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John Mayer And Katy Perry Are STILL TOGETHER?! Spotted Canoodling At FYF Fest!

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Guess Katy Perry just can't get John Mayer out of her system!

Despite reports that their Teenage Dream came to an abrupt end after the formerly long-haired rocker sent her a break-up e-mail, the pair were spotted looking MORE than a little affectionate with each other while attending the FYF Fest over the weekend!

And look! There's even photographic evidence of the reunion (above)!

However, according to a Perezcious Reader who was also in attendance and standing near them during the M83 show, they were ALL OVER each other dancing and drinking throughout the band's set, with Katy Kat pausing at multiple moments to whisper into his ear!


Well, we just hope that he wrote her one LOVELY apology e-mail for her to let him back into her good graces!


VERY curious see how this continues to develop from here on out!

[Image via Instagram.]

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94 comments to “John Mayer And Katy Perry Are STILL TOGETHER?! Spotted Canoodling At FYF Fest!”

  1. lol says – reply to this


    They were also kissing & hugging last night lol.

  2. catd says – reply to this


    I'm sure they will make beautiful musi….

    I'm sorry I can't even finish that post without a little bit of my dinner resurfacing.

  3. 3

    He's such a tool. She must be demented. Why?

  4. gaga4evr says – reply to this


    I doubt he ever sent an email to her. Hell, they probably never stopped seeing each other in the first place. Just more Perez-bull-shit for the masses.

  5. MB says – reply to this


    Re: catd – Hahaha.

    I say awesome. Take each other off the market, please. And for Christ sake keep off the chandelier and whatever the hell you're on that put you up there in the first place, Katy.

  6. 6

    Beautiful photos… Can't wait for another more…

  7. Rina says – reply to this


    Two attention seekers-famewhores together? GReat.

  8. Very says – reply to this


    Katy Perry is a mega slut after all! In another festival she was kissing in public another guy. I can't stand Hollywood whoR*S.

  9. 9

    Actually can't really stand for Katy to much anymore these days. Her and John can be douchey together.

  10. be strong says – reply to this


    I don't see the appeal of this guy although he's had some famous, beautiful and talented women. Why is that? He's all right looking I guess, but he's no Brad Pitt. Now that I understand!

  11. MB says – reply to this


    Re: be strong – Katy Perry is a wingnut quack, herself. I don't see the appeal in her in any way, from the fake hair and everything physically, to what you would call her music.

    I'll say it again, John Mayer is better than her musically. By a long shot.

  12. MB says – reply to this


    I am at the point right now where if it's pop, I fucking hate it. It's that simple. Hate it.

  13. MB says – reply to this


    Unless it's clearly real.

    Like I can't hate adel. I don't listen to her, but the girl is real, and talented.

  14. Lunaxoxo says – reply to this


    Re: lol – I would not kiss Katy Perry if I was in same condition as John is right now. And not drink alcohol!!!!!!!

  15. piazzi says – reply to this


    The guy spent the whole May screaming to the world that he was all changed, grown up and willing to get out of all kinds of gossip websites and who he's been screwing? A pitiful talentless hollywood attention whore. John douchebag Mayer is back.

  16. 16

    John Mayer should be glad that Katy Perry is giving him the time of day. Seriously.

    Katy is one of the hottest looking, most talented musicians in the world these days. If you listen to all of the songs on both of her albums you'll realize it just like I did. There's very good reasons she made it to the very top. Her music is good.

    She looks really good (face and body) and she seems to have a good, fun loving personality. What more could you ask for?

    I read online that John Mayer broke up with her via email because he thought she partied too hard for him. What a joke. John Mayer has partied VERY hard over the years himself. I think John better be cool to Katy if he wants to continue to date her. I know I would if I was going out with her and maybe already sleeping with her.

  17. 17


  18. 18

    Re: Lunaxoxo

    You gotta be gay to not want to enjoy the wonderland of Katy's smokin hot body. That's what your problem is.

