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Sweet Selena Gomez Actually Doubles As A Diva?? What!?!

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selena gomez diva behavior on set of parental guidance suggested

According to some sources from the set of Parental Guidance Suggested, Selena Gomez has co-workers thinking the dreaded 'D' word!

The heat is unbearable these days, but people still have to work in it nonetheless.

That is, unless you're Selenita…

According to these rumors, the beautiful actress showed some major 'tude when it was time to work in the sun. They say:

"Selena told the director it was flat out too hot for her to deliver a good performance and wanted to wait for the temperature to cool down. Everyone else was out there, ready to shoot the scene, but Selena refused to leave her air-conditioned trailer. They were all furious at having to wait around all day until the sun went down just because of her."

Okay, well first of all, it's sweltering out there. And second, we don't believe this!

Selena is a very hard worker, and even though it's DAYUM degrees outside, we doubt she'd pass up a commitment on account of some bitchy sunshine.

[Image via Mavrix Online.]

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26 comments to “Sweet Selena Gomez Actually Doubles As A Diva?? What!?!”

  1. 1

    Made-up story and you know it, Perez. Why post it?

  2. jenn says – reply to this


    i doubt it. anybody that works with selena aways say that she is very sweet, fun and professional. this whole diva thing is just a rumor.

  3. Perezreader says – reply to this


    So I actually work on this set, and she's not a super diva, but she definitely knows how important she is and isn't afraid to request ludicrous things. When she comes in, she kinda talks down to everyone and acts like everyone works for her. I don't think she understands that "waiting for the temperature to cool down" means losing thousands of dollars.She seems like a nice girl, but with an ego like that I don't see too many people wanting to work with her.

  4. PerezReader says – reply to this


    Oh, and her boyfriend is on the of the biggest assholes I've ever encountered. Always thought he'd be a sweet little kid, but he's a total douche.

  5. nicki says – reply to this


    "Perezreader" THATS BULLSHIT, you're a liar

    everyone on the set says she is amazing, humble and down to earth -.- you're pathetic

  6. PerezReader says – reply to this


    Re: nicki

    :/ I had to really work hard to get on this set and I'm not getting paid at all. But I really liked Selena so it was fine in my book. But from what I've seen, she isn't very kind. And the person that submitted this "rumor" felt that way too….

    But she's a great actor and I do wish her the best, I don't think I'd work on a set she's at again.

  7. 7

    Re: PerezReader – haha

  8. sam says – reply to this


    woah perezreader you're so dumb if you think someone is gonna believe you……hahahaha. Get a life pls

  9. Danielle says – reply to this


    All of you get a life.You know these celebrities by what they say in interviews and how they act in a show/movie/etc.You know ZERO about how these people really are in real life.They are still humans just like you and I and everyone knows, EVERYONE knows that money indeed DOES change how people act.Selena might be a b—h, she might not be.But no one knows how she really is except her family and Justin.

    Bottom line, at the end of the day when you think you know how people "are", you really don't.And for all of you to get so butt hurt over a possibly fake story on a GOSSIP site, you're pathetic.Get some lives, the world's going to shit and if you keep focusing on this crap, you'll have missed it all and it will be too late.

  10. 10

    lol, why would she be a Diva she's not an A-List movie star yet and can hardly be considered B-List. While I wouldn't blame her for being annoyed at working in the heat and it's understandable that your environment effects your performance…That's just rude…people have sh*t to do, girl get over it.

  11. 11

    In the defense of Perezreader, what they are saying is entirely plausable. There are many people who basically volunteer to work on movie sets in order to get their opportunities for bigger jobs in the industry both behind the scenes and as actors for bit parts and extras, sometimes they are paid sometimes they are not. It's not unusual, and seeing them say that they are not getting paid actually makes me believe them more because not many people realize that tends to be the case. I have encountered Bieber a few times in Los Angeles and he really is an asshole. I wish I was kidding, but he is. He is notorious for it in the industry, many networks and talk shows do not like having him on because he is a nightmare, you can flame me all you want and defend your precious Bieber, he is a talented guy with great potential in the industry but he is NOT nice so it doesn't surprise me that she's not so nice, either. If you don't believe me or Perezreader that's fine but get a job on a couple film or tv sets and you will see for yourself how many people in this industry are capable of turning on the "nice face" for the cameras, and the second they walk away they're in "not nice face".

  12. Danielle says – reply to this


    Re: Valentina – Thank you for shining the light on these people who fangirl for Justin and Selena.It's so pathetic that people think how nice these people are ON camera equates to them being nice in person, no cameras.

