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Yeah, Yeah! Usher Wins Custody Battle! Awarded Full Custody!

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Usher Wins Custody Battle

Someone show Usher to the winner's circle.

The custody case between the singer and his ex-wife Tameka Foster finally ended today, when the judge granted Usher primary custody.

But was it a pyrrhic victory?

The trial saw both sides sink pretty low. Tameka called Usher a liar who didn't miss her deceased son Kile Glover. Usher was even held in contempt of court.

In the end, neither parent was shone in the best light. But apparently the court thought the house of Usher would be better for the couple's two sons.

We'll soon learn what the full arrangement is, but for now we know that Usher V and Naviyd will be spending the majority of their time with Dad.

Frankly, we're just glad the fighting is over. Now maybe the healing can begin.

[Image via Mavrix Online.]

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10 comments to “Yeah, Yeah! Usher Wins Custody Battle! Awarded Full Custody!”

  1. 1

    Wow! Way to go Usher. I lost all respect for this Biatcha after she continued to bash Usher after her son was barely in the ground. Excuse me, but didn't he send his plane to go fetch your sorry butt, so you could be at his side? Face it, it was all about the cash, and revenge for him dumping her sorry ass. So she tried to take his kids from him, increase the child support, and keep her Saks credit card. I am so sick of women who do this. As Judge Judy said once, you elected to have a child with this person, when you bash them, you are bashing 1/2 of who that child is! GROW UP! At last the courts have done right. And interesting, she doesn't have custody of her other children.

  2. 2

    that woman seems crazy tbh. classic case of a scorned woman using her kids to get back at a man. They shouldnt be allowed to poison their children in such a selfish way. Even in a tragic death she still uses it to attack him! horrible woman.

  3. 3

    Didn't that Gold-Digger & Bad Mother say it costs a fortune to raise Usher's kids? How is she going to afford to pay child support; that bitch ain't giving up having her hair & nails done daily….

  4. 4

    I guess she has to move back into the Ghetto….she's lost 60% of her income by losing 3 kids.

  5. 5

    "Usher V and Naviyd will be spending the majority of their time with Dad."

    Bullshit,, full time nanny will be raising these kids. they'll only see dad if there is a photog present to sell the pics to the likes of you..

  6. demode says – reply to this


    The fact that she said Usher "didn't miss her deceased son" was pretty messed up. What Mother would use her dead son as a pawn in court? Disgusting. All she clearly cares about is the cash; not her children. If anything hurt her in the eyes of the Judge, I bet it was that trash talk. Evil, evil woman.

  7. 7

    You're sore you didn't get the information first. As you do your other dream, shit falls apart on perezhilton.com. Oh fucking well a$$hole. Yeah, Yeah!

  8. devere says – reply to this


    wow, and wow, just imagine losing 3 kids within a couple of weeks. I pray she regains her strength and faith as NOOOO mother derves that. and imagine how her oldest son must feel. come on people, that's some foul stuff you're writing.

  9. sunshine says – reply to this


    This is horrible. I like Usher but let's face it, he will be on the road all the time and the kids won't even be really raised by him. To take this women' other 2 kids from her this fast, should only be possible if she were a drug addict or doing them harm and I doubt that or she would not have her other children. Was this judge paid off?

  10. Whataboutthekids says – reply to this


    I truly understand what everyone is saying and prayers go out to the kids that is caught up in this mess. Somethings is better left unsaid…. The day she said I do she accepted all his faults he didn't just change overnight when she had the kids….. She should have left it like it was but everyone gets greedy they don't think about the kids they just think about there life style… At the end of the day neither one of them was thinking about what was better for the kids……. When u lose a love one u hold dear u don't care about how anyone else think or even if they show up to support as long as you know u was there….. At the end of the day if u r grieving u don't want to go on and do anything….. I am not sure if he did it to be bogus but it was the right thing to do and put everything on hold while she was grieving a lost of a child…. It may have had a different impact on her case if the judge would have seen these instead of all the fighting over money and credit cards….The kids was suppose to be the trophy but everyone miss that point….. At the end of the day only Tameka, Usher and God knows the truth… Keep the kids in prayer….