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Jennifer Lopez & Enrique Iglesias Axe Florida Show!

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Awww, that's a slice of lame pie with extra boo sauce for Orlandians!

It seems Jennifer Lopez & Enrique Iglesias have cancelled their September 2nd Orlando, FL show, citing 'logistical' reasons. Pooper!

A venue statement explains:

"The tour will now conclude with two final shows at American Airlines Arena in Miami, Florida on August 31 and September 1. Ticket holders for the September 2nd Orlando date will be refunded at original point of purchase."

Well, that's good then! And hey, at least the snubbed concertgoers in Orlando can take that refunded ticket $$$ and go rage out in Disney World, sooooo… we don't feel TOO sorry for them! Ha!

And we wonder if J.Lo will document this hiccup in her 3D concert movie Dance Again, which is apparently being filmed ON TOUR?! Perhaps there was some hurricane related dramz?!

Oooo we are supa souped to find out!

[Images via WENN.]

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29 comments to “Jennifer Lopez & Enrique Iglesias Axe Florida Show!”

  1. 1

    Logistical problems my ass. Ticket sales in Orlando were in the toilet. And Mario, if you'd pull your head out of your own ass you'd know that people who live in tourist towns don't go to the tourist places. You are a worthless fucking retarded homo.

  2. 2

    Isn't that the Bad Dancer from In Living Color's Fly Girls? I thought she OD'd a long time ago….

  3. Bruce says – reply to this


    I call bullsh*t! They are in Miami Friday and Saturday. What sort of "logistics" would prevent them from playing Orlando on Sunday? Enrique complained on Extra the other night that playing multiple shows in a row was exhausting. Poor boy! He doesn't even play a full show! Maybe they consider poor ticket sales a logistical issue! In any event, it's a terrible thing to do to the fans who not only bought tickets, made travel arrangements, and perhaps passed on other opportunities for travel for the holiday weekend. Lack of professionalism like this is what will prevent either of them from shining as long as the real pros.

  4. bv says – reply to this


    They did the same thing in Anaheim CA. (08/12/12) They cancelled the show a few days before the concert without a reason given. So not professional.

  5. mememememe says – reply to this


    youre an idiot!

  6. 6

    What could Jennifer Lopez possible do to get people into an arena that they haven't seen before?

  7. WACKKA WAH says – reply to this


    JLO can do anything and everything enrique cant do. especially sing dance act and entertain people and much much more!

  8. kikehater says – reply to this


    enrique f—cks everything up always!!!! hes probably to tired and drunk to go on LMFAO JLO is older then him and can handle it. I HATE THIS GUY AND ALL HIS SH-T MUSIC!

  9. 9

    No socking news, we all knew her concerts tour was going to be a flop, what really get me she wants to make a 3D movie concert film, when she can’t even sell real concert tickets?

  10. 10

    Why does anyone wanna see an old lady act like a caricature of herself?

  11. 11

    Poor ticket sales!! J Lo has no voice and has to run around with children for attention. Enrique should have jumped on the Britney tour last year he lost out and is to full of himself.

  12. 12

    Re: nycyankeeguy – Now Enrique and Britney would have been A-mazing! Now THAT's a show I would've paid to see. Enrique is a legend in Latin America and very popular around the Globe. He's been around A LOT longer than Jho. He actually connects with his fans on his tour, unlike Jho who lip syncs and dances around like a trained monkey :)

  13. 13

    Re: Bruce – Enrique went on tour (Euphoria in Europe and In the US with Pitbull and Prince Royce) just recently and Now with Jlo, so Yes he's tired. He's human.

  14. trulysorry says – reply to this


    Jlo should have toured alone and not have this piece of wipea-s enrique iglesias tour with her. This is why its not selling. NOBODY wants to see old good for nothing same old crpola singing! JLO should drop him now! Thank god hes not going to Europe with her or any other country! He cant even sell large arenas!

  15. keepsake says – reply to this


    JLO rocks! Shes so much more loved then enrique iglesias! What does he even sing?

  16. Marie says – reply to this


    Enrique is a real singer and tours a lot unlike La Lopez who hasn't toured solo. Her first tour was with Marc and now this. She can't sing and lipsyncing can't sustain a tour.
    Check out the ticketmaster reviews for the concerts; the majority of the fans point out that she can't connect with the audience while Enrique has a great rapport with his fans and is the one who keeps this show afloat.
    I agree that it was unprofessional to cancel this show! Obviously poor ticket sales. And her team has the nerve to claim that all the shows were sold out, NOT!

