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Prince Harry's Dad Says Don't Apologize For Naked Party Pics!

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It seems Prince Charles was once a naughty Party Prince himself, and doesn't think Harry's Sin City rager is anything to be super ashamed about!

After pictures leaked of Prince Harry's naked Vegas romp, where drugs (cocaine, mushrooms, weed), a drug dealer, AND ladies of the night were all supposedly present, we heard that Harry was a very sorry ginger biscuit, and that he would publicly apologize for his un-princely behavior…

But it seems Harry's own father, Prince Charles, has instructed his mischievous son NOT to say sorry for any offense his actions may have caused!

One royal insider reveals:

"In [Prince Charles'] younger years he was just as much a playboy as Harry is now, so he’s more understanding when it comes to this sort of thing. While he told Harry to be a little more responsible, he didn’t chastise him because he didn’t think he did anything wrong. Charles doesn’t believe there’s any need for a public apology and instead said to Harry he should go to Afghanistan as soon as he makes an appearance at the Paralympics and join his rank."

True that, oh royal son of the Queen!

As we've said, Harry was just being a lad! We can't expect these aristocrats to be robotic, flawless beings, and it's comforting to know at least one of them makes irresponsible mistakes now and again. It's only human!

And as long as he doesn't continue to mock his position in the world and waste the British tax payer's money on fun with a capital FU, then it's alllll good!

No more bare-bottomed boozy nights, ok Harry?! You've got it outta your system now get back to your royal duties, please!

[Image via WENN.]

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11 comments to “Prince Harry's Dad Says Don't Apologize For Naked Party Pics!”

  1. 1

    I don't see why he needs to, the way he parties is his business

  2. 2

    Now didn't you say just last week that the royal family was having his ass, now you post the exact opposite. Not suprising, but still gay as fuck.

  3. loriso says – reply to this


    I disagree. First of all, Harry isn't some 20 year old college kid. He's closer to 30. At what age does that sort of partying just become pathetic? Second, he wasn't just partying, he was around drugs and prostitutes. I'd just brush it off if he was merely partying, but since when are drugs legal? The fact of the matter is its time for him to grow up. How is anyone supposed to take him seriously? He's got millions, whatever he wants at his disposal, and In return he is supposed to be a role model for his country. How is he any different from the spoiled Paris Hiltons of our Country? Does he want to be remembered for being a druggie/partier or a man who made a difference in the world?

  4. 4

    Fake insider, fake quote.

  5. sukhi says – reply to this


    I couldn't care less what this leach does in his spare time but considering he is paid by the British public (or his family is, and that's where his money comes from) well then he becomes fair game. Yes he has no real political power but if the Prime Minister was caught in this situation there would be a lot of trouble. And he costs a lot less to the public. B
    Basically, I think the obvious solution is to cut the whole lot of these idiots off (Perez, you'll never get an invite to BP do stop brown nosing, you are an embarrassment) and let them do as they please.
    His father thinks it's okay to behave this way when almost 30 because his father was proclaiming that he wanted to be reincarnated into a tampon in his 50s. That should put this family into some perspective for you yanks.
    They should die out with the Queen.

  6. smiths says – reply to this


    Re: loriso
    he fights in the army for his country, I'm guessing Paris Hilton doesn't?

    Noone in England cares, everyone says to leave him be, it was a private room and the person who sold the photos is the one who should be ashamed and say sorry.
    Even Boris Johnson said he real scandal would have been if he didn't have a good time.
    This really shouldn't have even made foreign news with all that goes on.

  7. mc says – reply to this


    My few pence worth. The problem with Harry is not the partying, it's his role models - he's like his Grandfather/Father minus x amount of years - but unfortunately Harry won't change his spots, some may argue he doesn't need to but when the British tax payer is paying for his antics in a time when the country could do with the money to be utilised in other areas it beggars belief. Will he change anytime soon - debatable- maybe his PR people will pull a few strings to make it look like he has. His behaviour opens up the topic whether we in Britain need Royalty anymore - France has done just fine turning royal palaces into Museums.

  8. 8

    I don't understand why such a progressive country like England still feels the need to have a monarchy. They have a govenrment. Why pay a bunch of fools millions to romp with hookers and smoke drugs? Or to have William and Kate smile and wave in thousands of dollars worth of designer duds? The Queen herself apparently spends $10K a year just on royal napkins. It's all so stupid already. There are many people in England who are struggling…

  9. jeff says – reply to this


    He's just a young guy doing stupid things. It's called being normal and I agree, no need to apologize. Just cause you're a public figure doesn't mean you should have fun.

  10. 10

    harry is angelic compared to both his dad and his uncle .. enuff said ..

  11. adamandeve says – reply to this


    Harry is not, never has been and unless something major happens, will never be "a common lad"
    He has enviably entitlements but those do not include him acting like everyone else. As Diana, his mother before him incorrectly thought she could manipulate the media and act as a commoner after she had been the most recognised woman in the world much to her utter misery and downfall, Harry will have to understand the public doesn't want him or his family to be "one of us" We want them to be different. Royal. The Queen is the only one who seems to get that and acts accordingly. Harry and the lesser royals had best own their "status".