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Taylor Swift Flies Conor Kennedy Into Nashville; Elopement 'Wouldn't Be A Surprise!'

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taylor swift flies conor kennedy down south

Love birds in the skyYyYy… Swifty flyin' hiIiIiIigh!!!

Look. What we're hearing is this - apparently Taylor Swift is so infatuated with her royal ticket to everything (Conor Kennedy) , she sent a private jet to Massachusetts to pick him up after she had to go back down to Nashville.

The two had just spent so much wonderful time together, guess she just couldn't bear the thought of being without him during her strenuous promotional time down South!

The little birdie that's leaked the info says:

Taylor missed Conor so much, she sent a plane for him a few days later. He’s been with her ever since, and his family doesn’t know when he will be back. Things have become so serious between them so fast that no one in Hyannis Port would be surprised if they eloped."

Whoa there!! Whoa there!! Whoa there!!

Have you been watching her music videos??? That gurl is doin' it up BIIG!! We're betting on the southern wedding of ALL southern weddings from this one!

Meanwhile.. a Kennedy source is saying:

"[She seems] totally in love with Conor. They are inseparable and are all over each other all the time. While his relatives really like Taylor, some feel their lovey-dovey behavior is cute while it has made others in the family feel a little uncomfortable."

Uh Oh! Swifty, ya better tone it down a bit, gurl!!

Smooth sails just like those sailboats of theirs, Taylor… smoooooth sails!

[Image via Mavrix Online.]

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23 comments to “Taylor Swift Flies Conor Kennedy Into Nashville; Elopement 'Wouldn't Be A Surprise!'”

  1. MichJB says – reply to this


    Stupid story. The Kennedys would never permit an elopement.

  2. Mike says – reply to this


    This story is bogus. So sick of all these "anonymous" sources which is really just code name for were going to make something up for attention. Just like that house that Taylor didnt actually buy I dont believe this for one second. Without pictures of them togather in Nashville I dont even believe he is with her right now. Dumb story Taylor would never "elope", try again media >.>

  3. 3

    As usual when you see the word "source".

  4. 4

    You'll post anything, you lazy homo sell-out.

  5. Brian says – reply to this


    Why does Perez Hilton act like he's Taylor's friend one minute and then spread gossip like this about her the next minute? Come on Perez, just leave them alone. She owns her own jet so sending it to pick Conor up is no big deal. It doesn't mean they're getting married.

  6. Jayne says – reply to this


    Do not believe this. Bull. I highly doubt Taylor would ever elope. Im sure she wants a huge white wedding.

  7. M33 says – reply to this


    If true, I’d say it’s kinda good for Swifty, even though they seem to be moving too fast (maybe?) but then again maybe they’re perfect for each other.
    FTR, her (Taylor Swift’s) “sweet girl” persona, the one I thought I accidentally ignored becasue she read my diary (haha), would’ve been the only one out of all those Hollywood/Nashville/ whatever pop “musicians” that I would’ve ever allowed myself to (apprehensively) get involved with, in any way. I think I could’ve even helped her out without being too involved, but going on how she acts, she’s way too young, and her fans are nuts, especially the males. (If anything) I want a mature, sweet, NATURALLY blonde, introverted (but not overly introverted) girl without much going on.
    Now if you’ll excuse me, I have suddenly had many opportunities for “adventure” thrown at me to once again preoccupy me, that I very much look forward to pursuing here in this small town ;) Hope everything goes good for her.

  8. Geego says – reply to this


    It all began Sep 13, 2009 when Kanye West ruined Taylor Swift's night at the MTV Video Music Awards during her acceptance speech. From that day on, Taylor Swift changed the direction of music and right now is the world's greatest entertainer. She knows how to tease her fans and setup her haters with seemingly crazy choices. She flaunts her good-girl image while at the same time giving us a glimpse into what she's really all about driving record sells through the roof. All other performers want to sing with her or be in one of her photos hoping that some of her stardust will fall on them. No exaggeration just fact.

  9. 9

    This is bogus and nothing but Swift's people trying to get her attention.
    The Kennedys would never allow that to happen and that 18 year old boy ain't going to marry Taylor.
    He's going off to college and that's that. Probably Harvard. He won't remember her name in 6 months.

