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Madonna's MDNA Manifesto Reminds Us What She Hopes To Accomplish

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Madonna frequently finds herself in enough hot water to boil a T. Rex egg!

That won't stop her from being true to herself, though!

No one dares sully Her Madgesty's marvelous music but some haters are agitated by the performances accompanying those totally tubular tunes.

Politicians, media outlets, and entire governments insist her MDNA Tour's swastikas, prop guns, sexual themes, and politically charged rants are no laughing matter — especially in light of the tragedy in Aurora, CO.

Well they're right, but Madonna isn't joking!!

She just self-published a web-essay explaining the props and disturbing imagery are symbolic and metaphorical in nature — all a calculated part of her performance art.

And she is unequivocal in her stance against firearms.

Madonna states:

"I do not condone violence or the use of guns."

She speaks her mind as she sees fit and doesn't do it for laughs or headlines. She hopes to inspire critical thought within her fans and possibly to provoke action.

As corny as it sounds, she wants to make the world a better place!

And, in her opinion, abandoning a victim's mentality and confronting the harsh realities of our world is a step in the right direction.

Below is her statement in its entirety:

My show
Is a journey.
The journey of a soul from darkness to light
It is part cinematic musical theatre.
Part spectacle and sometimes intimate Performance art.

But above all its a journey
From darkness to light
From anger to love
from chaos to order.

It's true there is a lot of violence in the beginning of the show and sometimes the use of fake guns - but they are used as metaphors.
I do not condone violence or the use of guns.
Rather they are symbols of wanting to appear strong and wanting to find a way to stop feelings that I find hurtful or damaging. In my case its wanting to stop the lies and hypocrisy of the church, the intolerance of many narrow minded cultures and societies I have experienced throughout my life and in some cases the pain I have felt from having my heart broken.

Ultimately as we follow through the journey of my story, the audience can see quite clearly what I see -
That the enemy is within and the only way to survive Disappointment Disapproval Judgment Heartbreak Jealousy Envy And Hatred Is with Love - not with revenge - not with guns and not with violence.

In spite of all the chaos and darkness and intolerance we seem to be encountering more and more in the world,
We cannot allow our anger or bitterness to swallow us up.
We come to understand that
There is an innate and pure love inside us all and we have to find a way to tap into it.

And we can't do it by being victims or placing the blame or pointing the finger at others.
But by recognizing that the enemy is within
And when we come to terms with it
And accept it
And struggle to change ourselves,
Then we can change the world without hurting anyone and we can inspire others to do the same.
When you watch a film there are usually good guys and bad guys to help illustrate this point, Sometimes I play both.
I enjoy acting out this journey.
For none of us are perfect and we all have our own journey of growth to go on.
I know people can relate to it.
It's very important to me as an artist that my show not be taken out of context.

It must be watched with an open heart from beginning to end. I am sure if it is viewed this way, the viewer will walk away feeling inspired, Invigorated and will want to make the world a better place.

And this of course was always my intention.

[Image via George Chin/WENN.]

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37 comments to “Madonna's MDNA Manifesto Reminds Us What She Hopes To Accomplish”

  1. 1

    "No one dares sully Her Madgesty's marvelous music …" If by "sully" you mean "steal and then ruin," your own former bestie Lady Caca did just that. Listen, homo: Madonna is an average singer. What she's always done very well is reinvent herself. She is not a politician, and she's not a world leader. She is an ENTERTAINER. I don't care what her politics are, and I'm not going to pay money to get a lecture from her on any subject. I think it's time for someone to tell Madonna that she is an aging pop tart who isn't relevant in any truly serious way, and that it's pretty sad that she's letting her ego get as out of control as Elton John's is. At the end of the day, what Madonna says and does makes zero difference in the lives of millions and millions and millions of people. She needs to shut up and get over herself.

  2. 2

    Her tour is a complete joke. It stopped being about music and more about her opinions like people really give a fuck. Not to mention her tickets are overpriced and most of the scalpers have them anyway. I like her music and I get artist have opinions but she seems a little too desperate.

  3. 3

    diaper needs changing

  4. cali says – reply to this


    oh madonna just retire already you old hag!

  5. Be-Atch says – reply to this


    Old HAG hadda cancell her Australian tour…low ticket sales…tired Old Twat just can't get the Aussies excited about her music anymore….

