, I’m perfectly fine, so through-and-through. I’m not hungry. I’m literally not even in my own body. They wrap and they send me back to my trailer and I fucking fall to pieces. I suddenly realize that I’ve had to pee for six hours. And I’m starving. Right now, I just feel it. It’s not to be wasted. Because I know my value is f*cking strong."

We wish more people knew their worth!!

But unfortunately, KStew's self-esteem took a HUGE toll after the photos of her and Rupert Sanders' touchy-feely make-out sesh leaked everywhere.

And now she's pulled out of a number of appearances and even an amazing film experience for Cali. And that movie could have skyrocketed her career even higher than it already was.

While friends like Jodie Foster encourage her to get up and move on with her life, she still seems to be "moping around" without Robert Pattinson.

Only time will tell what's to come of Kristen's sense of self post-scandal. But we're rooting for her to pull through this. We wanna see that edgy, edgy darkness!!

[Image via Lia Toby/WENN.]

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20 comments to “Kristen Stewart Was Overjoyed With 'Full' Life Right Before Cheating Scandal Hit”

  1. 1

    Of course she was loving life. She was having her cake and eating it too. I hope the whore gets booed off the red carpet at the premiere

  2. Perizito says – reply to this


    She sold herself short

  3. LuAnn says – reply to this


    She sold herself short

  4. 4

    Re: stanggt89 – I bet you don't really mean that because if that happens then maybe Rob will have so much sympathy for her he might go back to her and start liking those fans less.

  5. 5

    It's time to let this go.

  6. 6

    If her life was full she wouldn't have felt the need to cheat. Maybe later she will find out this was fate. My life was full before marriage, I've remained loyal and have been absolutley miserable for years since husband moved us to the deep south.(Not saying it's the south's fault, I just can't make it work being from So.Cal and NYC) So doing the correct behavior in the public's eyes doesn't mean you'll be rewarded with happiness.

  7. Fan67859 says – reply to this


    Re: stanggt89 – I agree with you completely

  8. 8

    In other words, when she's being someone else (acting) she loves it, but when the cameras are turned off and she has to go back to being herself she can't deal??? No wonder her self-esteem plunged so fast after the cheating scandal. She doesn't know who she really is or what her real worth is. The girl has issues to get sorted.

  9. Jerk says – reply to this


    Re: stanggt89
    You are a jerk and don't have the right to wish that on anyone. She made a mistake most celebrities do at some point. Get off your high horse you have not right to judge her. I hope none of your mistakes are publicly flogged like you think hers should be. You are a bitter person.

  10. Mrs Bathscum says – reply to this


    I pity her, I really do. She had everything going for her. Fans who would go to watch her open an envelope, any role she wanted, a bf who i assume she loved, money, security and respect. Now a lot of it will be wiped out. She's screwed over the cast of SWATH, the franchise depended on her fans, who she has alienated. She has tarnished the end of the twilight series, and although she didn't respect it's calibre as artistic, there were an awful lot of people who worked hard on it and she's basically shat on their efforts and the fans enjoyment. She may not have wanted to ride on the fame of twilight but now a lot of fans may refuse to stick with her even if she develops into a tremendous actress, few will really care now. She's also alienated her peers, would you really want to work with the girl who will so stupidly and recklessly demolish two franchises by cheating with a married father. She had it all and she blew it. I hope she finds the strength to get through it and find some self esteem, because hers must be shot to shit, how do you live with all that on your shoulders.. career suicide.

  11. howard says – reply to this


    her career is over.

  12. 12

    And since then has she experienced any gas or constipation? How's her menstrual cycle been? Honestly, you idiot pansy, enough is enough. Most of us are really sick of you harping on this and bullying her. It's not a story anymore, so move on already, you stupid fucking homo.

  13. jaybird says – reply to this


    It sounds like she's bipolar.

  14. GreenAlien says – reply to this


    "trademark deadpan appearances" –> Lol, couldn't have been described more accurately.

  15. Irish Girl says – reply to this


    Re: howard – Yeah. Sure it is. *eyeroll*

  16. lourdes Collazo says – reply to this


    Kristen Stewart: The Hester of the 21st Century…
    There is a sense of liberation in her and the townspeople, especially the women, who had finally begun to forgive Hester of her tragic indiscretion… The Scarlet Letter - Wikipedia

    I've said this before and I stand by it, in my opinion this was all about power, power and money. On the one hand, I've read and seen Kristen in recent photos thinner, upset, sad, mourning a lost love. On the other hand, I haven't seen that remorse, sadness neither in Rupert nor in his wife for that matter. Why? who knows. It seems like someone is taking advantage from Robert and Kristen's pain and making headlines. Who knows… Giving a glimse to Kristen's past she has had only two boyfriends and was home schooled. She's very inexperience and we had witness her behavior as very shy and somewhat ackward in public, meaning she doesn't have the malice to cause pain because of her naive character and nature.

    She has been said to be on a nervous breakdown or what it's called a post-traumatic stress after seduction. My advice to this beautiful, talented young girl is to please take off that rag of cloth with the letter A .

    The sad thing is Robert has not shown any signs of forgiveness and that doesn't make him true to himself in my book. His baggage will be worst at the end. With no closure there's no beggining.

  17. 17

    Oh, the slut looked so smug in this picture. She always look smug as if she's better than the rest. I hate to tell you honey, but actresses come and go. You're not irreplaceable. You're hot right now because of Twilight but that would change later in life. And nobody likes you for you. If im in showbiz too, id be your friend to use you. So dont act like the people around you likes your boring personality. Come to think of it, do you even have a personality? Relish whatever you have right now and be grateful for Twilight because it propelled you to the top even if you dont know how to act. Once Twilight's done, let's see how you survive. You're no Meryl Streep. But you can always sleep with the directors, producers to get you parts in movies. Oh wait, you're already doing that, aren't you? You're smarter than we've given you credit for. You know you dont have a talent and so that's why you're starting young to fuck around the bigwigs in Hollywood for parts in the movies! Your slutty ways wont help you for long because men would get tired of your well-used body and fuck the next Hollywood slut. So KStew, your success is temporary. Better save your money or you'd be a has-been with no money and resemble your mom who looks like the poster girl of a biker chick.

  18. 18

    Re: Venus914 – Do you honestly believe in that yourself?

  19. 19

    Hey Kristen, we don't need an interview, we just need you to be happy. Keep on making movies and magazine shoots. We'll buy your new fragrances and go to watch your movies. We are your fans that love you and don't judge you. You are hard worker and work hard to entertain us when we want to escape. You do it awesomely. So, yes, be strong and don't care about what haters say. There will always be haters. But you will have more fans than anything else. Take care.

  20. 20

    Re: Venus914 – And how do you know so much about how show business works?