  17. jodi says – reply to this


    Please enough already with this loser enrique. The shows were cancelled because nobody wants to see enriques same sh-t all the time! Jlo must be sorry she chose him. sHE DID HIM A BIG FAVOR! he ruins everything!

  18. deesse says – reply to this


    Jlo! I just read a note about u in a magasine where u're planning to dump casper. He knows every is fine more than ever. Remember he left Aisha for u. He knows he's gonna travel with until the end of the show. I'm a woman like u how will u feeling? U already knew he was young. It's not only u gonna your heart what about him? Spend 10 months together in the same house share the same bed. I'm not thinking about your husband for 8 years. It's the past. It's easy for u to manage Casper than man. Thing can get better. Remember Aisha on tweeter"Take it one day at a time". It was abuse for Aisha. What aboug

  19. sammy says – reply to this


    Jlo do your thing! you have everything to be proud of. Your husband Marc Anthony 'stands by you' Dont listen to anyone who says what your choices in life are. Youre a good woman and the world loves you!

  20. deesse says – reply to this


    What about him? It's gonna be a heartbreak. I am a women in your age we are all human. Spend ten months with some in the same house share the bed come on! I'm not gonna talk about your husband 8 years because it's already happened. Age doesn't mean anything just the behavior. Like I said before it's easier to manage than other man anywhere u go he's available for u. He calls u the boss. Don't let people drive u crazy. We should talk discuss about every thing. It works to have a good relation. Peace and love. God bless u guys. I hope having having your answer for my next reading

  21. lisa bb says – reply to this


    jlos gonna be fine. shes a professional. shes a strong woman. leave her be. stop preaching!

  22. yolanda says – reply to this


    He will be fine too, hes young and has a good head on his shoulders. Knowing jlo they will remain good friends. shes the best! good heart. i cant stand this enrique iglesias but she wanted to help him. shes so thoughtful.

  23. Marie says – reply to this


    Re: yolanda

    Yah, JLo is mother Teresa, lol! She did no favors! She knows that she can't sing and can't carry a solo tour. Enrique is talented, popular and with tons of fans in the Latin community. It was a smart move to invite him

  24. Marie says – reply to this


    Re: Sweetness24

    Plus Enrique actually sings while Lopez lipsyncs, huge difference.

  25. 2 enriques chuuby fans says – reply to this


    Get over it already enrique is done! he cant sing and cant entetain hes a loser and has a sick look to himself. I think he needs help. I think hes a drunk now and he looks depressed allllllll the time! Whats up with that? At least jlo looks happy and shows it! stop your bullshit with this lip sync already. Shes amazing. enrique cant hold a note!!! thank god hes gone from the tour now!!!!

  26. kathy says – reply to this


    Really? hOW COME SHES TOURING EUROPE AND OTHER COUNTRIES HERSELF? she cant handle it? Watch her work herself!!! Enrique needed the rest, thats why hes not touring the resst of HER TOUR! Thank god for that too. She does not need him and yes she did him a big favor! Now enrique should sart looking for other artists to help him or just go awa and retire!

  27. Marie says – reply to this


    Re: kathy

    Well, her shows in Latin America didn't sell well when she was solo - she only did OK in Brazil. We will see about Europe… She can't give concerts that last less then an hour, lipsync her way through them and expect people to buy tickets. She can't sing live!

  28. guest says – reply to this


    Re: Marie – really? I heard her shows are sold ou in europe and are asking her to do more shows! Lets see what enrique will do? HAHA not much unless he caught a young rapper or other artist to help him out and pay him which is what hes doing. So the show goes on with the best JLO who has a great voice and can sing and do anything and enrique will be doing nothing! Until he gets more help! just deal with it already! fatso go eat your ice cream!

  29. HoneyWest says – reply to this


    Oh! You people get over yourselves, the was cancelled due to logistics and nothing else! The ticket sales are okay. You have to remember doing two shows in a row is exhausting and tiring. They're human for god sake! They need the rest. As you know they did the same thing in Anaheim also ’cause they needed the rest. You people are a bunch of retards! REALLY!