  6. 6

    Madonna has always had a message with her music. Thats what sets her apart from the rest of the pop tarts

  7. 7


  8. 8

    Re: BAEEAB
    Pray tell … what messages are in Girls Gone wild , Give Me All Your Lovin and Turn Up the Radio … other than .. Hey I'm old and I'm having an identity crisis?

  9. liberalsmakemesick says – reply to this


    Her breast augmentation should have been behind the muscle. That looks ridiculous. She is old and needs to just stop already. She is embarrassing herself.

  10. 10

    Re: trendingrecords.com

    Songs like Falling Free, Love Spent, I Fucked Up, Masterpiece and I'm A Sinner.. Try again

  11. 11

    Re: trendingrecords.com

    And leave it to you to pick the dance tracks.. And did I say all of her music? Nah bruh

  12. 12

    just shut up and sing….

  13. Ivan says – reply to this


    Re: Yes You Bore Me – Very VERY poor choice of word calling someone a "Homo"…..I bet you are 100% Little Monster, aren't you BooBoo??

    Get over yourself and the vitriol spewing from your mouth….

  14. MC says – reply to this


    You can just smell the thick scent of pretense. Honey, if you have to explain what you loosely call your art in a fucking long essay, you're probably not doing a good job at conveying your message. I'm sure her minions will think it's deep, though.

  15. 15

    Re: BAEEAB
    If her desire is to be deep and send social messages to the world then she wouldn't release said "dance" tracks as singles. She'd release these tracks that allegedly have deep messages instead. Sheep

  16. IvanIsAHomo says – reply to this


    Re: Ivan
    Since when did having a negative opinion about Madonna equal being a "little monster?" A good portion of their fanbases actually do intersect, but here's something else that might surprise you: a lot of people hate them both equally. You might want to check yourself before you spew your own vitriol, "boo boo."

  17. 17

    For a person with such an enormous ego, you would think she would have a little more self- awareness… take a look at the photo at the top of this story, Vadge - time to put the saggy titties away jump into a Botox swimming pool. Trade your prop gun for a staple gun and give yourself a lifesyle lift, lol! just sayin'.

  18. skankeliminator says – reply to this


    So irrelevant, you had to read the whole thing and take time out of your day to make a LONG comment. Oh, i take that back. You probably can't read as your ignorant manifesto would indicate. IRRELEVANT IDIOT with no life of you own. PATHETIC!

  19. GeneLovesJezebel says – reply to this


    " all a calculated part of her performance art."
    Of course it's calculated. When hasn't she done anything that was calculated?

  20. 20

    She is looking so so old!

  21. 21

    i'm a fan but …she is becoming pathetic desperate frankeinstien. and bitch really don't sounds good. last time we went to her concert "sticky&sweat"……oh she sounds horrible though the production is spectacular(video like the "devil woouldn't recognise you"… in our row where we sat at we just rolled our eyes and laugh to that little singing talent left to her. …. have any of you pay attention to her singing ability like the one in olympia……..dios mio!!!!! done with my fantasy. and no gagaloco is not a better choice……we need a new ..fresh talent to follow.

  22. Daniel says – reply to this


    Re: Be-Atch
    She cancelled the Australia tour before announce the dates , and not like you said for low ticket sales.
    Get inform next time.

  23. 23

    It needs editing.

  24. 24

    this old horse is running out of tricks….she is a one trick "horse"!

  25. barney says – reply to this


    Re: liberalsmakemesick – You are the one who should stop embarrissing yourself with ignorant comments about something you know nothing about.Madonna's Boobs look great as does she.

  26. 26

    Re: barneyRe: barney – really?…. maybe at first quick look but take a look again………the whole picture……

  27. Wiley says – reply to this


    Bitch thinks she's Joni Mitchell or Diamanda Galas. Her shows aren't "journeys." They're fucking contractual obligations. And this essay or poem or whatever it's called sounds like a High School English assignment.

