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17 comments to “Modern Family Creator Snaps Back At Ann Romney!”

  1. whatever says – reply to this


    It would be hypocrisy to be against gay marriage and then turn around and say your veiws on the subject have changed just to garner the gay vote. Sticking to your religious beliefs is not hypocrisy, no matter who disagrees with them.

  2. 2

    This is no more hypocritical than a blogger who consistently says that "violence is never the answer" but then continues to post stories on people like Chris Brown for the sole purpose of increasing "clicks" and therefore generating revenue.

  3. WillowWynde says – reply to this


    Re: whatever – very well said!

  4. Jamesking says – reply to this


    Looking forward to the day in November when you make another infamous video of yourself crying when Romney becomes president and puts and end to this issue. On the bright side, at least more people will come to your site when the gay stuff is gone. See, Romney is good for the economy.

  5. In the middle says – reply to this


    Oh I see, so we should only buy the music of or tune into the shows produced by people of the political party we support…silly me, I've tried to support artists based on the quaility of their work not their personal political positions.

  6. Elizabeth says – reply to this


    I was okay with this article till you went off on your tirade at the end. Come on, it's a tv show, enough with trying to educate poor, ignorant Republicans. Just because someone's beliefs don't match yours exactly, does not mean that they aren't entitled to have them… or to watch whatever tv show they like. Steve Levitan was classy, you're just petty.

  7. Melissa says – reply to this


    If you hate Perez so much, stop reading his blog! You look a lot more stupid ranting about him while still reading what he writes. As for Ann Romney, the bitch is obviouly using her MS to her husband's advantage. She seems like a pampered nitwit. She could have some other horrible disease and I still won't care. You know why? BECAUSE THE BITCH IS RICH!!!!!!!!! She can friggin take care of herself unlike those of us she's trying to win over. I don't like Obama and won't vote for him, but I don't like the Romneys either. IMO, we're f*cked.

  8. aj says – reply to this


    Re: whatever – no, its just idiotic.

  9. Pippa says – reply to this


    I think it's funny how you say he is bashing Ann Romney about gay marriage when her party she supports isn't in office and when the President in the White House has done nothing legalize it since he's been in office. Stop making your blog about politics! I just want to come on here and read gossip and get away from everyone hating on one anothers political parties!

  10. emeraldfire says – reply to this


    Melissa shut up

  11. 11

    Ha ha ha. Obama has done such a poor job with the economy the Republicans will get elected and that will end gay marriage.

  12. bigwigss84 says – reply to this


    Just because she likes the show does not make her a hypocrite! I like american horror story but i don't kill people. i like gay people too and i don't give a crap if they want to get married let them have the same insurance benefits and be miserable like the rest of us married people. Just call it gay marriage because you can't change the definition of a word to make homosexuals happy

  13. MJB Wolf says – reply to this


    Maybe you should google "hypocrisy" before using it again. In the real world people can have a favorite TV show or movie and not have to agree with the agenda of the creator (although I identify with Jay on ModFam quite a bit). If we only read or watch things we agree with then very few will ever see your act.

  14. Fleur says – reply to this


    Who really cares what Hollywood thinks? They, as well as those who report on them are all scum-sucking pigs. I happened on to this website in error. Howver, I think I'll just keep its address to give you worthless people who believe all this crap and drivel some of it back. If you don't like it, bite me!

    Get ready for all your little Liberal rights to go away, you idiots of the Welfare line. And I mean ALL of them! You've had your little " cultural sabbatical" for the last four years. Now the American Conservatives will reverse all the crap that the Owad in the WH has tried to enact.

    So get your closets cleaned out and ready! You'll be back in no time at all.

  15. Fleur says – reply to this


    That's what WE are all praying for! Go, Mrs. Romney! I could careless if she's a Mormon! She's a good Christian woman-beautiful on the inside and outside. And she is a REAL lady that WE can respect. Nothing like the First Hippo and her litter.

    A hater? You better believe it. I HATE everyone who has anything to do with the Chimp-in-Chief, dumbass Hollywoodheads that try to be cool by being idiot Liberals, people with no values or morals.

    Obutthead's new campaign motto is "forward"…shouldn't that be, "forward, never straight"?


  16. Fleur says – reply to this


    Re: Mad Dog

    I certainly hope so! God messed up the Gay Fest in NOLA, didn't he? With a flood and storm named Isaac.

    Isaac in Hebrew means "laughter"

    All those little sissy boys had their parade rained on!!! Hahahahahahahahahahaha!

  17. Frances27 says – reply to this


    It's offensive when you say people who don't agree with gay rights/marriage are "against equality". NO, they just have values and beliefs, unlike all the liberals. I'm all for racial equality, but being gay isn't a matter of race, it's a choice that people make.