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Shannen Doherty Directs Music Videos Now! Watch Her Directorial Debut HERE!

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See it HERE first!!

Our fave 90210 bitch star, Shannen Doherty, is showing off her talents behind the camera!

Brenda Walsh Shannen has JUST directed her first music video. The song is called Naked In Venice by Radical Something. We have to admit, the song is catchy — but we LOVE the video.

Ch-ch-check out the vid's EXCLUSIVE premiere (above)!

The video stars the band, aaaand Mz Doherty's former Charmed co-star, Holly Marie Combs. Shannen directed a few episodes of Charmed back in the day, so Holly must be used to having her old pal barking orders at her. LOLZ.

SD tells us she LURVES directing, and wants to do it more!

We can't wait to see what else our gurl comes up with!

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53 comments to “Shannen Doherty Directs Music Videos Now! Watch Her Directorial Debut HERE!”

  1. Jay-bob says – reply to this


    Uh, they should have tightened up the lyrics a bit. How about "Hey. Slow it down. What do you want from me. What do you want from me."

    Rip off much?

  2. kiki says – reply to this


    I agree, what a rip off! And the 80's heavy metal hair needs to go! But on the flip side, good job SD, I do like the video, too bad you can't tell that's Holly though!

  3. 3

    Terrible song! Odd ball hairboy sounds like a one-trick pony. Pretty good direction by Shannen, given that she had to work with these dummies (who are they?). The video as a whole is rather random and all over the place. Btw doesn't Holly have small children or something? The groping and the making out with her boy toy on air is hardly appropriate or for lack of a better term is in poor taste. Oh well, who cares about these burnouts anyway?

  4. Kido says – reply to this


    love it, shannen is so talented women!

  5. brenda says – reply to this


    Re: Blimey – Nobody says JLO can't do it. Holly Is an actress who does love scenes as part of her job I don't think that is a reason to attack her personally. Frankly your comment is in bad taste. You sound like a jealous ex. The video is beautiful. Song is beautiful.

  6. Niki says – reply to this


    This is awesome. Let the haters hate!

  7. 7

    Re: brenda – FYI I am a happily married mom of 2. Personal attacks? I was merely sharing my honest opinion. Now if you choose to broadcast your private love affair on a music video, you better be prepared for feedbacks as well. Sure love scenes are a part of her job but when she does it with her real life boyfriend so explicitly, its not. Divorce is hard enough on the kids as it is. If I were her I would be mortified if my boys grew up hearing about or watching this someday, it would be very hurtful to them. When you have your own you'll understand. Let's not get carried away and bring Jennifer Lopez and her beau into this. That's a different mess entirely.

  8. Jennifer says – reply to this


    Re: Blimey – Such a beautiful video .. Holly is awesome. Shannen rules. Love the band. Haters gonna hate as seen above. Thank God we all dont live in glass houses. Go back to be a happily married expert on divorce. Or better yet go play with your two kids instead of ranting on Perez in the middle of the day about people you dont know.

  9. brenda says – reply to this


    Re: Blimey – I have 2 kids and have been divorced but i see why you would think differently. Know it alls have a tendency to know it all. Especially when it comes to other people's personal life. Shut up. Get off your high horse. Puritanical much?

  10. Miley says – reply to this


    I wanted to see more Holly. Couldn't even see her face!!!!! Oh well still a fun video.

  11. Harley says – reply to this


    Yay for Shay. And Holly. Well done and those guys are hot. Dayum

  12. 12

    You mindless youngsters have way too much time on your hands. Free speech. Look it up. Grow up then we'll talk. Peace out.

  13. Jenny says – reply to this


    Epicness. Hot girls and hot guys. i like it

  14. David says – reply to this


    Wow. Holly looks good.

  15. David says – reply to this


    Re: Blimey – Yea seeing a parental figure happy in love is awful for kids. We should ban it worldwide. ASAP. wtf????//

  16. Alex says – reply to this


    Re: Blimey – And how do you know thats her boyfriend or boy toy as you put it?? Jeez stalk much? Jealousy is an ugly thing and bitter is not pretty.

  17. Baby says – reply to this


    Sooo hot. Nice job SD. Killed it!!!

  18. Valentine says – reply to this


    Wonderful job by Shannen! She's one of the few BH 90210 cast members to actually show some talent and try new things.

