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Howard Stern Got A Stern Talking To From NBC After Calling Jay Leno A 'Spineless Maggot'

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And Howard Stern couldn't care less!

The America's Got Talent judge got reprimanded by NBC because he's been talking trash on the network's main man, Jay Leno, but the Sirius radio host just doesn't give a damn!

In response to the news that the Tonight Show laid off 20-25 employees, Stern called Leno a "spineless maggot." He explained that he doesn't believe the late night host actually took a salary cut and ranted:

"Jay Leno is a scumbag. That’s what that means. He’s a spineless maggot. Jay wanted to cut staff. He’s embarrassed to do it. He didn’t want to come off as a bad guy. NBC took the hit for him, because they’re a corporation … My bullshit meter is going off all over the place."

That comment puts Stern in a predicament since, you know, he's on NBC's payroll. Apparently, an executive even spoke to him in "threatening" language about his strong opinions, as Stern explained to his listeners:

"Yeah, I did hear from them actually. I got sort of a threatening kind of comment from one of the executives. I said … 'Do not tell me not to talk about Jay Leno, I will talk about Jay Leno for four f*cking hours if you tell me not to.' I was done with Jay Leno, now I'm all fired up again. F*ck Jay. Take my job away from me. Who cares?"

Yikes! Don't tell the King of All Media what to talk about because that is EXACTLY what he'll talk about!

If the shock jock wasn't making hundreds of millions of dollars for talking on the radio, than he might by the type to play by the network's rules, but guess what? He does make hundreds of millions of dollars to talk on the radio, so this exec made a HUGE mistake by trying to control what comes out of his mouth.

Stern went on to say he loves his judging job on AGT, but would "rather leave the job than not talk about Jay Leno."

[Image via WENN.]

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33 comments to “Howard Stern Got A Stern Talking To From NBC After Calling Jay Leno A 'Spineless Maggot'”

  1. looks cool says – reply to this


    Really, this comes from the guy who pays his staff peanuts and keeps all the marbles for himsef and horsey, hows ya bowling alley howard, still pretending you dont ive in a 20+ million dollar house in the hampton, keep kissing hollywoods arse as they are never going to accept you and your gold digger wife, stop posting stupid pictures of your publcity craving wife and close the photoshop program on your computer, get back to work, get a descent comedian in the empty chair and put some effort into your job, shame on you coward stern!

  2. Ashley Stern says – reply to this


    My dad touched me

  3. Jay Leno says – reply to this


    Poor Howard you wish you were as cool as me. Just because you're afraid of cars and motorcycles, is no reason to continually bash me. I guess if I was into collecting wigs and Barbie dolls we could get along.

  4. Maria says – reply to this


    Thats such a awful wig. Doesn't he have people to help him out? I know he's always been homely but this hair thing is ridiculous.

  5. 5

    Like this turkey should talk. Stern is such a worthless piece of shit.

    I know, his wife is fucking embarrassing.

  6. Patty says – reply to this


    Howard who??? Just another ploy from a Hollywood wannabe like Stern to try to glam onto some media hype. He continues to slam Jay for "stealing" John Melendez from the Stern show by actually offering John a living wage. Hard to believe a no-talent like Stern can comment on somebody like Jay who actually works more than 12 hrs per week and does not take 12 weeks of vacation a year. I would love to see Stern live without somebody spewing jokes into his ear. Stay home in the Hamptons where you belong and keep photoshopping that Target model.

  7. the horse says – reply to this


    'bullshit meter going off all over the place'?! This coming from a man who denies wearing a wig! He also lied to his fans that he would broadcast 5 days a week to con them into signing up for lifetime subscriptions to sirius radio. He is just a desperado trying to get publicity as his listeners have left him in droves and his foray into tv on america's got talent has been a total bust. Get lost Howwig. It's over.

  8. Hair Club for Men says – reply to this


    Jay should have ripped that hair system off Stern's head the last time Stern was on the Tonight Show and acted like a 15 yr old pervert. Time to stay in the Hamptons and count all the money you stole from your "pissed on" fans.

  9. 9

    I think Stern is an asshole. But I also think he's right about Leno. Jay IS a spineless maggot.

  10. Beer Chugger says – reply to this


    Ashley, if I were your father, I'd touch you to

  11. The Lazy Jew says – reply to this


    Wow, did he dip his wig in a bucket of Tar?

  12. John Melendez says – reply to this


    Hey all stop bashing on howard. Stop Drinking the Kool-Aid. Oh Crap, that got me in trouble with wiggy last time. Ok, Stop Drinking the Polan Spring!

  13. JD Harmeyer says – reply to this


    That's great from a boss who laughs at his own employees on air because they don't make much money and have to live in rat infested apartments while he stashes away hundreds of millions of dollars and then scoots of back to his mansion in the Hamptons. What a spineless maggott!!

  14. Mr Pete says – reply to this


    No one has explained, how did NBC get away with dropping 25 employees
    They are UNION, someone paid a hefty price
    As for Howards wig, it is silly, he looks almost as ridicules as John Kerry

  15. Jay Leno says – reply to this


    Re: Mr Pete
    IT is because AGT is losing so many ratings NBC needs to cut expenses to avoid Bankruptcy.

