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Randy Travis Hospitalized After Drunken Brawl In The House Of God!

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Get it together, good sir!!

Randy Travis has endured an historically AWFUL year.

Belligerent behavior against cops caught on tape!! Drunken car wrecks! Threatening to shoot police officers while naked!

And now a drunken church brawl at one in the morning!?

The country music newsmaker was allegedly "extremely intoxicated" when police responded to a call about two men engaged in fisticuffs in a church parking lot in the middle of the night!

Things got so bad that both men were taken to the hospital!

Oh, Randy! We can't say whether God is pleased but we doubt your friends and family are!

Have you founded your own Texas chapter of Fight Club?? We can find no other semi-plausible explanation for your continued reckless behavior!

In all seriousness, if these allegations are accurate, it appears the famed musician has a SERIOUS problem with alcohol abuse.

Please, Randy, get help immediately!

[Image via Ramey Pix.]

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18 comments to “Randy Travis Hospitalized After Drunken Brawl In The House Of God!”

  1. 1

    Beautiful photos… Can't wait for another more…

  2. 2

    In the parking lot, moron, not in the church itself.
    Change the title!

  3. 3

    Fellow Texan Willie Nelson needs to get TR on pot…the liquor is killing him!

  4. 4

    So sad……I hope he can stay sober long enough to check himself into rehab!

  5. yes says – reply to this


    CAN someone please put this ugly, loser, drunk, hick has-been down, please? Drunks have no right to live….just sayin…get help!!!!

  6. 6

    Loser alcoholic .. too bad

  7. Leslie says – reply to this


    This guy used to be really big in country music. Now he's just bat shit crazy. Drinking has destroyed his brain.

  8. 8

    He's having one helluva mid-life crisis. Hope he gets the help he needs.

  9. 9

    "Randy Travis has endured an historically AWFUL year."

    Endured? Really? It would seem the people in his life, or the state in which he lives "endured".
    Don't get him confused with someone who actually endures, because while others endure, this guy is having another round.

  10. 10

    RELIABLE sources say that alcohol WAS NOT INVOLVED.

  11. 11

    …get help now !…..

  12. Layna says – reply to this


    It was actually at 11 pm, but the rest of the story was accurate! There was also about 200 students outside, coming back from a trip late. Prestonwood Baptist Church (where it happend) is connected to Prestonwood Christian Academy, 2 plano police cruisers pulled up into the Chaos of parents picking up their students. x

  13. ThePeople says – reply to this


    Like so many other country music people–very serious alcohol problems. That's one of the reasons I hate country music so much. It promotes and idolizes drinking, which leads to alcoholism, criminal records, broken families, health problems, and ultimately, total demise. But in fairness to Randy, I don't think his drinking is as bad as it seems. Much of this is being done for publicity only, as he is a has-been. Has-beens will go out on a limb for publicity. Just look at Mindy McCreedy…same situation exactly.

  14. jamie says – reply to this


    Re: yes – suck a dick

  15. Buhshitsstumb says – reply to this


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