  19. Amanda G says – reply to this


    Over all, the song wasn’t THAT bad, but it could have been better. The music video? Um, it was a little random. Didn’t care for it as much. But congrats to SD anyways. But honestly, I’ve lost almost all respect for HMC. I use to be such a huge fan when she was always posting pics of her, the hubby and kids. And then RANDOMLY, just one day, it stopped. And it got out that she is filing for a divorce? It just didn’t make any sense when she was JUST posting about how happy she is with her family. And faster than light she changed her username from HDonoho to H_Combs?? Then soon after that, and I mean SOON, she is seen with this young kid? Then dating him?! Isn’t he in his 20s? Yeah. Kid. There is more than a 10 year gap there. Now don’t get me wrong, I am all for love is love, age is just a number etc. But when you have small children of your own, it’s a WHOLE different story. Idk, she just use to be such a great role model for women and teens, she was so down to earth. But now, it’s as if she has lost it. If I was her, I would have stuck it out with my husband (or made him stick it out with me, whatever) until the kids were old enough to better understand. That’s what the mature thing would have been to do.

  20. Amanda G says – reply to this


    And don’t come at me with the whole “Doesn’t she deserve to be happy too!” crap. Listen, when you have children of your own, you care about them a lot more than you do yourself. I know from experience. You want the best for them, and the best isn’t bringing a guy that could be their brother into the picture, kissing all over him, etc. Its just trouble waiting to happen. Studies have shown that kids, especially boys, not girls as much, they just become distant, will rebel when they get older and resent the parent that did date the younger partner. I just hope the kids aren’t hanging around him much. He looks like a pot head. Surely she knows better than to let someone that does that stuff around her children. And talking about pot, she sure does look very skinny. She just doesn’t look her best like she did. And she is always wearing those big glasses like she is trying to cover up her eyes. Its as if she is trying to convey to the world that she is “happy”. If you’re asking me, she is trying way too hard. It’s obvious something is wrong.

  21. David says – reply to this


    Re: Amanda G – you're a moron. You know nothing about her. Shut up. To assume you knew what was happening in a strangers marriage makes you look and sound like the idiot you are. And yes she deserves to be happy like everyone else. Chase the drama elsewhere. It's undeserved here.

  22. Alyssa says – reply to this


    it's so beautiful. I'm so surprised Shannen did such a nice job. And Holly looked beautiful even though you couldn't really see her. Still nice to see them still working together after all this time. Love HMC in PLL but she will always be Piper to me. And had no idea that was her boyfriend!!!!! So hot. Much happiness to her.

  23. Katie says – reply to this


    So proud of my boys. Have loved Rad since the beginning. So nice to see them getting the success they deserve! Can't wait for the next album!!

  24. Shannen says – reply to this


    Sooo hot!!! I wanna marry Josh. I mean sorry Holly love you too. :) )

  25. Jamie says – reply to this


    I need to have Loggy's babies.

  26. Amanda G says – reply to this


    Re: David – David, you sir are the moron. Isn't it just as bad defending someone that could be completely and utterly wrong in a situation that is affecting small children? I believe so. What it all boils down to is that none of us know the whole story, yes, more than likely there is more to it. But she knows that being in the "public eye" she is prone to scrutiny and opinions from others. If she just kept it private, she would not be dealing with any of this. I never said anything bad about HMC, just gave my opinions based on the facts at hand. Handle these subjects as a mature adult, and not a crazy "fan" just trying to attack anyone who might have a different opinion of your "star".

  27. 70eight says – reply to this


    Re: Jennifer – im sorry how well do you know her?

  28. Amanda G says – reply to this


    Re: 70eight – ? Is this David?

  29. Amanda G says – reply to this


    Re: 70eight – Is this David? Hmmm. Doubt it. But yes, how do they think they "know her so well". Its so pathetic. Dont get my wrong, im not on Davids side ("you") or hers for that matter. Because I dont know the "whole story" but I can say that from perspective, I dont think you've done anything wrong. Yes, your mad, and your tweets can show that, but WHO THE HELL WOULDN'T BE?! Anyways, from a REGULAR persons POV, not a crazy obsessed fan just wanting attention, all the facts gather to show that Holly is obviously not herself (or what she was portrayed to be before all of this happened), that down to earth, head on her shoulders person. Shes lost it apparently. Kind of acting like a teenager if you ask me. Not like a late 30's year old mature woman.

  30. Jamie says – reply to this


    Smoking hot song. And video is awesome. Loved seeing Holly and Josh together. So sweet

  31. Tiffany says – reply to this


    So RAD. I didn't know Josh was dating one of my favorite actresses!!!! When did this happen??

