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Ryan Murphy's The New Normal Banned In Utah!!

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Yet another tale of ignorance that sends quite the dangerous message to today's youth!

According to reports, KSL, an NBC affiliate based out of Utah, has cut Ryan Murphy's latest creative endeavor The New Normal from its fall lineup! Ryan describes his new comedy starring Ellen Barkin, Andrew Rannells, Justin Bartha and NeNe Leakes as:

"These days, families come in all forms - single dads, double moms, sperm donors, egg donors, one-night-stand donors… It's 2012 and anything goes."

It seems that KSL president Jeff Simpson is NOT an advocate of love, respect, OR tolerance as he has deemed a show depicting all of the aforementioned attributes to be unsuitible to air, especially during 'family viewing' hours.

Simpson states:

"For our brand, this program simply feels inappropriate on several dimensions, especially during family viewing time."

Hmm we would like to know what exactly Mr. Simpson feels is SO inappropriate about a show portraying very real versions of a loving family unit?!

Ellen Barkin tweeted her displeasure at the news:

"Shame on u @kslcom not airing @NBCTheNewNormal So L&O SVU (rape & child murder) is ok? But loving gay couple having a baby is inappropriate?"

Shame indeed, Mr. Simpson!

It also probably doesn't help that Andrew Rannells is the shining star of The Book of Mormon, a Tony-award winning play which delightfully pokes fun at the um… interesting(?) religious practice that is Mormonism. Cause, you know… Utah is Mormon country.

And we're sure advocacy group One Million Moms will be thrilled at this censorship, seeing as they are also passionately against The New Normal and all the destructive messages it may contain.

OH SO FRUSTRATING! And just another toxic form of anti-different that instructs kids in the ways of hatred and bigotry.


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56 comments to “Ryan Murphy's The New Normal Banned In Utah!!”

  1. 1

    Good for Utah! More states should follow suit. And bye the way Perez, you idiot, Utah is a state not a country.

  2. 2

    You're so bias it's not even funny. If someone wants to censor something they feel is inappropriate for their children to watch, you call them bigots. They have every right to stand for what they believe in, just as you have every right to stand for what you believe in. Agree to disagree.

  3. 3

    Nice job with the reverse discrimnation promotion. They don't want to air the show they don't have to. Sheesh.

  4. Lisa says – reply to this


    I agree with the previous comments. I myself, have no problem with a loving gay couple raising a family but I find it "odd" that you seem so irritated by it Perez. People can decide for themselves what they want to watch, and people who do not agree with a gay lifestyle are not reallly what you would call "bigots". It seems like you're the one with a lot of hate going on. Calm down, live and let live.

  5. 5

    Let me get this straight. You demand that everyone embrace your gay and see things your way, or you call them names. Where is that related to EQUAL RIGHTS FOR ALL? They have the right to disagree with the homo lifestyle. They have the right to ban it from their homes when an asshole like Murphy is wanting to make deviance look normal and right. They an be opposed to something without hating it, but YOU can't seem to be opposed to those who don't embrace gay without spewing your own hate, bigotry, and bullying. This is why the gay community despises you, and why you have no credibility. You NEVER practice what you preach. And you know what? I'm going to go to Chick-fil-A today and have a delicious meal because I support those who speak up for what they believe is right. So fuck you, you ridiculous, hateful homo.

  6. heidi says – reply to this


    Isn't this the state that brought My 4 wives (I'm sorry I dont know the name of the show) with Cody & his 4 wives to tv?
    But a "family" of any other kind is wrong?
    Get with the times UTAH!

  7. 7

    Re: becky411 – WTF are you people all clinically retarded? The answer to that question is undoubtably yes. If you don't want your children watching gay people on tv (how is that inappropriate becky??) then it's the parent's job to supervise! The government doesn't have the right to BAN a television show because it highlights gay relationships. How the hell is this not discrimination? Wow none of you people have ever earned a diploma, clearly.

  8. 8

    Re: steviebeatie – What, are you one of those sad sacks who has to resort to hurling lame insults because someone doesn't see things your way? Utah, you ignorant fool, is a state run by Mormons. They control what goes on there, and it's been that way since before the state became a state. Of course they're going to do some censoring on religious grounds. Did YOU graduate high school? I think not; the village idiot could've figured out what I just told you. Go back to school, fool, BEFORE you start making comments again.

  9. 9

    Re: Yes You Bore Me – hahaha "spewing your own hate"!!! What a delusional psychopathic hypocrite!! Dogs have most self awareness then you do! You are nothing but a bitter ugly lonely pathetic witch woman. Have fun dying alone freak :)

  10. 10

    Re: Yes You Bore Me – Resorting to name calling? Ummm weren't you doing that throughout one of your routine book-length long posts??? Well you wouldn't realize it if you were, since you are a schizophrenic….