  19. MB says – reply to this


    Re: someguy2621 – If you want me a straight guy to get into why she's not all that hot (she can take it, I mean who am I? and there are plenty of guys out there who are willing to get with her for any number of reasons). She is way too out there, she's a jesus freak, her music sucks, her on stage and public persona is way to 50's Hollywood actress, very cliche (and annoying) not saying she's had surgery but everything about her physically eyelashes, hair, hair color, fingernails, are fake and blown sky high, most of the time she looks like a walking bubble gum machine, she seems extremely hyper, she's a heavy partier (I mean I have nothing against it or drinking every once in a while, but she is way too into it), she's a gay icon (which is annoying), I could get into other strange sex fetishes that I have heard she's into both before she was famous, and just lately having to do with russel that made me go "holy fuck it was true…" that are a huge turn off, and I could go on and on. Her fans are annoying.

  20. MB says – reply to this


    Plenty of guys would love to get with her because she's a rich girl with a "smokin body" some shit like that. Not good enough in my opinon. All of the above would kill my boner, and I love feet. She has nice feet and I couldn't get turned on by her feet because of all of the above. Then again, I am a man who has learned hos lesson well about thinking with his dick when it comes to women. I always look at everything

    There are so many average women out there (so, so many) who are many times hotter than she is.

  21. Elizabeth says – reply to this


    Re: Rina – Can anyone else hear Taylor Swift singing "weeeeee are never ever ever getting back together!" in the background or is it just me? Listen and learn, Katy.

  22. Edwards Baby Mamma says – reply to this


    Oh but wait Mario, I though you said she was canoodling with Robert Pattinson now. Gasp! You were wrong?? Say it isn't so.

  23. Miko says – reply to this


    I actually LOVE these two together. Katy is so much more real, kind and talented than any other woman/ girl John dated before. Katy is gorgeous!!! I really like these two together and am slightly obsessed with them. They are electrifying!

  24. Jaime says – reply to this


    Re: Miko – Miko Katy is second best. I hear that Johnny boy went back to his ex last week trying to plead for her forgiveness for messing with Katy in the first place, released that statement about wanting to dump Katy two weeks ago (a few days ago) to satiate the woman he wanted to get back with, but that Katy knew Johnny wanted to be with someone else, but she drunk texted johnny to return. From what I hear, johhny boy has messed up again by getting with Katy over the weekend behind his now once again ex's back. My money says that mayer's secret ex dumped him for good this time, so he'll have no choice but to stay with Katy now. From looking at his ex's latest photos, shes way hotter than katy without make-up and the girl doesn't even wear makeup like Katy wears, if any at all. How does it feel Katy to know that you're second best, knew that Johnny had a secret gf, and you drunk texted him desperately. While Johnny boy is hanging with you, he's tripping over a woman who now hates him and will never take him back. Damn John, I'm going after your once secret ex! You do Katy while I'm doing your ex and wipping her tears away! I told her that it was only a matter of time before you screwed things up again. Now I can step in and take her place.

  25. The OC Grapevine says – reply to this


    Re: Jaime – I did hear through the grapevine that Mayer always had a really pretty girl on the side and that some of Mayer's closest peeps who are actors knew about mayer's secret girl. That's righteously bad if Mayer did leave Katy to mend things with his gf, but went back with Katy this weekend because according to the NY Daily mail, Katy begged him to come back?! You say that Katy knew that Mayer had a gf and drunk texted him to get back with her anyways? What does that say about Katy? What kind of woman begs a man to come back to her, knowing that the dude had a secret girl on the side? How low can you go Katy Kat? Meow or bark much? Celebs have secret relationships all the time and hide or protect them from the media because they want to protect their relationships. Looks like Mayer dropped the ball. I'm wondering if Mayer's ex took him back after the first time? World travels in the OC. I bet that Mayer will claim that his ex gf whom he cheated with Katy on is crazy or doesn't exist! That's what all celebrities do when they date regular girls and get busted doing them wrong. They claim that it's all a lie and that they were single all along.

  26. Can U Spare Some X? says – reply to this


    My hunch? They're just buds. I don't know what they were before, but I think he needs a friend right now. If everyone is feeling the support and, at-least, friendship love, I say go for it.

  27. Miko says – reply to this


    Re: Jaime – Why won't you just be succinct and direct? Who is his ex?
    Jen Aniston? I like Katy and think she is #1. She is totally down to earth, creative and electric. With or without makeup she is gorgeous. But all this rhetoric of yours is just too much. Just "Say what you need to say." I hope if your inside smoke in mirrors scoop is true, that she (KATY) comes out on top because she really is special and we will see her evolve with all she has been through.

