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Madonna Radio's In Another #1!

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And the QUEEN of our hearts proves once again she is the reigning ruler of popular tunes!

Uplifting and bum-shaking track Turn Up The Radio has JUST settled into the #1 spot on Billboard's Dance/Club Play Songs chart, extending Madonna's stay as the artist with the most No. 1s by FAR - now 43 - beating out Janet Jackson who has only garnered 19!

AND if her Madgesty delivers just two more #1 tracks, she'll have broken the record for having more #1 songs on a single chart than any other artist, beating out country superstar George Strait, who is King of Billboard's Country Songs chart!!

Which is, of course, inevitable.

SO proud of our life long obsession!! We continue to be inspired by Madonna's music AND her actions every single day!

[Image via WENN.]

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67 comments to “Madonna Radio's In Another #1!”

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    love her music and that is what it is all about

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  5. William Close says – reply to this


    I love the song but why do the radio stations not play her songs ? I have not heard TUTR and girl gone wild once in Ireland. I don't think she will have a hit single in the UK from the MDNA album. which is a shame because its a brilliant album

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    the only woman that keeps music interesting. shes a genius. i wanna see this young stars doing what she does at 54

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    Being number 1 on the dance chart is hardly a REAL number 1 song. The truth of the matter is that none of her singles have charted on the real charts at all. Turn Up The Radio is a giant flop and so is Girls Gone Wild and Give Me All your Lovin none of those songs were hits.

  10. 10

    HAH! Dance club mix charts, what a fucking joke. In other words, it sucks ass unless it is so loud you can only hear the bass, and you need to be drunk. Got it. On another note, she needs to cover that nasty saggy ass up. Disgusting whore.

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    Madonnas ass cheeks hanging out of her shorts sure do look good and tasty/.Would be my pleasure Honor to lick the sweat off her ass after one of her Xoncerts.

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    ok, NO ONE wants to see Gramma's creepy old ASS. wtf is wrong with this woman?! i feel so bad for her kids. What a horrid example she is.

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    this is a great song , great video she is still on top

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