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Watch Paul Ryan's RNC Speech HERE!

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Introducing…. Paul Ryan!

Tonight the Republican Vice Presidential candidate gave his first BIG TIME speech of his career at the Republican National Convention.

Hear Mitt Romney's running mate talk about the "freedom-less" Affordable Health Care Act, the state of the economy and his less-than positive feeling towards President Obama in part one of this speech (above)!

One thing is for sure, this was by faaaar the sexiest part of the convention!

Watch part two and three of the RNC speech… AFTER THE JUMP!!

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43 comments to “Watch Paul Ryan's RNC Speech HERE!”

  1. just saying says – reply to this


    No doubt you won't be scribbling a heart over Ryan's groin area even if he's a health fanatic and has 6% body fat, something you wish you could achieve. Romney/Ryan in office January 2013. Sorry liberals your guy is a one trick pony and a bad one at that.

  2. 2

    Yeah - the country tried that hope and change thing and now it is time to hope for a change - Obama said it himself - if after three years - things aren't better - time to kick him out. That's the only thing I agree with him on - time for him to go. Romney can't do any worse than Obama has - he can only do better - no place to go but up. . .

  3. ProAmerica=ProObama says – reply to this


    Re: just saying – just saying… Obama is a "one trick pony?" Really… could you be more specific? Or how about cite some actual facts that prove Romney knows anything about regular people and being successful in government….what was Massachusetts when Mittens was Governor, like 45th or below in job creation????…Oh wait, the only facts that we know about him is his piss poor business record that only he profited from…BTW….Where are those pesky tax returns? Hmmm?

  4. 4

    Re: Ohiogirl – Idiot Ohiogirl, your obviously a republican because your are a complete dumbass.

  5. Sam Wall says – reply to this


    Wow I haven't seen G.E. Smith from SNL in decades!

  6. Matrix says – reply to this


    Why is Obama trying to run the US into the ground?

  7. Dre says – reply to this


    That speech was totally kick-ass! Paul Ryan is a serious BAMF who will totally wipe the floor with Honest Joe Biden!!! We can do it!

  8. yes says – reply to this


    No thanks….Ryan/Romney are robots…anti-women, anti-gay bigots….only conservative fools would vote for these two idiots…they are so out of touch with what is going on in the real world…they live in a bubble…no common sense, wisdom, truth or thought penetrates that conservative bubble…these men are scary…they are extreme zealots….look at where they stand on issues…scary scary men!! OBAMA 2012!!!

  9. Fast_and_Furious says – reply to this


    Obama has proven to be a lier and corrupt. Look up where the stimulus money has went. Solyndra, bankrupt.. car industry soon to be bankrupt.. companies were also obama supporters and fund his campaign.. Obama used stimulus money to run ads on MSNBC touting his policies.. look it up!! or look at link attached, look up fast and furious, look up how he is authorizing millions of ILLEGALS to work and collect welfare when 1 out of 6 americans are living in poverty and 25% are struggling to find work ..dont be another Obamabot sheep.. this 5 trillion in debt will take DECADES to repay

  10. 10

    Re: CandyAppleRed0713
    No one will ever accuse you of taking the high road . . .why a personal attack - what happened to tolerance - oh yeah - Libs always say they are tolerant but rarely are . . . proving my point

  11. ERIN says – reply to this


    @yes, you are a joke. if anyone is out of touch with the REAL issues of this country it is you!!!!!! ITS THE ECONOMY STUPID!!!

  12. 12

    Tampa: We’ll put policies in place to revive America.
    Charlotte: Let’s kill more babies!

  13. 13

    Perez - First of all, I am thanking you for covering something from the right. You are very left so I was pleasantly surprised to see you comment on the AMAZING Republican National Convention. Thank you for attempting to show both sides. This is not about social issues. We all want gay marriage, equality for women, etc. Why do people think Dems own this? How did I get to be a strong, smart, successful woman and a Republican with a gay brother that I love more than life? We can all agree on these things. Now, it is about the economy and getting everone back to work. My background is in economincs. This is about numbers folks. Let's get this ecomomy booming. Obama is about personality and he has a good one. He is just not the best man or woman for POTUS at this time. We need to kick some ass and fast if we do not want ot be Greece. Come on America!!!!!!

