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Robert Pattinson Longs For London & Looking To Relocate?

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Robert Pattinson Homesick London

Sounds like Robert Pattinson might be getting ready to leave the City of Angels behind!

After deciding to sell his Los Feliz love nest — where he shared oh so many memories with KStew — R-Patz is thinking about moving back to England, his homeland!

An insider revealed:

“Robert is thinking long and hard about returning to London. He never fell in love with Los Angeles and has always longed for home. When Kristen was shooting Snow White and the Huntsman in London, he made his excuses to visit her as much as he could - he missed it so much.”

Aw! Our poor handsome, heartbroken Brit! Perhaps a trip back over the pond WOULD do him some good!

Supposedly, Rob just wants to kick back with his mates at the pub and catch up with his family in good ol’ London town and we don’t blame him!

Though, if Katy Perry isn’t enough to convince you to stay in El Lay… LOLz!

[Image via WENN.]

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27 comments to “Robert Pattinson Longs For London & Looking To Relocate?”

  1. Lesa Rollo says – reply to this


    Yes come back home Mr P…we'll look after you!!!

  2. 2

    Fake story as usual.

  3. 3

    Re: Lady Who? – haha!

  4. 4

    I'd rather be in London too.

  5. 5

    If He comes to Edmonton Alberta, look me up!

  6. chrissy says – reply to this


    lol he loves LA, and he barely visited Kristen while she was on set for SWATH.

    Katy pffff run away Rob

  7. twilight08 says – reply to this


    If this is a true decision of Robert Pattinson, then I say do it. Los Angeles for the majority of actors is not the place to be. Too many temptations, fakeness. So many English actors / actresses return across the pond whenever there's a job in the States. Robert knows I hope that he is admired here. America hss been financially rewarding for him. However, "there's no place like home". So, Robert go home. God Speed. D. Justin

  8. 8

    We here can't get over the video where you are with all those party girls and got left out of the bus, but was let on later. We aren't stupid , we know what parties lead to. Everybody makes you out as the Saint of LA but you know your business and how to hide so you won't get caught. One day pictures are going to come out you really cheating BEFORE Kristen kissed Rupert Sanders. I never knew what Kristen saw in you. You are a player and act like a saint.

  9. twilight08 says – reply to this


    Re: Janiecat – if you look at that video closely Janiecat you will see Robert wasn't hiding he was walking to the bus with the group with a mesh of photogs upon seeing him they separated him from the group clicking pictures. When the group on the bus realized he wasn't on it they quickly opened the door and he pushed forwards and jumped on. No one is saying Robert is a saint. However, if you don't have the actually proof even in court then it didn't happen. However, let's say he did, he was atleast smart enough to be private about it not only for himself but for the partner involved. He didn't stand in the BROAD DAYLIGHT with a MARRIED PARENT OF TWO being fondled as cameras clicked away. So are you saying he's smart and classy and she's just ???? You fill in the blanks. The choice is yours. Make a good one because she didn't.

  10. lulu collazo says – reply to this


    This could be a great idea, only if the both of you move together to have a fresh start. Otherwise is a way of turning your back on your loved one. You truly love Kristen, I hope, so please, please, please, listen to your heart, before you tell her goodbye, like that song from Heart. Be true to yourself, take a leap of faith, the worse that could happen is falling again, but the best is to be united forever. It's hard to find your soul mate, don't let her get away from pure pressure, be strong and have conviction. In the end love will find it's way. If you leave her along with LA, farewell… but no pubs, no friends, nothing will ever fill that void in your heart for not trying and be capable of forgiviness in it's true meaning, which means also forgeting and moving on. I hope you are wise Robert, be wise and not a push over. Be wise and do not put your career before love. Get lost with her and work from affar, but never let go!!!

  11. Sparkle says – reply to this


    Rob don't leave you are an amazing Actor and this will only make you stronger. Show them what your really made off. YOU ARE THE MOST CAPTIVATING ACTOR IN HOLLYWOOD HANDS DOWN. Love you Rob :) )))

  12. Stormy says – reply to this


    Re: Janiecat
    Rob has never done a thing to hurt Kristen, he adored. Gee I'm sorry if they have friends. She has always been a skank to him and we all saw it. Then she proved it by running around with that dirty old man who she knew was married with kids and the wife even liked the whore. Sorry Rob stays he is a gentleman but the whore should climb back under the rock where she belongs. She was screwing around for at least 3 months and don't get me started on her and Rupert's fuck fest in Australia.
    Sluty home wrecker.

  13. 13

    You were all Kristen haters before any of this happened. By Liberty's own words they were having problems. No one else breaks a marriage except the two involved. Kristen kissed the old man, so what. You all live in a world of no forgiveness, so if you live by the sword you die by the sword. Robert has the chance to forgive and he hasn't. Destiny will serve him the same.

  14. 14

    Oh I forgot!!!!! He doesn't need forgiveness because he's the Saint of L.A!!! He's even homeless living in a trashcan behind a rented arch!!!!! He will have friends, beautiful famous …uh….girls just friends and party with them but will not touch them, just sit around and talk like seventy year olds again because he's the Saint of L.A. !!!!!! Oh he so loved Kristen so much he couldn't commit to her at all because he's the saint of L.A. He's the first twenty seven year old male in this world that can resist all temptations, why you ask? Because he's the Saint of L.A. No worries for him cause he does no harm and perfectly walks the line. The perfect man. Please stay!!!! And keep us laying our eyes on that beautiful, big, handsome, flat face of yours, Robert. We love you sooooo Much!!!! And Your next move? Well I say you go to France and become a Franciscan Monk!!!! Again yes, because he's the….yes everybody…. The saint of L.A. !!!!!!!