  28. Miko says – reply to this


    Re: The OC Grapevine – I just read your entire reply - too long. Honestly it sounds like your the jilted lover. Very obvious. Katy rules. I doubt the bare faced gal in the OC has the creativity, personality and raw talent that Katy does. Or she'd be as famous as Katy. Right? Katy is special and very few have what it takes to be where she is now.

  29. Silencio says – reply to this


    Re: The OC Grapevine – We never knew about Taylor (for certain) when it was happening, and we never knew about this mystery girl. How do celebs keep this stuff from getting out, even though it may be right under our noses?

  30. Miko says – reply to this


    Re: Silencio – People there in the OC, tend to think looks are everything. Very image conscious. Looks do not keep people together &
    Looks fade. Katy has it all, looks, talent etc… She is the package. So whoever this mystery gal is, I feel bad for her, because if she was all that - she wouldn't be kept a secret now, would she? But its not such a big deal if he does have a girl on the side. Secrets are not good - they make people sick. Very naive of this OC fresh faced gal to think she would be #1. Very very naive

  31. OC Grapevine says – reply to this


    Re: Silencio – The only way we'd know or will know about the girl is if she comes out writing song better than Taylor Swift. She may keep quiet and resort to finding a good guy hopefully. He being I.D.'ed could only make things worse for her. I wouldn't come forward either. Miko I bet is John Mayer! Katy is special alright in a desperate way. I don't think the girl JM cheated with lives in the OC. Am I the scorned lover? No. I'm a good friend of a few friends! As for Katy. Coming out on top? That may be the case in her mind for a while but it wont last because Mayer will have to feel like sh!t eventually for what he did. And Katy will have to always wonder what Mayer is thinking or looking at when he starts acting distant or strange because he's thinking about the woman he f-over from this point on. My hopes is that whoever the gal that Mayer f-over, will meet some really nice guy and stay away from Mayer. From what Mayer's actor friend tells my friend, his ex that he cheated with had all that it took to be famous and is talented but she doesn't want to jeopardize herself and morals by fooling with Hollywood. Mayer a changed man? Not even close!

  32. Crystal M says – reply to this


    Re: Miko – don't you have any sense? You're a Katy camper. Katy doesn't have real talent. She's not attractive either. She cakes on makeup. It's not about looks, it's about heart and Katy lacks that along with talent. As for you saying that the OC gal must not have been very special to Mayer and she must not have that much talent? That's a low blow because you nor I know what this girl was to or may possibly be to Mayer no matter how he may try and play her off, minimize or downplay her significance to katy and in his life. He's no saint. Maybe she's stupid for taking him back, if she even did. You're out of place for saying what you did about a girl that you don't know. Sure everyone will jump on the Katy wagon, but Katy and John will get what they gave. Mayer is already getting it and I'm sure that he will feel badly about this one day. As for being kept a secret, loads of celebs keep their relationship secret. Look at bradly cooper and zoey Saldana.

  33. Miko says – reply to this


    Re: OC Grapevine – Your acting like this is some mafia confidential dangerous sh_t. Please. Why the axe to grind about Katy? She didn't do anything wrong. She is reeling from a divorce and deserves to have fun if she can. So the waitress wants to avoid Hollywood and keep waitressing. Please. So silly. Where do you live, Jaime or OC Grapevine, Montana??

  34. Miko says – reply to this


    Re: Miko – You seriously need to chill and take it easy. Its a low blow for you to condemn Katy about her makeup etc… And its a low blow for you to condemn me for my views. I am entitled to whatever I choose to think. Sounds like your the jilted lover. Katy should be left of John's scorned bedpost notches. She has nada to do with it. Breathe easy darling. Peace.

  35. Miko says – reply to this


    Re: Miko – PS its also such a low blow to say Katy has no heart. Do you know her? My guess is no. So its silly to be so invested and attacking Katy. Peace.

