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Perez Reviews: One Man Two Guvnors

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James Corden is already a big deal in England, but we think the actor and funnyman is going to be huge international superstar. He's like Russell Brand but a better acting, less messy and far more endearing.

The Brit is currently starring on Broadway - for one more week - in One Man Two Guvnors, which should really just be called The James Corden Show. He makes it and elevates it!

Corden takes the material - a plot that is inconsequential, just a device for the comedy - and he turns the slapstick into high art!

He is a master at his craft! And now we understand why he beat Phillip Seymour Hoffman for that Tony Award!

Corden's role requires so much comedic ability - because a good percentage of the show is improvised and depends on random audience members picked and plopped on stage. The show can very different from night to night, and that also makes it very exciting to see as well. It really is invaluable to the show that Corden is not just an actor, but also a writer and comic as well.

He brings soooo much to the table!

James is surrounded by a fine troupe of actors, most notably Tom Edden as the bumbling Alfie.

The show is in its final week. So if you haven't seen it yet, run to get your tickets NOW!

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17 comments to “Perez Reviews: One Man Two Guvnors

  1. 1

    You can hardly manage a simple gossip site with your terrible second rate English and you think you can review theater???


  2. perez career killer says – reply to this


    #epicfail ….yet again…sigh.
    stupid stupid homo.

  3. Lucian80 says – reply to this


    See Perez, this is exactly why you should not review theater!
    While I completely agree with you about James Cordon, your quote, "a good percentage of the show is improvised and depends on random audience members picked and plopped on stage." is completely wrong. I have seen the show four times and all four times the EXACT same shtick happens. The four audience member called upon are all plants, the last one is EVEN LISTED IN THE PROGRAM! I appreciate your website for the gossip and entertainment news, but when it comes to reviewing legitimate theatre, please leave it to the experts. Or at least do some damn research before you open your trap!

  4. Flin says – reply to this


    oh Perez, please take a hint from the comments here.. although there is some guilty pleasure in people bashing/playing the hater game (as you very well remember from the way you ran your blog in earlier years).. this theater critic thing you're attempting is crashing and burning.. know where your strength lies, it is not here.. don't open yourself up to ridicule like this, you're practically begging for it..

  5. 5

    "..random audience members picked and plopped on stage."
    Apparently, precisely how Pervertez got cast in Newsical the Musical.

  6. 6

    shit he beat Phillip Seymour Hoffman he must be good because phillip is legend status his” owning mahoney' movie is CULT in our place …

  7. Demode says – reply to this


    James Corden is a bully and a bigot. Corden is the man who publicly put down Sir Patrick Stewart on stage in England, at the podium of the Glamour Awards. Cordon made a gay joke about Patrick earlier on in the evening, that didn't go over very well with the audience. When Patrick Stewart went on stage, Cordon was a brooding bully to the beloved actor, getting into his face. This was the beginning of the downfall of Cordon's career. Patrick Stewart is a true national treasure; James Corden is yet another national celebrity embarassment. James Corden is many things, but he is no Russell Brand.

  8. English 101 says – reply to this


    "He's like Russell Brand but a better acting, less messy and far more endearing."

    Me fail english? That umpossible!…" Ralph Wiggum

  9. 9

    Re: Flin – And where do you think Mario's strengths lie? I'll tell you where: In being a hateful, bigoted, bullying, worthless glitter gay. He serves NO useful purpose on the planet. He steals from others, and when he's not doing that, he does everything he can to profit from the pain of those he posts about. It's not about playing the "hater game," you stupid shit. It's about giving Mario a dose of the medicine he's given to others for years. It's exactly what the fucker deserves, and you know it.

  10. Intellex says – reply to this


    The guy insinuated the Sir Patrick Stewart (Captain Picard!!) was gay on stage at the Glamour "Women of the Year" awards ceremony. Stewart, by the way, is not gay at all. But because Patrick is a classically trained Shakespearean actor, James Corden decided to make gay jokes at his expense. Ironically, it is James Corden who has been rumored to be in the closet (his wife, a former manager, is thought to be his beard). Any man who who disrespect the great Patrick Stewart on stage is a loser in my books!

  11. Picard is my Captain! says – reply to this


    Hey Perez! I thought you were a Trekkie? How could you support a guy who would bully SIR Patrick Stewart on stage, when he went up to present an award at an awards gala (celebrating women!?) For shame!! You can see the videos online where James Cordon got into his face. Patrick Stewart - a victim of domestic abuse as a child - has done so much charitable work for Amnesty International. For the comedian to bully him both on and off stage at that awards show is beyond repulsive.

  12. Lindt La Rue says – reply to this


    James Corden is a stupid fat homosexual who is still trapped in the closet. You don't get any more queer than that guy. He will probably be dead of a heart attack in 5 years. He will never be big in America, and his days in England are coming to an end. As others have said, he is a bully. I could never respect a man who picked on and bullied Patrick Stewart at an awards ceremony.

  13. MCM says – reply to this


    Cordon and Perez = Gay Bullies United!!!

  14. Rafe Bentley says – reply to this


    Sir Patrick Stewart is 72 years old… James Corden is 34 years old… What kind of a man in his thirties tries to pick a fight with a 72 year old man?!? Pathetic! That said, I'm sure Patrick could have kicked his sorry fat ass. TEAM PATRICK!!!

  15. Pearson says – reply to this


    So Perez, how much did James Corden's people pay you for this glowing review?

  16. James Corden = Bully says – reply to this


    The only thing James Corden is master of is the 7 inch poop chute! The sooner he comes out of the closet, the happier he will be.

  17. Whatever says – reply to this


    Re: Demode – Er, wrong I'm afraid. Stewart got up to present his award and started taking personal shots at Corden who gave as good (or better) as he got. The fact the recipient of the award then backed Corden up tells you all you need to know. I like Stewart, but he's no comedian.