  28. alec haas says – reply to this


    Amazing how Madonna still manages to provoke the ignorant and less spiritually conscious people on our planet after all these years. Like 90% of the people commenting on this thread. And her detractors still only come up with the most shallow of insults imaginable.. with their pathetic ageist and sexists comments. I'm sure most of these idiots are stupid little monsters, but enough said. Madonna has done more for the LGBT community and for women on this planet than any other performing artist in the past 30 years. And ageism is one thing that makes no sense whatsoever.. it's not like racism.. a white person will never be black, an Asian will never be Latino.. but EVERYONE OF US GETS OLD! One should admire Madonna for the fact that she is still HUGELY successful at the age of 54 and take it as inspiration that one can achieve success at ANY age. What a bunch of losers to say anything negative about her age. Really.. come up with something more compelling because it just makes you look unintelligible.

  29. justiz says – reply to this


    OH. MY. GOD. For all those who left hateful, bilious comments: DO YOU KNOW HOW TO READ. And if so…then go back and READ HER STATEMENT AGAIN. I don't care WHAT you think of Madonna's music - I'm not a big fan of it either, and never was. BUT YOU KNOW WHAT? The woman has stepped up to the plate and is USING HER FAME AND FORTUNE TO HELP CHANGE THIS WORLD. Don't fool yourself….she is one of the ONLY celebrities who is ACTUALLY doing something COHESIVE with her "art"….that should be CELEBRATED and RESPECTED. How many celebrities are doing the same??? What she explained is EXACTLY what I see her doing…using her performances to show the whole "story" of what is going on in today's society. Madonna has NEVER been afraid to speak up, and yes…sometimes she does it in crude and lewd ways. But the bottom line is….she is DOING IT FOR YOU AND FOR ME AND FOR ALL OF US. It's time to grow up, folks….COLLECTIVELY. ALL of us. But you know what? If you prefer to continue to sulk and pout and spew your frustrations and fears here at PerezHilton, thinking it's doing something besides create more FEAR and hate in this world…then you have some serious work ahead of you. Grow. Up. Save the world by starting with yourself…that's all she's saying. And she is 100% RIGHT. Live with it.

  30. 30

    Here's a novel idea: instead of the show being "cinematic musical theatre", how about just SINGING. You know, where air passes the vocal cords and into a microphone. Lip synching doesn't count.

  31. 31

    Intelligent readers all realize that MadDonna has lost it.
    "It's very important to me as an artist that my show not be taken out of context."
    How in the Blue Hell do you take singing badly and exposing your wrinkly old breast or bony ass out of context?
    Delusions of grandeur much?

  32. Alec haas says – reply to this


    Re: PhibesRe: Phibes – Oh really Phibes? You just nominated yourself to be the voice of the "intelligent readers"??? And then you comment on her old wrinkly breasts? You think that's intelligent? You are about as intelligent as rush limbaugh or any other sexist, ageist moron out there. Please don't make ignorant statements and use the word "intelligent" when referring to yourself. You are far from it

  33. 33

    she is right. ppl should look at what she does to help ppl. she uses guns as a metaphore. its ridiculous. ppl should be influenced by her great acts… not for a metaphore on her show… by the way ur HOT MADONNA… entire Europe already saw MDNA, best show ever, and no one killed anyone. M show us love

  34. KC says – reply to this


    Re: justiz
    "she is one of the ONLY celebrities who is ACTUALLY doing something COHESIVE with her "art"
    How can she be one of the ONLY celebrities doing something with her art? She's one of MANY celebrities doing something with her art. The others don't feel the need to make grandiose statements to let you know they're doing something with theirs.
    Then perhaps she should make her art more accessible and affordable for ALL OF US, instead of telling ALL OF US that her "art" is worth paying the high almighty dollar to see.
    Re: Alec haas
    "Please don't make ignorant statements and use the word "intelligent" when referring to yourself. You are far from it "
    Says the man who nominated himself to be the more intelligible than 90 percent of the people on here. The only thing I got from your pseudo-intellectual babble is that you're a superfan.

  35. Gopher says – reply to this


    Granted she may have gotten a lot of flack for using guns in her shows, but not she's not the first artist to use guns as a metaphor. Artists been doing that for decades, so I don't see why she feels the need to over explain herself. If she were really a true artist, she wouldn't have to do that.

  36. Hector Castillo says – reply to this


    Re: Pradagirl – I'm sorry, but that's the way she's always been… and I truly don't see anything desperate in giving a speech to her audience about more mature topics about issues that are going on in the world, instead of a cliche and over repeated speech about "follow your dreams, be yourself, stop bullying' and shit like that that every artist does…

  37. 37

    Love you Madge! Cant wait to see you in Van on the 29th!