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Mariah Carey's Triumphant Sinks To Bottom Of Ocean iTunes!

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Oh sweet, breathy butterfly! It's ok, you'll get 'em, get 'em, get 'em next time!

Mariah Carey's latest single(s) Triumphant (Get Em) ft. Rick Ross triumphantly failed across all music charts since its debut a couple weeks back, and even the release of her hubby Nick Cannon's boxer-themed music video didn't pack enough punch to push the track up an iTunes slot or two.

In fact, the not so stellar song — we barely hear YOU on it, Mariah! — currently sits at #801 on the USA iTunes chart. Yeeoouch!

But no worries, little lambs! at least Triumphant is #70 in Thailand and #92 in Japan, right???

And hey, we're SO positive Mariah's American Idol debut will do for her what it did for Jennifer Lopez's, and our delicate winged creature career will skyrocket like so many afternoon delights!

[Image via Mavrix Online.]

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30 comments to “Mariah Carey's Triumphant Sinks To Bottom Of Ocean iTunes!”

  1. 1

    does she really even need a comeback?????
    she should just be the diva she is and retire, but i guess that lifestyle requires different outlooks than us normal people.

  2. 2

    Karma bitch!

  3. 3

    she's irrelevant like that other fat clown Aguilera. Pair of porky has beens stuck in the past. they should be used to make bacon sandwiches. Madonna has outlasted the pair of em twice over and still has no1 album in over 20 countries.

  4. 4

    Re: PHWOARR – mmmmmmmmmmmm bacon.

  5. 5

    Shocking, actually, not so much. You are the only homo that thought it would do good. This fat cow is done.

  6. MariahIsBack327 says – reply to this


    Perez, People….IT IS A BUZZ SINGLE!!! IT ISN'T HER ACTUAL SINGLE! Her album doesn't come out until March of 2013! she isn't done yet!!!!!!!

  7. 7

    Buzz single? Ha ha ha ha! Too bad it is the wrong kind of "buzz"!

  8. Whoa says – reply to this


    OVER!!!! IDOL hahahahahaha!!!!

  9. Patrick says – reply to this


    Its just not a good song. Her part is too short, and the rapping is too ghetto to be considered main stream. She needs to set her ego aside and step up her game.

  10. Mateus Prado Sousa says – reply to this


    You are a hater Perez, shut up

  11. GIgi says – reply to this


    I LOVE MARIAH !!! I ALWAYS HAVE !!! But, this song sucks, horrible. The video sucks too. Stop letting Nick direct your videos. Don't shit where you eat !

  12. Gigi says – reply to this


    re Patrick says ….. agreed !!!!!!!

  13. MichJB says – reply to this


    She should have retired years ago.

  14. James says – reply to this


    Yeah both the song and video suck. I like Brandy's new song and video though.

  15. TeamMariah says – reply to this


    U're wrong, Perez! Mariah's and Jlo's music careers can't be compared as Mariah is not only THE VOICE, THE diva (in the technical sense), she's also a walking legend…her music career doesn't need any comebacks. She's one of the smartest in the industry, she'll bounce back to the top when she feels like it. Jlo's the one who needs the marketing team to give her the necessary image in order to comeback…don't get it twisted.
    Having said that this single was not for the fans…ergh…it was to carry the rappers to the international/global market. In THAT respect it was a sgmhw. ugh.

  16. 16

    Re: PHWOARR – Is that why Madonna's MDNA flop SO FUCKIN HARD in the second week? Madonna is soon to be shitted on by every other BASIC bitches in the industry, so whats your fuckin point? And who you calling pork, ppl prefer IN SHAPE women than some skinny ass boney wrinkled bitch

  17. tacogirl says – reply to this


    Can she Please do something about her wardrobe..it's just hard to watch her….she Always dresses like an over-dressed hooker. Always too much…..Is it the 80s??