  11. coolestmomof3 says – reply to this


    The people in Utah won't have to decide for themselves if they want to watch the show because it won't be shown on KSL, the Mormon-owned NBC affiliate in Utah. The church has made the decision for everyone because they think the adults in Utah shouldn't be able to make their own decisions. I live in Utah and it's the norm. The church runs the state. There is no separation of church and state here.

  12. 12

    Re: Yes You Bore Me – Separation between church and state, it's in our constitution. Period. Looks like somebody missed grades 5-12….

  13. 13

    Re: steviebeatie
    Stevie baby, the government didn't 'ban' the show. The affiliate simply is choosing not to air it.
    Read the article.
    And BTW-I have J.D. from Stanford and am a member of the ACLU. So yes, I have a diploma.

  14. lisa says – reply to this


    Re: steviebeatie

    WOW, crazy much?

  15. Jason Lawson says – reply to this


    I think it's absolutely ridiculous Utah would ban The New Normal. Viewers do have a choice to watch what they want and that's exactly why IT SHOULD NOT BE BANNED. It's another form of hate. This is the same state that bought that ridiculous 4 wives show, airs SVU, and other shows. and BMMWM369 and dryan stfu. GROW UP!

  16. 16

    And let the bullying by gays begin. It's sad when 1 man can say it's 2012 so anything goes, and they people slam a station for saying no, anyting does not go when it is shown to our kids. Kudos to them for standing up for what they believe. I don't agree with them, but respect them.

  17. Melissa says – reply to this


    Perez, I find it hypocritical that you say that KSL needs to be respectful and tolerant, while you yourself are insulting the Mormon religion with your sarcastic comment, "The Book of Mormon, a Tony-award winning play which delightfully pokes fun at the um… interesting(?) religious practice that is Mormonism." Why don't you learn from your own words? And stop attacking Mormons as a whole–I'm Mormon, but I have no problem with gay couples or families. Grow up.

  18. Odalys says – reply to this


    How about all you read the article again and try to see what's it about. If a show was about straight people and have cursing in it I think it'll pass as being ok but if it has anything to do with homosexuality then it's bad and the whole world will end if kids or teenagers see two men or women if a relationship. I know people have there opinion but don't ruin it for other who learn some how from the show
    les face it anything that Ryan puts out is the best ever and most viewed so they are stupid to not air this

  19. 19

    Re: steviebeatie – @ 12 - This has nothing to do with church or state. Can you not read? You are an idiot, plain and simple, mostly simple.

  20. Heather says – reply to this


    As a Utah resident, I am not surprised. KSL doesn't even show Saturday Night Live for crying out loud! What if people in Utah got to choose whether or not to watch it before they cancelled it?!?!?!?!?! WHAT A CONCEPT! I was really looking forward to this show!

  21. 21

    Re: BMWM369 – And yet here you are, trolling a gossip website. How proud you must be.

  22. 22

    Whats the big deal….. this show will be cancelled after about 3 episodes… Reviews are horrible and the whole concept of the show looks stupid.

  23. 23

    The problem is creating a show with controversial content, putting it on in primetime, and calling it "Normal".
    However, just as Ryan Murphy the right to do that, states/TV stations have the right to ban it. You can't push "rights" or "equality" and not give the same to the opposition.

  24. 24

    Put it on LOGO.

  25. 25

    LMFAO it amazes me how many homophobes actually come to this site….its pretty pretty pink, lots of hearts on guys dicks….seems very suspicious. i think u all need to come out of the closet. u LOVE this site. if ur on it everyday…u got issues. i wonder what all ur friends would think if they saw u on this site? gettin the dish on all the celeb juice….seems kinda fem to me… i can just picture all u gay bashers quickly minimizing the window when someone walks by….they could never know what site ur on…!!! hahahahah!

    its just sad that people miss the blatant hypocrisy and anti american injustice happening here when utah condones some pig man having 4 whore brides on tv yet here is a show they dont wanna expose the delicate little children to? HA! if u hate perez that is one thing. i dont agree with him all the time. but if u miss the point JUST bcuz u wanna write a nasty comment to perez then ur likely a sociopath…good luck with that

  26. Tolerance says – reply to this


    Before others start bashing, I too have a JD as well as a post-doctoral degree. That being said, KSL does have the legal right to choose what shows they will broadcast and what they do not.
    Though I am a heterosexual female, I do not discriminate or judge those who opt for a different lifestyle or beliefs than my own. The company has the right to disagree and choose what they air.
    No sarcasm intended here, as I know this is a highly sensitive subject for you, but I highly encourage to research the laws of our country, the rights of private enterprise and freedom of press/speech, etc… I really hope you look into it, as spewing hate toward other religions (no, I am not Mormon) , but it really is a reverse-hatred toward those who do not share your exact beliefs. Tolerance works both ways, and doing exactly what you preach against (hating/slurring those of different beliefs) is exactly what you claim to dislike. Picking and choosing what should be hated and not by one individual is a tad hypocritical- this country is not a dictatorship ran by one person's beliefs. If one want to teach tolerance, one must practice it across the board for all beliefs. Just my humble opinion.

