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Fake Celebrity Cons Thousands Of Tourists Into Worshipping Him In Times Square

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We stumbled across the most ah-mazing video of Brett Cohen, America's brightest new star, and we are soooo ver… Wait. Brett who?

The guy who directed Rush Hour? Or the well respected actor from that jewel thief movie? Did he balance porcelain elephants on his wiener on America's Got Talent??

No. No. And, good lord, son, put down the wacky tobacky!!

Brett is NOT a celebrity!

He just tricked a whole bushel of NYC residents and tourists into thinking he was a superstar!

Watch his ingenious prank (above) as he turns himself into a hot commodity with only the help of a few friends and a healthy dose of confidence!

Ironically, this YouTube vid could make Brett a bonafide celeb so now he has to come up with a new stunt!

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19 comments to “Fake Celebrity Cons Thousands Of Tourists Into Worshipping Him In Times Square”

  1. 1

    haha - that was brilliant & it shows just how easily & blindly obsessed people can be with celebrity worship.

  2. WillowWynde says – reply to this


    That was awesome!! LoL

  3. 3

    Great stunt. Simple and brilliant.

  4. cari says – reply to this


    Sounds oddly familiar to how Perez gets his paychecks these days. Just count on the stupidity of others. No talent or intelligence needed.

  5. JC says – reply to this


    So now he'll become famous just for pretending to be famous, and will attract even more leechers and celebrity worshipers.

  6. ed says – reply to this


    of course that would work in Times Square but why not head downtown where he'd just be mistaken for some Bridge&Tunnel stray.

  7. nationalenquirer says – reply to this


    Re: cari – Exactly my thought too. What exacly does Perez bring to the table ? Perez wants to BE a celebrity and shamelessly begs for it.
    He has NO reoccuring role in ANYTHING jut guest spots or cameos-even the off broadway play he'll be in is just a stint.
    He is a pure example of the reality show culture today-in a blog form.
    He's only famous for one thing and one thing only….his trashing of celebrities.

  8. 8

    LOVE IT! So, why can't he become the newest star! He's obviously smarter than most of them combined, he's cute, he knows how to strut his stuff and I found myself liking him more than the boring Cruise's, Travolta's, Beiber's etc. He did something outside of the box. Doesn't Hollywood eat that kind of stuff up? I hope he get's to do something with his gift and I hope to watch his rise. None of them take formal acting lessons any longer so this guy is even with them. Most of them can't handle themselves well and need a handler to keep them from doing/saying stupid things and embarrassing their respective movie studios, so this guy seems level headed and able to keep himself under control. It's time for him to shine.

  9. 9

    Re: nationalenquirer – It's interesting that you can list all of the things that Perez has that you don't have. Jealous much? You also spelled recurring wrong.

  10. morningstar says – reply to this


    people are ingenious and gullible at the same time. do you think he used this site to get the fake paparazzi or did that site pop up because of this stunt???

  11. 11

    This proves how stupid people really are. One day maybe kids will have posters of Richard Dawkins on the wall and not some singer.

  12. 12

    That was AWESOME! I love how everyone seems to think he's that actor from Spiderman lol. And in the end, he walks to the train station as if nothing ever happened lol This was brilliant!

  13. 13

    Jeez just one more reason why I do not like New York City.

  14. 14

    Wow I bet a whole bunch of morons asked for pics with him. Dumb!

  15. Kev says – reply to this


    Re: cari
    "No talent or intelligence needed. "
    So which one do you lack?

  16. 16

    There are like at least a half dozen other people on youtube who have done the same thing. Oddly enough many of them pretend to be "some actor from spiderman"…this trend must be the new planking.

  17. Cheezees says – reply to this


    He has enough money to hire all of those people for this gimmick. He already has celebrity money, so what's the point?

  18. 18

    way to go brett. celebrity obsession is so out of control. as a nation you should be as embarassed as shit.

  19. 19

    america in a nutshell.