  13. penguinsequallove says – reply to this


    Honestly, she probably did do this, but most likely, if anything else we've ever read is true, to benefit the everyone else including the crew, who had to spend waaaaaay more time in the sun they she did. It's insane to make anyone work in the sun, but if a PA tried to say that they'd be fired so fast, why not have the star say it, I'm sure no one was pissed off they could not be in the sun for a few hours.

  14. 14

    Who cares? Whowants to work in thereat anyway? I'd probably be a diva too.

  15. kira says – reply to this


    in reply to comment number 4 u clearly dnt kno cuz he is one of the sweetest celebrities out there so calm ur fucking balls cuz u probley goin of the media and have no real reason to think of justin like tht!

  16. 16

    Not a surprise.

  17. 17

    Of course this is true. She is a slut for one so it's not a rocket science to figure out that she's a diva too. I mean, seriously, this girl gropes and enjoy groping in public with her younger bf. Isnt that slutty? And wasnt be underage at that time? Why wasnt she in jail for rape???

  18. 18

    and that's why people will soon stop casting her. She can't really act, and ALL of her movies have flopped. All those things put together will run up her 15 minutes in no time. When it happens, I hope she takes that dbag Bieber with her … what a wannabe tool he is.

  19. maria says – reply to this


    lolz at all the haters. first of all, which one of her movies have flopped? sweety, don't get her mixed up with miley cyrus. the last song and LOL were 2 of the biggest Hollywood box office bombs, in history. And miley got so much flak for her performance in the last song even though it did a little bit better than LOL. LOL was just a disaster; I mean, it's already out on DVD. I won't even go into that. selena's movies? monte carlo, AND ramona and beezus were both hits. And she got praised for her work in both of them. She can't act? Right, I guess that's why both those movies were hits, she's working on like 6 different movies this year, AND her show on Disney was one of the most popular ones the channel has ever had. Get your facts right you dipshits.

  20. maria says – reply to this


    It's just that now, she's actually experimenting with her movies and picking out more mature scripts like this movie, spring breakers, 13 reasons why, etc. and she's a slut because she kisses her boyfriend in public? it's her boyfriend, her life, and hello, he's her BOYFRIEND, not her friend. of course they will kiss. never seen that before you idiots? i see 12 year olds have boyfriends these days and do much worse, but it's such a big deal what her and justin do just cuz they're famous? yeah, no one would give a shit if they weren't famous cuz what they are doing is nothing bad or new so stfu and quit being such saints.

  21. maria says – reply to this


    and this article is a lie anyways. I have a friend who works on the sets of this movie and she's around Selena all the time with what she does, and like everyone else who's said so in the past after they worked with Selena, she also Selena is a sweetheart and very down to earth. so stfu and quit posting lies. She's one of the most real celebs out there; she's just as sweet as she is in her interviews and all.

  22. Dylan says – reply to this


    I doubt this all. I don't even like Selena, but c'mon! It's Star magazine! Most of it is full of rumors and ads, so what makes this so believable? I don't know, Seelna is a sweetheart. She keeps her roots and she knows a lot of Hollywood is superficial and that it's easy to get sucked into that crap. But overall she knows not to take things for granted. But seriously this is the funniest rumor yet since Star said she was pregnant.

  23. just saying says – reply to this


    Just saying that this is complete bull. Everyone on set, extras included, have said more than once that she is a total sweetheart. And coming from someone who has met her for myself, she is beyond sweet and extremely down to earth.

  24. Sarah says – reply to this


    To all these people that keep saying that this is true, I can't believe these idiots, believe you! I can say I work in the set, do you beleive me now? How on earth, in the first place, did you get here if you work there, you should be standing up for her if you do, not be against her, wow your trying to make a movie, that you want people to watch and this is what you do? Just wow.
    Instead of keeping saying that it's true, because it's written here, go open a dictionary and check what a rumor means.
    Hardly anybody here met her personaly and "worked" with her, so I don't know how you can jusdge her so easly, by just a couple of words O.o
    For all of you who are against her, go meet her, or try working with her, she has job, that's nothing like yours, she working with famous people while your reading about her here, lol, laugh at yourself.
    My friend met her personally, and I can not beleive how kind she was!
    What about your favorite celeb, so down to earth right?

  25. Hannah says – reply to this


    Re: nicki – It's amazing how quicky you came to the defence of someone you DO NOT KNOW!! STFU! I honestly believe what Perezreader is saying because no matter how you try to spin it, Selena Gomez is not the angel everyone seems to think she is so get a fucking clue!

  26. Ladège says – reply to this


    She's an untalented slut who sucks Bieber's dick for fame and attention, what did you expect?