  16. 16

    there have been cutbacks and layoffs everywhere - so why not in television too
    wouldn't be so unusual
    and never been a Stern fan and not watching AGT this yar because he's on it- don't feel oother than being higly opinionated that he is qualified to judge talent of any kind
    just because you're famous for your loud and crude opinions, and that is your only "talent", it doesn't add an ounce of credibility to your ability to judge anyone with a skillset outher than yours
    let him judge crude and rude
    not genuine talent!

  17. barney says – reply to this


    Before Howard calls someonf a Maggot he should look at himself in the mirror.Besides the fucked up wig he always looks like he smells like the sewer he crawls in.

  18. Tan the Alien says – reply to this


    An old wigged queen desperately trying to leech onto a far more famous guy by trying to start a feud that no one cares about. Even if this chump whines and moans about Leno 24/7 no one would ever hear it.

  19. 19

    wow…is howard stern still around…thought he died a long time ago.

  20. 20

    That's not a wig. It's his own hair. It's dyed though. Jay Leno can suck it up. He's cruel to many people in his monologue every night so turn about, fair play. It's actually nice to see someone trash talk him once in a while.

  21. shadowplay says – reply to this


    Stern, like Letterman, & Kimmel are bullies plain & simple. They've been picking on poor Mr. Leno for years irrationally. They remind me of schoolhouse bullies. Maybe they're jealous as they have all divorced, & envious of Mr. Leno's stable marriage of over 32 years, & stable life among other things.

  22. Joe says – reply to this


    Howard Stern became irrelevant when he dumped his great wife Allison and hooked up with the gold diggng vapid horse faced user, fame ho, no talent, monster, ex Ames model and escort. He destroyed his legacy and became a pathetic, botox injected, wig wearing, sellout, photoshopping retard. Seriously he is a joke and a laughingstock who cares what he thinks about anyone or anything? Look who he is married to after all.

  23. 23

    I'm not a big Leno fan but Howard Stern is an asshole. He's just annoyed that Leno got some good press and publicity for taking a pay cut to keep as many of his staff as possible. The media has reported for years that Leno puts all his Tonight Show money aside and lives on his stand up gigs and appearances, so I have no doubt he took a pay cut to keep a lot of his staff. Stern is nothing but a bully who isn't even funny, time for him to retire and let someone actually talented take over.

  24. kandycane says – reply to this


    This is coming from a guy that talked about his exwifes pregnancy lose so grotesque and in he mocks hurts his loved ones by making jokes off their pain. Most people that work for stern usually ends up leaving with a bitter taste in their At least Jay keeps the same wife and is well mannered. STERN IS REALLY MAD BECAUSE ABOUT 17 yrs ago JAY CALLED STERN OUT FOR BEING DISGUSTING AND CRUELLY MOCKING THE DEATH OF HOMELESS PERSON. STERN IS TRASH!!!!!!!!!

  25. kandycane says – reply to this


    Re: msubabe01 – completely agree! Stern will bust hell wide open when he dies…… Jay is wonderful man. Always adored

  26. 26

    I'd love to know how many of these jerk offs trashing Stern are the same person. I've barely ever heard anyone imply he wears a wig in my life, and here you have every single clown shoe saying it. Seems just a little suspicious to me.

  27. JamesTK says – reply to this


    Hey Howard, how else is NBC supposed to pay your exorbitant salary? And while we're at it, let's talk about YOUR show staff having to live in sub-standard housing because YOU pay them so little.

  28. stern100 says – reply to this


    Wow really all the haters he obviously isn't washed up if he makes a 100 million a year off Sirius he gets paid 14 mil a year by nbc so yeah I'd any his radio show is more important nbc hired him knowing he hated Jay big surprise he talks about him always has always will nbc can kiss his mansion Hampton home having ass he doesn't need them and I'm pretty sure he makes more a year and is worth more than any Hollywood actor and isn't looking for there approval either in fact he can maKeenum anybody rich by promoting them or he can make people turn on someone by trashing them I just wish I could get him to talk about my CD so I could make a easy million I'm pretty sure that's power

  29. 29

    Go Howard!!! Fuck Fucking Jay!!!

  30. HighPitchedTruth says – reply to this


    Re: kandycane

    All these comments on a celebrity blog about how horrible stern is. Perez loves howard and the people who "didn't watch" are missing out on one of the best seasons yet. By the way it was rated number one last week 18+ overall.

  31. 31

    Howard can be a douche…but bravo to him for having the balls to speak the truth. Im sure Jay Leno makes more money in one week than all those 25 employees made in a month combined. Leno is a loser..never have liked him.

  32. former howard fan says – reply to this


    wah Howard was paying stuttering john less than 20.000 a year, and leno offered john 300.000 a year because of that howard has cried relentlessly .the stern show is a shell of what it was his employees are paid minimally and the calls from fans arent real like when howard was told not to talk about leno
    howard (picks) up a stewardess' s "call" about how leno did something on a flight
    but the fake caller plainly said" i thought i would miss your call while i was in the shower " nice try howard FAIL and then all the fake AGT calls "your so handsome howard" "your the greatest. the show has been doing this for years and it really is just sad .
    go back in time and look at howards views on gays or rosie or kathy lee hes just a flip flopping wig wearer who "tells it like it is " NOT
    OPIE & ANTHONY at least listen to their guests and dont interrupt with" how big is your CAWK" questions it was funny a few times but is the only question Howard seems to want to know from his guests how sad
    how the mighty has fallen

  33. Ima Payne says – reply to this


    You haters should get a real life as if your comments make a difference. Losers!