  36. Kate says – reply to this


    Re: Miko – you're not alone, i like these two together! don't believe what the media says about their relationship. John even brought Katy to his house in Montana for a couple of times. their relationship is much more serious than people thought it would be! ;)

  37. Miko says – reply to this


    Re: Kate – I normally never get excited over celebrity pairings, but these two resonate with me. I guess I can relate to both of them and see that they are creative, sexy and sensitive souls! I honestly think Katy is a million times better for John than even Jennifer Aniston bc Katy is not worried about protecting and manipulating her image and being perceived in a certain way. Katy is raw energy and electricity. Love Her. So I am glad you agree with me. Its nice to feel validated even here on this gossip site. I do hope John can calm Katy down a bit and be there for her while she is so raw from her divorce. I just hope she gets through the partying stage and to the other side safe and sound. Anyway, I am clearly avoiding my own life focusing on this stuff. I just think they are both great though. peace

  38. Silencio says – reply to this


    Re: The OC Grapevine – It's you I would like a response from, as to my original question.

  39. Silencio says – reply to this


    Re: Miko – If this young lady did not want her name all over the press, she very well would have been kept a secret. Not everyone wants their private lives exposed to the world.

  40. I'll Cop says – reply to this


    I really do like the idea of these two together, and for positive reasons. She does seem to be a sweet person. I love comment #37 Miko. Have to agree, but I don't get your comment regarding 'the waitress" in #33. Gotta ask, who said she was a waitress? Don't get it.

  41. 41

    yah i dont get how he gets these girls whats the attraction

  42. Jolene says – reply to this


    Re: Miko – Miko it's not always about who's the prettiest, richest or who sold the most songs. It's about morality. It's about doing whats right. Most of these girls in the music biz could care less about what's right and sell their souls to get an ounce of fame that isn't promised or last for a few years. Katy will becomes a has been too b/c girls are constantly being signed to labels. You saying that the secret gf of Mayer must not be all that, pretty, special to Mayer or have that much talent, or she'd be #1or famous; is really foul.  Just because she's not famous does not determine her importance in this world to you or to anyone. You reply is just egocentric, shallow, typical Hollywood and terrible. Not all women are willing to sell their souls to the devil for money or fame to sell records. Not every girl was raised to be a lollipop wearing wh-or-e who doesn't even have the class to wear undies on stage <- Katy. Your reply is that of a typical airheaded hollywood entourage buddy Katy camper. It's not cool and yes, eventually people pay for their transgressions. If its true that Katy knew that Mayer possibly had something going on on the side, but urged Mayer to come back and if Mayer went for it, and put this girl in pain again, then it's a shame. 

  43. Writer Chick says – reply to this


    It's like totally true! Mayer the Player did have a secret steady and downgraded to Katy Perry! Just got off the phone with my actor/comedian friend who knows the deal. He goes on to spill the beans about how Mayer showed him her photos and mentioned her a few times. She looks Indian/Persian/possibly spanish, has tanned skin, pretty eyes, I don't see any makeup on her face, has this really long a-s-s hair, and she looks really petite or like she's about 5'4 and she designs things I dig. My actor friend goes on to tell me that Mayer gushed and gloated over this girl during Valentine's Day 2010 and how mayer made a huge deal about wearing a red tie because red/blue is her significant colors. My friend was kind enough to send me her website info in e-mail. I spent some time reading her bio. I think she looks Hindi or Persian. Her name is pretty and she's down to earth and educated. I think I'll shoot the girl e-mail and invite her to hang out with my girlie crew. With looks and hair like that, she has to be! Mayer certainly downgraded because the ex has lots going for her from what I can see! I like her style. She must be so hurt about this because she seems like a gentle kind soul!