  10. Jake says – reply to this


    Boring! Leave the girl alone you gossip bag.

  11. ReginaCallahan says – reply to this


    Re: Jake – he has to get out of high school first before he goes to college!

  12. Michael says – reply to this


    I little birdie pooped on the fucking hood of my car…. again… It's the "shity" spot under trees

    I'm one step ahead of the little bastards. I keep cleaner and a roll of paper towels in my car now.

  13. Thomas says – reply to this


    Re: Jake
    I doubt he'll every forget her name, she has so many years left of being a superstar!

  14. Just Wondering says – reply to this


    Why isn't anybody talking statutory rape? The legal age in MA is 18, and this kid is 17.

  15. Michael says – reply to this


    Re: Just Wondering – They are probably not having sex. My theory is that she dates younger boys, for that reason. Less pressure. Not saying she is a virgin, she might be, might not be, just that she might not want it, and older men tend to be jerks to her, and as much as she doesn't want them, I don;t think they want to be around her because she is damn immature in many ways, like the way she lets everyone know what goes down in the form of song, or whatever. She obviously likes to be around the camera to put on a show with her significant other.

  16. 16

    Taylor Swift turns 23 this year, it is pretty odd that she is dating a kid who just turned 18 in July. Is he even out of high school? Obviously she is lacking in the maturity department.

  17. Michael says – reply to this


    Re: flwergal – Lowered expectations. She can't be with a man, and men don't want to be with her.
    I would've apprehensively sacrificed myself to be with her 10 months ago, despite hating her life, her friends, her fans, her music, the burden she carries and would pass on, but… I'm not good enough for her, so whatever. That's cool….
    I'll stay the free, handsome delivery guy who flirts with and picks up all the cute lonely chicks on the road, who rocks the shit out of his guitar as a pastime, without the burden she carries with her, and will for the rest of her life.

  18. Michael says – reply to this


    Re: flwergal – MOST of her friends anyway. Not all, some I could see myself liking, but some….. ////through my teeth/// I hate.

  19. Brian says – reply to this


    Re: Just Wondering – Are you living in the past or just retarded? Conor Kennedy is 18.

  20. badnfluenz says – reply to this


    Taylor will never be allowed to Marry a Kennedy. That family has dealt with so much shit a lil trash like Taylor is not fit to be married into the Kennedy Family. First of all Taylor is not a vocalist, she's not even country. She writes songs about break ups. She's fixing to turn 23 and still writes 15 year old break up songs. SMH she can't grow up. She's a girl obsessed with boys and fairy tale love stories. She's probably has the mentality of a 11 year old girl. The girl can't write, don't tell me she can. most song writers can write anything, Taylor can't. She will flop soon and when she does I will celebrate her down fall! The Kennedy's will make sure Conner ends their summer fling. After all Kennedy men are infamous for being Womanizers. EVERY SINGLE ONE! And trust me Taylor won't live to release a Kennedy diss song!

  21. Lana says – reply to this


    So TS is obsessed with him like she was with her previous boyfriends…if you can even call them that judging by how fast they ran for the hills after having only dated her for a month or so. Their relationship may not even make it til December, but at the rate it's going, the Kennedy family probably has a few concerns about foolish choices (ie. elopement) that the older girl might suggest making. Obsessed people sometimes don't make rational decisions.

  22. Michael says – reply to this


    Re: badnfluenz – She is a bad musician, she can't write shit on her own, she is not the sweet innocent girl she portays herslef to be, I think she is a nasty, immature young kid, who (really) lucked out with her career and the young audience who buys into her crap, and she is not a good person to the guys who have been in her life, but the thing is, she's doing it publicly with a smile on her face.
    They say that how you break up is just as important, if not more important than how you go about being in a relationship. She's near the end of her rope at 22. Kennedy better be the one, because I have a feeling that no real man, no guy worth anything is gonna touch her after all this.

  23. Lucy says – reply to this


    So assuming the "sources" know what they are talking about, the stalker wants to marry her prey. Creepy. But if she does, she will fulfill her dream of being a Kennedy and soon after will divorce. Then she will be the ex-Kennedy, will write a teenage mentality song about it and will quickly jump into bed with the next "love of her life". Wonder how long, if it hasn't happened already, until a Taylor Swift sex tape surfaces….