  32. Tammy says – reply to this


    I know!!!! So cute. US magazine said they started dating in December. Hey why didn't Red get a girl???? I'm available. :) )

  33. Giov says – reply to this


    I love this video! Radical Something did a great job and Shannen helped to realize an exemple of art. And Holly, well.. she ROCKED it. So proud of her.
    A French writer (Francoise Sagan) once said " For jealous people, nothing is more terrible than a good laugh". So laugh and let the haters hate, stupidity has no limits!
    Now enjoy the video, it's very awesome!

  34. 34

    Re: David – Oh how right you are. Kids do have complete grasp over the concept of happiness. They are obviously ecstatic that mommy and daddy are separated and now mommy has brought a new boy into their lives. It will not affect them in any way now or in the future. They will have a blessed childhood and grow up unscathed and live happily ever after in la la land.

  35. Amy says – reply to this


    Re: Ameliee – Gawd. Some people can be so vicious. I wonder what misery you're own life must be to so upset with someone you've never met. Hey her ex husband is probably available if you want someone to hate her with. Get over yourself. You should worry about your own miserable life instead of wishing it on innocent children.

  36. Tammy says – reply to this


    There is like one person doing the hate messages under different names. Look at it. Same language. Ignore her. People like that feed on attention and have nothing ether to do with their miserable lives. Video is great. Song is great. Enuf said.

  37. Shaina says – reply to this


    I wish Holly years of happiness. Cuz that's what she gave to me thru her shows. No matter who she's with. And she does finally look truly happy. There was always a certain sadness about her. Guess that's why she did crying scenes so well. I think it's a good video. Shannen did a good job. Wish them both the best.

  38. Kristen says – reply to this


    Loggy Red and Joshy are stupidly hot. I'm insanely jealous of these girls. Haha! Totally addicted to this song now.

  39. Heather says – reply to this


    HMC and Josh are dating????!!!! I thought she was just acting in the video for Shannen. That's cool. He looks like he loves her a lot. Grrrr. That's too bad. JK. ;)

  40. Jerrad says – reply to this


    Beautifully shot by SD. Just wish you could see Holl a bit more. But good song. Great video Shannen.

  41. 41

    Re: Tammy – Oh you are such an expert, you sleuth, you. You must have a joyous and hectic life to spend so much time decoding the comments. God forbid if an ounce of truth is spoken that doesn't fit right with your fanboy/girl selves. Someone must have set up numerous email addresses only to post their opinion under different names on this page that is free to the general public. So very practical and not at all delusional.

  42. dylan says – reply to this


    ahahahahah i have no idea what bomb went off here but its entertaining

  43. 420 says – reply to this


    chill song bruh!! hot bitches to boner alert!!!!

  44. 44

    wow is so cool……….luv Shannen Holly since 9 yo charmed4ever :) )

  45. Holly says – reply to this


    Awesome song. Cool video. Where is the extended version?? I wanna seeeeee it.

  46. Bob says – reply to this


    I like it. Don't know what's goin on here but I don't give a rat's ass who she used to be married to people get divorced every day round here. Who cares? Loves her. Love her work Love the video. So she has a hot younger boyfriend? Haters gone hate cuz they hate themselves.

  47. Sam says – reply to this


    I love that the hater on this page doesn't realize how many hits she's given it. lol. Internet crusaders trying to save one celebrity marriage at a time. Jesus. Shut up. Stop trying to burn the witch. Maybe she could wear the scarlett letter too. It's a music video not a friggin sex tape. But hey I'd probably watch that too. Hahaaaaaaa

  48. Joey says – reply to this


    Agreed. Naked In Venice wasn't nearly naked enough for me. But hey still a cool song and Shannen did a pretty good job.

  49. Amber says – reply to this


    Loggy. Marry me. Now.

  50. HellMill says – reply to this

  51. HellMill says – reply to this


    Re: Amanda G – Well I guess it was okay that there was an 8 year age gap between her and her ex. Will that affect that boys up bringing? Or haven't the experts checked into that scenario? As a matter of age difference David was closer in age to Holly's mother than to her.

  52. Matt says – reply to this


    All this fuss about some third rate backyard band and their C grade music video? You all make me laugh. Get a life.

  53. HellMill says – reply to this


    Re: Matt – I guess I can laugh back at you. Because u seem to be taking the time to respond to the posts about this ,as u say third rate band.