  44. Not On Mikos Team says – reply to this


    You suck Katy and you'll go down in history as a classless homewrecker of a no talented, can't pin a Grammy winning tune of a clown like wh-o-r-e. I guess Miko, her body guard and gossip spokesperson, will rush in to speak for her and say how she has a good heart, good person, proclaims that she has talent that she never had, and will go on about reeling over how Katy is coping from her divorce. Miko will argue how Katy deserves to be happy with Mayer at ANY cruel expense of the gf's feelings, even if it means that she's knowingly broke up a relationship, and that a girls heart has to be broken for good, not breaking, right Miko? Miko, you can't justify Mayer's or Katy's actions by downplaying the importance of the secret gf, by sympathizing with Katy and using a divorce and Katy's psychological handicaps and needs as an excuse and Mayer…. Well, he's the same ole typical man wh-ore he's been for years! No one can justify it! I just hope that Mayer's possible "many" gf's come out, the way they did with Tiger. Who cares if Mayer's not married like Tiger was…… That doesn't justify him being a wh-or-e. People need to know how big of a panty chasing fame w-h-o-r-e Mayer is! My sympathy goes out to his ex gf for putting up with Mayer's scandalous existence! Hope she dumps him for good! Jaimie, get busy pal! 

  45. Venaise says – reply to this


    How many women does Mayer have? Mayer the player fits! I'd like for writer chick to follow through with her invite and acclimate Mayer's secret gf into her crowd. As for Katy, everybody knows that it's all about getting Grammy's. Last time I checked, Katy Kats didn't have not one Grammy but was nominated for 8, lost to Lady GaGa, Justin Bieber, and Taylor Swift! I've lost all respect for her to knowingly aiding and abetting in breaking another girl's heart, going after a man who expressed that he had a gf; when Katy herself also experienced heartbreak after Russel left her. Hey Katy Kats, think of how you felt when Rus left you, and now you're on the other end causing an innocent girl that you don't even know, to hurt possibly worse as you have hurt, as you chased after her bf heinously and interfered?    

  46. Tisk-Tisk Katy & John says – reply to this


    Katy can only hold people's attention by doing lip-syncing and wearing Alice In Wonderland costumes. That's not Grammy material, unless she's competing for a Grammy with the Barnum Bailey Circus.  She's outlandish and overrated. Not funny unless Mayer likes classless rogues. Yah, I seen that too how Katy begged Mayer to return to her in the NY Daily News by sending him drunk texts and begging John Mayer to take her back. How scandalous! The man left you to go back to his ex, released a story saying how he wanted to dump you two weeks earlier, told you about a possible girlfriend; while I assume you were dating him, and you beg and drunkenly plead with him to leave his girl and take you back? Shameful! If it's really true that Mayer told her that he had something going on before they hooked up, then shame on Katy and Mayer, the fan-f-ucking-tastic musical man whore of a player. As for Mayer's ex girl who dumped him (I hope she did), it's alright to be a non famous girl, who's what we call "every day people", in the words of Sly and the Family Stone!

  47. Tisk-Tisk Katy & John says – reply to this


    If x-girl is as talented and as gorgeous as writer chick and company says in pics, then I'm sure she'll be a hollywood musician man magnet. Miko and those in defending this travesty, your comments show your true colors and that of young, stupid and shallow hollywierd! Yeh, pretty fake, shallow and pretentious Miko what said about the x was terrible. You don't know her, just like I don't. I highly doubt she's a waitress according to writer chick. Mayer should be forced to surrender his one ball that he has left and donate it to a real man! I don't doubt for one minute that Mayer isn't guilty of bring a manwhore. I'm not going to his shows or buying his music! Where's Miko? He's like Kanye, stealing the mike from Taylor…..

  48. Lunaticxoxo says – reply to this


    What if the mysterious (ex)girlfriend is a secret BOYfriend???

  49. Suzie Q says – reply to this


    I was nearly to the point of liking Mayer all over again, but when he got back with Katy, I went back to disliking him. Katy could be a porn star……. If you surf the net and collect all of her purposeful clothing mishaps and her habit of cr-oth shots and not wearing panties, a graphic artist could make a legit nude photo of her, just by connecting the photos. Mayer must not have any class or dignity to go back to her. Same with Katy or any woman. I don't think that any self respecting woman will want him after this. Glad his ex gf dumped him, for good hopefully. People can't downplay the ex's importance or existence as Mayer would like; However, from what a few of us privileged group know, the man has like 7-10 secret girls! Ones a waitress in OC, one's a designer, one is a publicist, one is with US Weekly, one is in Japan, one works at his record label Mick mgmt., a few are in NY a NJ……… There's many women that Mayer's hiding! 

  50. Bread & Butter says – reply to this


    Re: Lunaticxoxo – I've heard that Mayer's bread and muffin head are buttered on both ends. It's possible!