  27. 27

    You are such a hypocrite. You preach tolerance but are completely intolerant of anyone who disagrees with you. They don't have to air the program if they don't want to. There are a lot of people that don't want your version of normal pushed on them.

  28. 28

    Utah is ridiculous. Real love is bad however John Doe with 8 wives is okay. Makes perfect sense.

  29. Tolerance says – reply to this


    Since I am being censored here on my original posting, I will rephrase.

    The First Amendment generally does not apply to private activity. Thus, a private individual or private entity cannot be said to unconstitutionally "abridge" another private individual's "freedom of speech and press." Only the government, or its agents, can be charged with violating the First Amendment. (Meaning, KSL must be entangled in government enterprise or performing some sort of state action). The exception is when a private party’s actions are attributable to the government, either when: (i) the private party exercises a public function that is traditionally exclusively reserved to the State,[12] or (ii) the government has exercised coercive power or provided such significant encouragement that the challenged action can fairly be attributed to the government.[13]

  30. Tolerance says – reply to this


    Wow, Perez. I find it shocking that you are refusing to post the cited laws I enumerated several times in my post.

    Essentially, you are censoring those who disagree with you (by citing the legal cases, statutes and Constitutional mandates), and approving those who agree with you. My posts are strictly non-biased, and are cited and quoted directly from our legal texts. You are censoring posts- and is your right as a PRIVATE INDIVIDUAL. The same thing you are hating KSL for doing. Works both ways Mario.

  31. Tolerance says – reply to this


    … still awaiting for the rest of my cited laws to be posted …

    Guilty of what you yourself are angry about– private censorship. Case and point.

  32. cj84 says – reply to this


    I find it funny that you say we should not judge people but then go ahead and make fun and judge the LDS mormon church! hypocrite or what?! also, its funny because California has more mormons than Utah does! so how can it just be mormon country? I say who cares if it is "banned" or not I don't judge so I would not cared if it aired but I would not watch it. Also, Utah has had many shows that have aired that are the like the same as this show.

  33. Tolerance says – reply to this


    …. still awaiting my legal citations to be posted….

    Censoring by a private entity — the exact thing you are angry about with KSL. Case and point made.

  34. Tolerance says – reply to this


    … still awaiting the other posts to be approved …

    Case and point of censorship by private enterprise/individuals. You are guilty of it, but demand others not exercise that same right. :-/

  35. 35

    Typical censorship by the hateful religious right. This is a America, you want to start banning tv shows you don't like, move to Saudi Arabia. There is no excuse for such ignorance and stupidity. I truly pity those that see nothing wrong with what this station is doing. You're no better than the Taliban.

  36. Tolerance says – reply to this


    Re: gypsy1020

    Do you agree that Perez has the right to censor what is posted on this website? (Regardless of the fact that I may agree or disagree with the individual).

    Same exact difference. Should he be considered a member of the Taliban for censoring all of my posts but for one that cite the laws as they apply to this situation? No sarcasm intended. Strictly unbiased question– how is Perez different from KSL by censoring what is viewed by others on his privately owned site?

  37. Tolerance says – reply to this


    Re: gypsy1020

    Do you agree that Perez has the right to censor what is posted on this website? (Irrelevant if I agree or disagree with the particular message shown).

    Same exact difference. Should he be considered a member of the Taliban for censoring all of my posts but for one that cite the laws as they apply to this situation? No sarcasm intended. Strictly unbiased question– how is Perez different from KSL by censoring what is viewed by others on his privately owned site? (There are at least three other legally cited posts that were rejected- please show me the distinction.)

  38. same says – reply to this


    Re: Tolerance

    its not. he can post what he wants posted. he doesnt have to post your comment

  39. rox says – reply to this


    modern family 2.0? I love Ryan Murphy, always have… but this lacks creativity. It should be banned.

  40. Tolerance says – reply to this


    Re: same

    My point EXACTLY.

  41. 41

    It will most likely get canceled anyway. I think the majority of people are tolerant toward homosexuals, but may not agree with their lifestyle and therefore don't want to watch a show where they are the central characters.

  42. guh says – reply to this


    i used to love reading this blog about all celebs but nowadays all it is is a vehicle to push his pet polital cause and bash the few actresses he hates and wishes to fail every single day. ahem kristen stewart. time to delete my bookmark here and go where it posts celeb gossip of all kinds not just the ones who are gay, cute in marios eyes, or hated and mutilated on here.