  14. 14

    Re: Ohiogirl – exactly, How is calling someone and idiot a critical argument? it's not. you have no point so you just throw out an insult. An saying oh the repub canidates are women haters and bigots isn't a proper argument, your reasoning is purely ad-hominid, plus untrue. They've said that abortion and and gay-marriage is a state level issue and they have nothing to do with it, they are focused on rebuilding the economy, I wish people would stop bringing up hot button topics that are not issues that we are currently dealing with. Women can get abortions!!!! no president is going to change that. States left and right are passing gay marriage!!! no president is going to stop that. Can we please now deal with our failing economy!!!

  15. 15

    “College graduates shouldn’t have to spend their 20′s in their childhood bedroom, staring up at faded Obama posters, wondering when they can get on with their life.” — Paul Ryan

  16. 16

    He's a little negative nancy. Too bad everything he was shitting on Obama for are things he himself wanted! He asked for stimulus money in his state to help bring jobs! He just lies and you fools eat it up. Way to be smart and independent and do your research. No man should have any right to tell me what to do with my uterus.

  17. 17

    Re: CandyAppleRed0713 – If you're going to call someone an idiot please make sure you use the right form of you're. Y O U ' R E is you are. Y O U R is your.

  18. 18

    Re: CaritaDeCleopatra
    Excuse me - I was responding to being attacked by CandyApple Red - i didn't call anyone an idiot - read all the comments before you single someone out.

  19. 19

    I also love how he is all for rebuilding the economy but never explained HOW. He just said what people want to hear and never explained how it's going to be done. Good speech bro.

  20. 20

    Re: ProAmerica=ProObama – ProAmerica? Obama is for more government involvement and spending which is the definition of Anti America. Plus I'm sooooo sick of hearing about romney's taxes. He paid the correct tax for investments no more no less. What's really annoying is hearing people that DON'T pay ANY taxes complain and say that other people should pay more. People that don't pay taxes and live off everyone else's dime and drive a better car then I do and have a better cell phone then I do say I should pay more taxes.

  21. 21

    Re: Ohiogirl – No sorry I was backing you up, I saw that they called you an idiot for no reason. I must've not written it clearly. sorry.

  22. 22

    Re: JoniJohnsonRe: Ohiogirl – Ha ha. I just reread my comment and there was definitely not a clear enough separation there. My first sentence was agreeing with you the rest was directed entirely to candy apple face….

  23. 23

    Re: JoniJohnson – applause

  24. 24

    Re: !Lauren!
    Honey, to fix this mess isn't rocket science.
    All of us know exactly what he'll do…basic, tried and true stuff…
    reduce taxes, reduce corporate taxes, in fact, give corporations two years with no tax at all, just to kick start new business investments.
    Throw out the EPA and 90% of their soul sucking effects on business.
    Throw out Obamacare, 'cuz businesses can't afford this monstrosity.
    Romney and Ryan will implement these normal, sound financial principles that made Ameria great in the first place.
    The greatest economic engine the world has ever seen.
    Businesses need to plan 5-10 years out.
    Obama and our Democrat legislators won't pass anything substantive, but stop gaps, for 18 months out, so business owners won't invest their money, when there is no security about what happens next, after the 18 months.
    You can't run a country like this.
    I could go on and on, but you really aren't interested in the answers.
    Romney and Ryan will stop demonizing businesses.
    When making successful people be the bad guys, the end result is there are no jobs.
    The very day after the election of Romney being our next President, Obama being kicked out will jump start a whole new economy.

  25. 25

    Business thoughts on point but the "you didn't build that" drama has been overblown. Love to see 12 million jobs and the less spending, too hard to believe. Good speech though, he did better than I thought.

  26. 26

    Energy independence is key to our recovery.
    Keystone Pipeline, offshore drilling will put to work many people, get gas down below $2/gal again.
    America needs cheap gas and our new technology knows how to extract it very safely.
    Green energy is a dud at this time is like hoping unicorns are real.
    No substitute for oil and America has plenty of it.
    No need to be Saudi Arabia's poodle.
    Let's roll.

  27. ADreamIsAWish24 says – reply to this


    *chants* U S A! U S A!

  28. 28

    Re: just saying – You know you are stupid when you try and argue someone's body fat percentage is a reason for them to be in office…

  29. 29

    Bitch, please.

