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Rumor Has It…There Is A VIDEO Of Prince Harry's Naked Romp In Vegas!!!

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Even if Prince Harry turns down Vivid Entertainment's $10 million offer to star in his very own pornographic movie, his naked bum STILL isn't safe!

It turns out that there is already a pornographic movie of his naked romp inside the walls of the Wynn and if the home VIDEO of the evening's escapades surface, it "could be the biggest Royal scandal ever."

Sources explained the bombshell news by saying:

“There is video of Harry partying naked with women in the Las Vegas hotel room. There have been some very quiet inquiries to see how much the video is worth. If the video goes public this could be the biggest Royal scandal ever.”

The video was reportedly shot by someone partying with the prince and that person is trying to remain anonymous at all costs so he or she can keep partying with Harry can make a small fortune, as the source continues:

“The video has not been shopped around yet, its existence is being kept as discreet as possible. With all the attention the photos got, the people with the video know it could be worth a fortune.”

Reports say the video isn't as innocent as naked bear hugs by the pool table either, since "a lot went on in that hotel room that night, that much is for sure.”


If there really is a video just begging to go viral on the internet, we're so completely excited to see it! But at the same time, we're a little worried that the wrath of the Queen will be too much for our seksi little prince to bear!

Our advice?

Keep calm and carry on Harry! LOLz!

[Image via WENN.]

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13 comments to “Rumor Has It…There Is A VIDEO Of Prince Harry's Naked Romp In Vegas!!!”

  1. 1

    Ok yeah it was a really stupid situation to be in, but really people? What a piece of dirt to drink his booze. party in his room, probably screw him and then pimp the video out? That is what our society has come to ? Blech The person will probably end up dead after getting a payout, these idiots typically spend money on fast cars and booze. Not a good combo.

  2. 2

    Those cheap whores need to watch their backs for the rest of their lives.
    James Bond is not to happy about this situation.

  3. 3

    Mario, your obsessive personality is getting really tiresome. You CAN control that if you TRY. Do you think we're as interested in Prince Harry's Vegas "scandal" as YOU are? No. We are not. We all realize that you're dying to see that video, if it exists, because you live to perv on hetero men. Please keep your perversions to yourself; your tendency to drool on straight guys really is sickening. Get help.

  4. 4

    The few photos were a lark. It is time to move on; if the "alleged" people or their pimp/boyfriend is shopping a video I hope MI6 uses the Defense of the Realm Act and terminates them with a hotshot or even a headshot.

  5. lele says – reply to this


    the queen would get a heart attack!

  6. heather says – reply to this


    So much for "What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas" huh?

    I doubt this is the biggest royal scandal ever. You know, six wives, couple of beheadings here/there, hundreds of executions, multiple out of wedlock children, etc. etc. A few hundred years from now, maybe someone will decide to make a Showtime series out of it. Doubt it, because I don't think they can run, what, four or five seasons worth of material on one event.

    Kills me though, that people come on here and criticize the person who writes the very blog they are reading because he is not writing content that they like. *So don't read it.* With that being said, it is irritating, but I'll just skip over it or decide to stop reading altogether.

  7. 7

    I am starting to become bored with this story. How many different ways can you report that Prince Harry was partying naked in a hotel room last week? Since you have done your best to not let our brains forget the image of him standing naked hugging that girl, I don't think a video is going to have too much "shock value".

  8. 8

    Apparently some (of us) Americans don't or aren't able see the "downside" of screwing with a royal family of another country. I would Hulu, Xfinity, rent or watch "From Hell". The Windsors won't be the ones coming after them but I'm sure either one or a group of professionals will methodically make it go away…

  9. 9


  10. Anna Catherine says – reply to this


    Thank you for not saying ginge or ginger in relation to that uncontrollable inherent characteristic :)

  11. 11

    Probably only a matter of time until it surfaces, one of the sites with deep pockets will buy it.

  12. 12

    the queen basically owns MI5 someone stupid enough to shop a video about the crown prince might want to remember who they are messing with .. hes not some raggedly celebrity ..yes the photos were enough leave harry alone …

  13. HRH Ashliegh N. says – reply to this


    Oohhhhhh I CAN'T wait!!!!!!!!

    I hope there's full frontal!

    I mean come on,…. Its out there. No biggie. :)