  18. tahoegeminii says – reply to this


    nice cow in a cheesy ho bag prom dress-nice evil look too!! this nasty bee-yotch is not all butterflies, glitter and unicorns-that is such a lame front she uses-she is jealous and nasty-and Idol will not do for MeMe what it for JLo because MeMe is once again copying JLo because she is is obsessed with her since their stripper wars on the red carpet in the 90's-look at that ridiculously fake cover art-MeMe is trying to make herself look like JLo-she doesn't look anything like her actual self in that-it is all fake-basically MeMe has no orginality or talent -she just sees someone else like Whitney or JLo get attention and then tries to jump on what they did-that is why nothing she has done since Sony and her Ex marketed her has done anything but flop

  19. Kevin says – reply to this


    Not true! The emancipation album was the biggest seller of 2005! And you're really trying to compare Mariah to JLo who can't even sing!? Re: tahoegeminii

  20. KS says – reply to this


    You critics who bash on Mariah and say this song is weak because you can barely hear Mariah on this track need to do something better with your life. You guys no nothing of music and the real meaning behind the song. Triumphant is a really, really AMAZing song that consists of MC's powerful vocals and whistle register. So dont bash on MC cause you have no talent!! #LAMB

  21. 21

    The only reason this fucking Long Island trash Lolita had so many #1 singles is because Sony and her husband pushed them so. Everyone knows that. She's only had 1 or 2 good singles. Everything was garbage.

    Karma baby.

  22. Nancy B says – reply to this


    Im so tired of seeing her Squeeze into your slutty clothing….Miriah your not 18…..get over yourself diva…….your done!

  23. 23


  24. D-LOC says – reply to this


    If u dont like the song criticise what u dont like about it/MC SWAG aint 4 u…
    YET, it seems to have also unleashed this delusional wave of giddy, misogynist, hateful, ignorant venom towards Mariah that ALWAYS forgets to mention her very-real, natural singing talent.( or her great body!) YES, I know haterz are gonna think that this one minor single is enough to derail/end a brilliant musical career but it is they that SUFFER FROM DELUSIONS!!

  25. 25

    I think were all craving new hit songs to jam out to and are let down by Mariah because of her well known hit factory lol but theres always room for another single to be released and maybe next time it'll be what were waiting for

  26. JC says – reply to this


    Re: KS
    How is expressing an opinion on a song equal to having nothing better to do with one's life? It's exactly what you're doing, except you have a different opinion.

  27. I says – reply to this


    oh come on guys. I didn't like the songs when I heard it for the first time but after listening to it several times I started loving it. Just don't creat an opinion after 1 or 2 times of listening to a song ’cause THIS one is actually a very good one!

  28. Adrian says – reply to this


    Re: PHWOARR – lololol Madonna's album was slashed to 0.49 cents in it's second month of release because of it's UNBELIEVABLY low sales. Yes, it went to No.1 in all those countries during pre-sale…but once the word got out about how horrible,basic, and UNDERWHELMING the album was…people saved their money. Mariah's new album will be amazing. This single was not for the purpose of a no.1 hit…she was simply collaborating with friends and giving them a stepping stone like she did for EVERY OTHER artist she collaborated with throughout her 23 year career. Get your shit straight before you attempt to bash Mimi. She's a legend….Madonna is just old and inappropriate.

  29. tahoegeminii says – reply to this


    Re: Adrian – MeMe is a fat whorish pig who isn't even smart enough to know the crowd is screaming "put your clothes on and get off the table" she doesn't burp glitter and fart butterflies-she might just eat unicorns though-it's obvious she can strap on a feed bag and not have the sense to quit even though her whole image is based on being a stripper-that is one stupid low class broad-she thinks she can just photoshop her photos and not actually tell herself not to eat 3 double doubles from fat burger and sneek a dozen cupcakes with one glass of milk to go while pretending to walk the dogs-she built her whole career on being a stripper no ones cares about her voice or it wouldn't matter how old and fat she is-seriously even her bang chauffeur husband is only around because he used to jerk off to her strip videos when he was 12

  30. Geno says – reply to this


    Actually, JLO is the one who has no originality since one incident where Mariah sued JLO for copying the melody of one of her songs. Most of Mariah's songs (especially Hero) save lives of so many people all over the world including mine. So, I don't get the point why people say that her music is a trash. Mariah's song Triumphant has saved my life again (especially at this point of difficulties) and I believe that it will save others' lives too. I like all the parts of the song. How many songs of Madonna, JLO, Lady Gaga or others can save lives like what Mariah's songs did? 1, 2, 3? Take note: Mariah co-wrotes most of her song unlike other fake divas who have just 1 or 2 songs co-written. A line in Triumphant: "These haters love when I was dead broke but they ain’t made at me." People love to hurt someone and will truly love that someone after they have gone in this world like what people did to Whitney who some people really hate her inspite of bringing us great music and legacy to the music and entertainment industry. Guys, please don't be too negative!