  51. Jordan says – reply to this


    Wouldn't doubt that his bread is light and buttery on one side and hard and toasty on the other! Katy is flamboyant like a queen in drag, so maybe that's what attracted Mayer! I doubt his ex girl is a man though! Who's to say that Mayer doesn't have more secrets?

  52. Charlie ;) says – reply to this


    Re: Lunaticxoxo – You may be on to something Luna! What straight guy hangs with openly gay males and anyone who's as homophobic as Mayer once was, must be hiding something! I wouldn't doubt it. I just had a vision of Mayer and Katy putting on makeup, and him wearing her costumes. At least when he had long hair he could play the role real well! He may need to borrow one of Katy's wigs and hair pieces now, since he cut his hair! Ahahahahaaaaaaaa

  53. PS says – reply to this


    Re: Suzie Q – My understanding is there was just one woman, and he was pretty darn smitten with her for quite some time.

  54. No shiznit Sherlock says – reply to this


    I laughed so hard at the Kanye/Miko Comment! Personally yah it's not stunner or news to me that Mayer has women everywhere. I've heard multiple stories about the two ladies at his record label, a publicist or two, a designer, and a few stories about how he jumped up and skipped MY to get away from quite a few girls! He doesn't tell women when he leaves or when he wants too, he skips town, changes his phone number, moves to somewhere like Montana to avoid the girls in NY and conodles in places like LA. He has so many chicks in NY that he avoids going there. These women should rejoice that they're free and that Katy has him.

  55. SuzieQ says – reply to this


    Re: PS – If he was so smitten with that one woman, the designer I'm guessing? Then shouldn't he feel like elephant shizz for hurting her this second time? Why would Mayer do that to her? Just checked out what writer chick wrote and for some reason, I believe it!

  56. Suzie Q says – reply to this


    Re: PS – If all this is true, then Mayer should be beating down the door of the girl he was smitten with by sending her so many roses until she runs out of room in her house! If he's all for publicity and fame, I bet he could make major headlines and win brownie points just by putting in the time and energy to win her back. If people see Mayer chasing down this ex gf designer, and he shows how sorry he is for hurting her (she has to be a puddle of tears and broken into pieces that poor little thing. I know that I'd feel like dying if I were this girl) at this point, the paps would pin him as some hopelessly lovesick romantic. That would a sweet thing to do. I remember how Mark Whalberg chased Shannon Dougherty all over Hollywood after she dumped him because he cheated on her. That man turned into this gushing romantic and he was always seen chasing her down.

  57. PS says – reply to this


    Re: No shiznit Sherlock – Did you mean NY not MY? I have no idea what MY is.
    Mayer is just a charmer. I have nothing against the guy. He likes women.

  58. Fanny says – reply to this


    Re: Writer Chick – I think you may be right, but could that have been Valentine's day 2011? I checked and he wore a red tie on that day. He and his LA comedy show buddies were doing some sort of a take off on the television show The Bachelor, that day and her wore a red tie. None of the other guys in the pic were wearing a red tie. Just him.

  59. Writer Chick says – reply to this


    Re: Fanny – Maybe it was 2011. If Mayer was so sprung over the designing down to earth super long haired goddess, then maybe he should get her back and do whatever he has to do at all cost! I looked at her photos and me and my comedian/actor guy, who obviously did the Bachelor skit with Mayer, thinks that they'd make a super cure couple. She lives in Cali, but not the OC. I really dig her jewelry. I think from what I read on her designing website, and looking at her creative pieces that she does, that she may be what Mayer needs. He def downgraded by picking up Katy. Katy doesn't look half way as hot as ex girl and doesn't have what Mayer needs. I still want to think that ex girl is Hawaiian or Hindi. She's really fair-skinned. Like a light Indian. What was Mayer thinking? My actor comedian friend told me that he thinks that Mayer loves her still because word got out that Mayer confided in his other actor friends about how badly he felt for hurting the ex girl, over drinks and how he and Mayer had been up talking about how upset the ex was. Mayer was in the dumps about it. He felt guilty for hurting her. Maybe Mayer will go after ex designer girl again. I'd love for her to be in my crowd.

