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Two RNC Attendees Hurled Nuts And Racist Remarks At Black CNN Camerawoman

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This is awful!

Two people attending the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Florida on Tuesday threw nuts at an African American camerawoman working for CNN and yelled:

This is how we feed animals.


It's mind boggling that this blatant discrimination would happen in public in this day and age, but at least security was quick to toss them out. Officials from the convention were NOT happy with the incident and said in a statement:

"Two attendees tonight exhibited deplorable behavior. Their conduct was inexcusable and unacceptable. This kind of behavior will not be tolerated."

So not cool. Let's hope karma punishes those two accordingly.

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32 comments to “Two RNC Attendees Hurled Nuts And Racist Remarks At Black CNN Camerawoman”

  1. 1


  2. 2

    The Republican Party needs to sit in the corner, they keep on embarrassing the human race . . . having said that, no I am not a Democrat

  3. Daniel Troppy says – reply to this


    Typical Republican knuckle dragging behavior….

  4. Bobby says – reply to this


    Check out this too. What an awful convention:

  5. ipotraders says – reply to this


    Re: Daniel Troppy
    Yes because the behavior of two morons out of 20,000 people is somehow indicative of how half the country thinks. Daniel Troppy and Prince Charming you both are idiots. The Democrats obviously can't run on their record so they need the liberal media to contrive some sort of racism so liberals can do what they do best….and thats defending the perpetually "offended" and the self-perceived "oppressed". The Democrats are intellectually bankrupt and offer no ideas other than raising taxes. I can't wait for President Romney to take office!

  6. 6

    Great. Another black "victim" whining about racism. The vast majority of Republicans aren't racist. And I find it really tough to believe that someone within range of a camera would do what this woman is saying they did. I'm suspicious that the Dems are behind this because using hatred is all they have. Please note: I am in favor of neither party; I think they're all idiots. But the Dem record is total crap, and them using these kinds of tactics to distract from issues is true to form.
    Mario … you're talking about karma? Seriously? If anyone deserves a big dose of disciplinary karma, it's YOU. So stop being an ignorant, hypocritical twat-like homo. We see you for exactly what you are, you useless ass.

  7. 7

    ipotraders, you are the reason why Romney WON'T win. Instead of just condemning these deplorable attacks, you excuse them. I'm so sick of the lip service on morality from the GOP, while doing anything but.
    And BTW, I'm not a Democrat, either! I just have common sense.

  8. 8

    Awesome…Loving it…

  9. 9

    just like your daddy's nuts in your mouth.

  10. Ann says – reply to this


    I would not be surprised if this was a one act play for someone to witness. The two throwing the nuts and the camerawoman all involved!! How low!!!!!!!

  11. PHARO says – reply to this



  12. 12

    Re: ipotraders – It's funny that you point out that not all Republicans think this way and call the other commenters out for generalizing and then do that exact thing. Your retort includes lumping all liberals into your argument.
    People from every political party want respect and then turn back around and do the exact thing they were upset about to begin with.

  13. 13

    Re: Yes You Bore Me – Man Alive! You have taken the words right out of my mouth. Well said.

  14. 14

    C'mon people! This is the filthy workings of the dirty filthy Obama administration. The poor black camera woman gets nuts thrown at her?! Their arms and legs were working, so they must have brains to control them. People with brains understand that an act such as this can only have a negative impact to their "message". Idiotic Obama people are just dumb enough to think that by posing as Republicans, they can turn a negative light on over the entire convention. If you are naive enough to think that this isn't a tactic to gain votes, you are then worthy of replacing that stupid woman on the view. The really stupid one that thinks that the earth is flat. Guess what kiddos… she is definitely voting for Obama. Also, Vince Young hasn't gotten a fair shake because he is black.

    Has anyone seen Jack Ryan?

  15. 15

    Let's shun these fools socially.