  15. 15

    Perez Hilton, you should put a halo above Robert Pattinson's head from now on. He so loved Kristen and she kissed an old man. Eew!!!! Robert should never take her back just because of that. He would never kiss anybody older than him. He was done wrong and now he is left with nothing but his wonderful memories of Bella, I mean, Kristen and him walking in the woods and climbing the trees. He will now have to step out in the sun without a shirt and……too bad the Voltari isn't for real.

  16. 16

    Oh, but the party girls are! Hop on the bus Robert and have some fun. Life is too short to
    Feel bad about anything especially your …. Friend? Girl friend? Fellow actor? What was she to you anyway, we here never got it clear what she was to you, but never mind, Kristen kissing an old man, director.

  17. twilight08 says – reply to this


    Re: Janiecat – First Janiecat, Robert is 26 years old as of 5/13/12. Secondly, how do you know he hasn't talk to Kristen and have forgiven her? You think brcause someone forgives they will then turn around and resume an intimate relationship once again. Well no. You can truly forgive someone who has hurt you, you can wish them well and mean it from your heart. However, the relationship is no longer intimate we are only friends going forward. If she is not acceptable to this new relationship and wants to hang on, that's her problem, not his. And you think by calling him a saint is a bad thing..well guess what? Its not. I rather be compared to saints and angels anytime than a certain sinner with a devil may care sensibility who makes bad choices with no regards for anyone but themselves.

  18. twilight08 says – reply to this


    Re: Janiecat – you sound confused janiecat.your comment shows that you can not separate fiction from non.fiction Bella…Kristen, climbing trees, walking in the sunlight? I think you have a problem with reality and make believe. ? Janiecat things will get better I promise. By December this will be just a bad memory. Just hold on to that reality o.k.?

  19. twilight08 says – reply to this


    Re: Janiecat – in this case janiecat your counting is off there's four involved not two. Two innocent individuals two guilty individuals. Note just because someone is experiencing a problem in their relationship single or married doesn't mean we can't fix it work on it. Most cheaters use that excuse to get the person they want to feel remorse and let me help you through your pain kind of thing Kristen was primed. You said she was hated before the scandal you are o wrong she was adored by fans just as much as the other castmembers. Why to you think there is so much fallout about what she did to Robert? She shocked the living heck out of fans, family friends, and the man she profess to loving. Haters? Where ? She hates herself.

  20. 20

    Re: twilight08 – Oh I know.

  21. 21

    Re: twilight08 – I guess you don't read much. There have been haters since day one. Marriage is between two people and the two have the responsibility to keep the marriage going, not anyone else. I would be shocked if it happened to me, not to two individuals that aren't even committed to each other and actors. There's too many drama queens that are "shocked", why? The media has drawn in so many into Robert's and Kristen's life that it's ridiculous. They can do what ever they want but don't make Robert to seem like a hurt puppy, he never had the guts to committ to Kristen, just to use her.

  22. twilight08 says – reply to this


    Re: Janiecat – Hi Janiecat You and I will have to agree to disagree and there is three in a marriage not two that's the problem in today's society people when they take their vows plural the vows are with God. So when you break a vow or vows , you break them with Him too. Therefore, yes you ask your spouse to forgive you but some forget to ask for God's forgiveness also. And as IT stated to you in another comment, if there's is a problem causing adultery is not the solution she became the wedge by not saying NO STOP and leave. Stop making excuses for her and her choice. She will get through this others before have. The question will be asked of her later did you learn anything from this ordeal? And your question about my reading habits…I am new to this site maybe two weeks. However, the fans I know was always in her corner loved her work in twilight hence her fans. However the wind was knocked of them when we first heard on 7/25/12 that this had happened. It was about two human beings just like us we were hopeful . Now today it is said that her parents are divorcing too. What's happening to love? Til death do us part? Keep:-) ing Peace

  23. twilight08 says – reply to this


    Re: Janiecat – P.S. Janiecat. The haters you mentioned are a drop in the bucket (on the various sites and the media press) you are comparing millions from all over the global to the so called haters. The problem isn't the haters its the disappointed fans. But they will get over it. Watch once 11/16/12 arrives and to by December everyone will move on. All will be able to move on with their careers. Right?

  24. nina says – reply to this


    What is the lesson? Don’t be Pattinson's girlfriend because his fans will tear you and he will not lift a finger to protect you!

  25. nana says – reply to this


    Ha, now haters come up with reasons why they are not haters. But how would they explain the unjustified hatred??? It's simply, they hate Kristen because they are jealous. They defend the hypocrite Pattinson because they believe that he read their comments…

  26. Susie says – reply to this


    Two young people actually being attracted to others and even cheating, if you can call it that. It's a process people. Are we supposed to date ONE person forever? This is how you find the person you want to marry. For god's sake. Get over it Robert. He's acting like it's the end of his world. Part of growing up. If you are married, it's a different story mr. director.

  27. jermar says – reply to this


    Good decision. Go home to London and leave LA. It's not a place for genuine people. You'll find someone someday who will appreciate you on your own turf. Kristen has been boiled in oil by the media over her indescretion, too bad. Maybe the rest of her life she will watch her step and should get out of the Entertainment field as she doesn't seem to know how to navigate.