  30. 30

    When he talks about people who are unemployed/"under employed"… Yeah, because you're stance on the fair pay act would help women in that department, right? And college students graduating and not finding jobs, how is he going to fix that? Gut our educational system. That should really help. “I don’t want to live in a country where everything is free but the people. Our rights come from God and not our government.” Coming from the party who's mission is to keep everyone who is not a rich white male oppressed.

  31. Michael says – reply to this


    Paul Ryan WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY sexier than Obama or Obama's clown VP Biden

  32. Michael says – reply to this


    Re: jaimeee – Did you see the RNC speakers….definitely more diverse than dems

  33. suckit says – reply to this


    Errr, "why do people think dems own this?"
    Because your party is expressly against both of these things.

  34. suckit says – reply to this


    Sure if you like that ill fitting suit wearing crazy-eyed nutter "I'm going to go postal if I lose" look. What a fucking lying jerk this guy is. Romney probably choose him to appeal to people like you. I don't think Obama's trying to win a swimsuit competition with this guy - let's talk about something like intelligence. This guy has a degree from the university of Miami, OHIO. Ever hear of it? Yeah, it's a world class institution where only the best of the best get into. Of course, no one cares that he's a lying turd. He's hot!

  35. 35

    Re: JoniJohnson – He only covered this because he'd like to stick his diseased little cock up Ryan's poop shoot. Perez is neither fair nor balanced, but he does tend to let his hetero perving dictate his posts. You haven't figured that out by now? The Republicans are, in general terms, anti-homo. But that doesn't get in the way of Perez's deviant, gross desires.

  36. Tay says – reply to this


    Thank you for posting these clips Perez! I am a republican and no….I am NOT a racist. I am NOT homophobic. I belive in a woman's right to choose. And I hope more young people do their research before this election. Now how about posting Ann Romney's speach?

  37. 37

    Just wait until the Dems convention next week, 30 year old Sandra Fluke is a speaker. Remember her, she's the grown woman that thinks the country owes her FREE birth control. The Dems are going to sling mud and talk negative, because the certainly can't brag about anything! And Chris Matthews will jiz himself when Obama takes the stage!

  38. 38

    Perez, you absolute ridiculous fool. Do you not know what the rethuglican party led by anti-Christ like Paul Ryan, thinks of your abominated (There word not mine) ass as the ultimate F*G"!?!?! He would have your sissy ass arrested in a heartbeat if he could. You are the comedic fodder for Ryan and Romney's lively, bigoted discourse at the dinner table. You are the one they whisper about and spread rumors like you have AIDS and should be sent to concentration camps. You are the peoples that rethuglicans is convinced

  39. 39

    Estuido Perez! The Ryan/Romney team are looking to bury your fa*g*t ass underneath the ground. You are the guy he makes his children cross to the opposite side of the street because he has convinced himself that you and your kind are pedophiles rampaged by HIV and AIDS. He thinks that you and your so-called rise to flaming f*g fame is the most absurd thing possible. But there you in your infinite ridiculousness, giving more ink to the rethuglican wonder boy devil. As you foam at the mouth at his so called "hotness", all I see is a perfect example of how a horrible personality can transform into physical troll ness. Are you really that out of touch that you don't realize that even the mention of his name on your site, empowers his dark, black ego.

  40. RiskAverseAlertBlog says – reply to this


    We need to stop bailing out hopelessly insolvent banks whose actions in fact have destroyed the U.S. economy. You cannot possibly "spend" $5 trillion in less than four years. This money in fact was thrown at the banking system, pretending it can be saved. I guarantee you this: if the banking system is not put through a bankruptcy reorganization along Glass-Steagall lines, these candidates assuredly will NOT stop "spending" taxpayer money. These likewise will try to bail out the pigs who over the past forty years have led this country, inch by inch, to its present insolvency. The banking system is a bottomless pit, and if it is not reorganized in bankruptcy, these men likewise will fail as badly as Obama has.

  41. C says – reply to this


    Re: !Lauren! – UH, neither did Obama……..he never said he would take from people who are willing to work and give to those who aren't willing…..

  42. tragan says – reply to this


    Re: !Lauren! – Lauren Do whatever you wish with your uterus Just dont ask me to pay for it and again a womans right to choose is a state issue job creation defense are federal issues so please stop screaming womans rights(i beleive your capable of whatever you want to do)Just dont ask me to pay for YOUR choices

  43. t2ragan says – reply to this


    Re: !Lauren! – your right they didnt say how but its got to be better than Tax and spend or borrow and spend….