  16. libtards are pathetic says – reply to this


    This story smells like the desperate act of libartards. They know Obama is a one term loser, Jimmy Carter Jr. All week the libtards have been ranting and raving that anyone who opposes Obama is racist. The libtards hope to carry this message across the nation and only dumb asses like Mario buy the story. Bullshit is what libtards do best. Take a look at the nation and how badly it is outside your parents basements and accept the fact that Obama and Mooshell are being evicted next January. Later bitches.

  17. You know what I mean says – reply to this


    Re: Daniel Troppy – Wrong party Skippy. Better luck next time.

  18. Stating the Obvious says – reply to this


    Re: purplespringsRe: Prince Charming – When someone claims they are not this or that is always means they are.

  19. 19

    Re: Yes You Bore Me – " another black victim",please stfu and go change your diapers.

  20. Stating the obvious says – reply to this


    Re: purplesprings – Another winner claiming they're not a libtard when they should just be honest that they are but we all know that libtards are the biggest fucking liars walking around.

  21. 21

    The Republican Party is unconstitutional; it's a wonder that their way of governing is still legal.

  22. Ann says – reply to this


    After hearing the events that took place I am convinced this was staged. What person attending the republican convention would want to make the republicans look bad?? Two liberals!!!!!!

  23. Ann says – reply to this


    What republican attending the convention would want to act in such a manner that would make their party look so bad?? None!! They were liberals - I'd bet money on it!!!!!!!

  24. 24

    Could have been 2 democrats crashing the party. Could have been two trolls making trouble. Could have been two hilljack Floridians being dumbasses. Could have also been Republicans. This story is stupid because it's labeling an entire party and unless you're ignorant, you know that not all of one party is racist assholes. Just like not all Democrats are sensitive, tree hugging, bleeding hearts.

  25. hypocrite says – reply to this


    No mention by you about Mia Loves wikipedia page being altered bb. You know her bb she spoke last night. Black Mormon mayor from Utah. Racist liberal trash wrote Mrs. Long was a dirty filthy whore and house nig*er. Your liberal family are without a doubt Grade AAA racist.

  26. N99GERS OUT says – reply to this



  27. 27

    Good for security for tossing them so quickly. No idea who these people were but a couple of idiots will not stop me voting Obama out in November.

  28. Rob says – reply to this


    Re: Yes You Bore Me
    Your comment exhibits the type of sentiment that makes many people think that Republicans and the right-wing harbor enmity and Blacks and other groups. At the same time you (seemingly a conservative Republican) are arguing that most Republicans are not racist, why do you cynically state, there's 'another black victim whining about racism? Would you say to a woman who alleges that she was sexually assaulted, oh well, there's another woman whining about being raped? If you were the police and you responded to a report of car theft, would you ask the citizen why are they whining over a piece of metal.

    I believe if an allegation is made that it should be investigated to determine if it is accurate. Being automatically dismissive of people who make allegations of racism by bashing them as "whiners" is at least as counterproductive as blaming a whole group for the actions of a few, especially when some allegations of racism may turn out to be accurate.

    Your comment defends Republicans against charges of racism, which is fine to assert, but your comment exhibits so much enmity and resentment as to detract from any message of measured judgment that you were trying to make.

  29. 29

    This isn't surprising. The RNC room is about as white as white can get. Old white men and dumb wives. I'm sorry but the "token" people they have speaking are ridiculous. They try and act like they have this diverse party when in reality it is full of old white people, mostly men. I mean Romney is getting 0% of the African American/Black vote. That is almost unheard of. The GOP is a dying party. Young people, for the most part, don't agree with their views. The sooner the GOP is gone the better. Maybe a better party will rise from its ashes.

  30. Linq says – reply to this


    This is a lie! That never happend and when people start lying to stir the pot between political parties, I cant stand by and let it happen. Dont spread nasty rumors!!!!

  31. 31

    Oh please, these people were probably democrats paid off by someone to do that. It isn't too difficult to do LMAO.

  32. cole says – reply to this


    "Victim"…this is pure racisim. Their actions and words spoke clearly. You wet dogs are always tring to justify your racism and call it something else. You sound like the typical "wet dog"