  43. 43

    Re: Oh Resist Her
    As proud as you must be for doing the same thing.

  44. Katie says – reply to this


    "poke fun at the um… interesting(?) religious practice that is Mormonism". I am an active member of the LDS (Mormon) church who has always supported equality among people despite their sexual orientations and has thus far really enjoyed your blog for the most part. However, for you to say that our practices are "interesting (?)" is obviously a criticism, and shows the kind of ignorance you seem to "fight". For someone who is so against bullying, Perez, you seem fine insulting and belittling those around you simply because they do not agree with you. If you want respect for what you believe, respect what others believe.

  45. Danielle says – reply to this


    Ridiculous. How can we live in the year 2012 and still be surrounded by such prejudice and ignorance? Sad.

  46. Charlotte says – reply to this


    I am actually LDS (or mormon) and I suport the LGBTQ community 100%. It's stuff like this that give all of us bad reputations. I can assure you that at my church we do not turn away anyone, even LGBTQ people. In fact we have a gay man in our ward and he is very active in our church. While I think this censorship is idiotic for more than one reason I understand their right to do as they please. I am supposed to be finishing up school next fall out in Utah and I guess I will have to watch The New Normal on the internet.

  47. 47

    KSL doesn't air a lot of things. This is nothing new.

  48. 48

    lol, fucking Utah. It's ok for a man to have 15 wives, but not ok for a man and another man to be together.

  49. Utah having the vapors says – reply to this


    It looks like Utah is filled with people who need 'protection' because they're not adult enough to make their own decisions and change the channel if they don't want to see a show. It's sad that they haven't kept up with the other 49 states which are filled with people who know how to use a remote control & don't need people deciding for them what they can see.

    They need hand holding because horrors, they might actually view a nice same sex couple having a baby. A plot that's been seen by millions of viewers who watch Modern Family.

  50. kurlyfry says – reply to this


    Can people bash the right people. Utah is not to blame, the state and the people as a whole, had nothing to do with this, the LDS(Mormon) owned KSL did, so bash KSL. It’s not shocking, like someone else stated they don’t show SNL but another Utah channel does, and the local Utah paper stated that the Murphy show would be picked up by another station in Utah, I would guess KUCW or KJazz. I find this just as annoying as a resident of Utah as all the other non-Utah people are, so stop bashing every Utahan

    Oh and the people talking about polygamy and Utah stating that it is approved, it’s not, they kicked out the Sister Wives family to Vegas. If anything the Utah Mormon population hates polygamy more than the average person because it does give them a bad rap to others, and leads to really rude questions when they leave the state, like I was asked once “Do you really only have one mom?”, which pissed me off because I’m not even LDS.
    Just something to think about from a Non-LDS Utah woman.

  51. 51

    Mormon's suck!

  52. 52

    It's pretty ignorant that so many people on here are blaming Mormons. This is the action of a handful of Mormons who chose not to put the show on the air. They do not represent all Mormons. I have several Mormon friends and they don't have a problem with gays and they dont practice polygamy. Ome of them even loves the show Glee. They are some of the nicest people I know and don't pass judgement, unlike so many of you. Some network execs make a choice and the whole religion is bashed. That's not fair.

  53. John says – reply to this


    I completely agree with how you feel, but you can't ask respect from someone and then say their religion is "um…interesting," it's not how it works. Remember the golden rule!

  54. Sophie says – reply to this


    Latest G.U.Y. Award Nominee

    Pro-death actress Ellen Barkin was nominated for the G.U.Y. Award after she expressed her hope that Hurricane Isaac would kill all pro-life Republicans at the 2012 GOP Convention. (G.U.Y. stands for "Grossly Ungodly Yid" - see Romans 11:26.)
    This was a big honor for Ellen as there are always many others like her who would almost sell their soul to win a G.U.Y. (Google "The Earliest Hate Criminals").

  55. Dlucky2 says – reply to this


    Re: steviebeatie – Tell Utah that. Legally or not, the church runs the state. I live here as well and we should have a right to watch it or CHANGE THE CHANNEL. NO one is forcing anyone to watch anything. If you dont like it, change the channel. Its that easy.

  56. Jillyun says – reply to this


    They have the right to censor or ban whatever they want and I have the same right to call them assholes. I love that you are giving Perez sh*t for being intolerant.. Why should gays be tolerant of ANY religion that persecutes and actively tries to deny rights to an individual. Perez supports gay rights.. Obviously. So it would be safe to assume that Perez doesn't support any religion that is intolerant of Gays. People advocating for anyone that denies a basic human right on a governmental level based on religious beliefs is a religious zealot. Why should I be tolerant of you if you are not tolerant of me?