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Journey Is Being Paid Half A Million Dollars To Support Entertain The Republican National Convention

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It pays to be one of the Republican party's favorite rock bands (unless the band hates Republicans).

Journey is getting a $500K to join Kid Rock, Zac Brown Band, Trace Adkins, and Lee Greenwood as performers at the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Florida this week.

Tropical storm Isaac caused Lynyrd Skynrd to cancel their show on Sunday, but conservatives will still get their socks rocked off when Journey takes the stage on Thursday to tell them Don't Stop Believin' in Mitt Romney's chances to become president.

Actually, we take that back. It sounds like they just want the money and don't care if Romney and the Republicans take back the White House. A source called the band nonpartisan and explained:

"It's an RNC event, but not one to endorse any candidate or party. I believe Journey and also Zac Brown [also on Thursday] are described as nonpartisan but they aren't aware of any of the details themselves. To Journey, it's simple, one of hundreds of private [events] they get hired to do."

Considering the race between Barack Obama and his challenger is so close, we doubt the Republicans will stop believin' in their party's chances of winning any way.

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16 comments to “Journey Is Being Paid Half A Million Dollars To Support Entertain The Republican National Convention”

  1. 1

    Only old white man bands will perform for them eh? That should tell us something……

  2. 2

    Good music, good cause! See the sobering film Obama's America 2016.
    Romney/Ryan 2012!!! We need a true Patriot in office.

  3. 3

    On November 6 2012, when voters go to the polls the majority of them are going to ask themselves, the simplest but most important question:
    “Do we want four more years of this misery?"

  4. tadge says – reply to this


    Re: Lady Who? – Of course you are a republican. How predictable.nasty c@nt alert

  5. 5

    Re: brat93111 – and gangsters and druggies for the dems….that should tell you something

  6. 6

    Journey is playing for the republicans! OMG I'm throwing away all of my Journey CDs and erasing them from my playlist. LOL, more like burning their vinyls.


  7. 7

    Re: Snookietoes
    The movie is based on Dinesh D'Souza's book The Roots Of Obama's Rage.

    D'Souza claims that TARP and the federal bailout were programs that "Obama launched." Both programs began under the Bush administration.
    D'Souza claims Obama went by the name Barack to adopt his father's "African identity," but Obama has explicitly said his name change "was not some assertion of my African roots."
    D'Souza insists that references in Obama speeches to a "nuclear-free world" are evidence of "anti-colonialism," but Ronald Reagan made multiple references to the same concept.
    D'Souza claimed that Obama supported the release of the Lockerbie bomber because he sometimes "supports the release of terrorists who claim to be fighting wars of liberation against American aggression." But the Obama administration formally opposed the release in an official letter from the State Department.
    D'Souza claimed that Obama referred to BP as "British Petroleum" in a May 2010 speech. He never did.
    And D'Souza just goes on and on, inventing incidents that never happened, making historical claims that don't match up to the facts, shoehorning these made-up stories into a false narrative of racial resentment.

    It doesn't appear that D'Souza has corrected or amended his flawed premise. 2016: Obama's America is just repeating the same falsehoods with moving pictures.

  8. 8

    don't know why anyone would want to see a version of journey that didn't include steve perry. i mean i'm not a big journey fan but everyone knows perry has an amazing voice. didn't they hire some guy from a cover band as their new lead singer. i guess they really need the money if they aren't actually endorsing romney but have agreed to play at the hate rally known as the rnc convention.
    long-time journey drummer steve smith said, "Journey without Steve Perry was like Jack without his box."

  9. 9

    No to Obama, lost my job of 22 years under his admin, outsourced to India. I think companies should have to pay a fine or premium to outsource American jobs.

  10. 10

    No Steve Perry? And people that are upset with people performing at political events grow up. Money talks and people listen.

  11. 11

    Re: meowomon@aol.com – Yeah you'll eat those words when you find out he has enslaved our country and that we are OWNED by others because of the tremendous debt he has squandered in an attempt to bring us down. You need to do some research and learn what destruction he is really doing right before our very eyes because vacant people like you are operating on blind, idealistic trust. He wants to take America down. I don't like Romney but given the choice between him or someone hell bent to destroy our country I will be voting for Romney.

  12. Maxwell says – reply to this


    I'm sure if Steve Perry has his say in any of this it Won't Be Happening.

    Is he still connected to any songs Journey sings from the Past?

  13. portland says – reply to this


    Thats great news for Journey! They deserve every penny they will get even without Steve Perry because current Filipino singer Arnel Pineda is awesome!

  14. 14

    Without the great Steve Perry, that is NOT Journey…..!

  15. don says – reply to this


    steve perry did not form journey but neal schon and ross valory did. how can it be not journey if perry is not there? he's not an original member. besides, i doubt he can reach the high notes arnel pineda is doing during their sold out concerts.

  16. 16

    Love the headline Perez! Only to a liberal, is it news to get paid for working! lmao!