  60. 60

    Re: Kate – Just what we don't need in Montana

  61. Karen says – reply to this


    I just see tragedy with these two pairing. They're totally wrong for each other and Katy Perry isn't mature enough mentally or sociably for any grown man, let alone Mayer. He cannot be her co-pilot through her post divorce stage because she will want more with a man who wasn't made for her mechanical and psychological wiring. She can't force him to be there either. He's a free man. After speed reading through these post, she's only setting herself up to be hurt because it's clear that Mayer's mind isn't with her. She can only hold his attention for a while before he leaves her and she will be back begging him to come back.

  62. Karena says – reply to this


    She's trying to sucker him into hooking up with her for good but from what I think, he doesn't "really know her-know her." How can Mayer throw himself into this with her? How can she accept that she may be the other woman out of many, seeing Mayer on a seasonal basis or when he feels like hooking up? Honey, if there's one thing a woman should know and if a man really wants to be with you, you won't have to beg him or text him to come to you. Mayer should return to what or whoever inspires him emotionally, spiritually and has brought him to the point before the disastrous hook-up with Katy Perry. He should just keep it business and strictly music with her. Her crowd seems very young and foolish and the old saying about how birds of a feather flock together is true. I'm afraid that Mayer is jeopardizing his only semblance of respect for being a true musician by hanging with a young, poppy, soulless, young minded and inexperienced pop star who's music has no soul, taste, or character. She blends in with the other young teenage acts. Her audience and his audience will never mesh. He's too classy and soulful for her. He may destroy his musical artistry just be being around her and letting her persona clash with his. He may lose his image and identity. Big mistake John Mayer.

  63. Jason Dennison says – reply to this


    I couldn't imagine or picture his John Mayer's name in credits, along side Katy Perry song and take him seriously as a musician afterwards. She can never fit into his life or give him what he has received these years to be the musician. he's grown to be. He's like an Otis Redding or Sam Cooke vinyl playing. She's the loopy idiot dj wearing rave attire and glow sticks, who walks in the room and tries to scratch or spin a dj set on beautiful music, ruining an entire record. He's fine wine that gets better with age. She's a .99 pack of kool aid, purple flavor. John Mayer please consider your reputation as a musician and don't do this man

  64. Clark's Symphony says – reply to this


    Re: Jason Dennison – Your analogy of Mayer and Perry hooking up was right on point. I'll quote you if that's alright: "He's like an Otis Redding or Sam Cooke vinyl playing. She's the loopy idiot dj wearing rave attire and glow sticks, who walks in the room and tries to scratch or spin a dj set on beautiful music, ruining an entire record. He's fine wine that gets better with age. She's a .99 pack of kool aid, purple flavor. John Mayer please consider your reputation as a musician."

  65. ay caramba says – reply to this


    Go look at johns onefortyplus today, a babyblue lady has left interesting comments , she seems a bit upset by reading her post today, could this be the indian lady you all are talking about?

  66. Miko says – reply to this


    Re: Writer Chick – whatever. very transparent that you guys pumping up his ex mistress are from her world. leave Katy and JM alone. Its a free world. Katy has a lot more smarts and talent than you give her credit for. She also has courage. So what if his ex mistress is pretty. Looks fade. Its about much more.

  67. Miko says – reply to this


    Re: Jolene – You are waaay too moralistic. Its not about morals- its about truth and love. Morals are important but John is not married, nor did he ever go public with a serious girlfriend!!!! Crazy talk. I also am a very ethical and decent person myself but not childlike. Don't ever insult someone you have never met. Your the one spewing criticism and judgement which makes you IMMORAL. Go chill yourself and get off your high pedestal before you fall. Enough!

  68. Miko says – reply to this


    Re: Writer Chick – this response is pathetic. Go send her an email cause shes pretty. That sounds so dumb. (With all due respect). Clearly this is the jilted gal.

  69. Miko says – reply to this


    Re: Not On Mikos Team – Ok, caaaalllllmmmm dowwwwnnnn.
    I did not realize John was married? If he didn't marry this person, then you really need to chill the eff out. Second. How is Katy to blame. Isn't the person to blame the one who was in relationship with John and her poor judgement? The child needs to look within and see its her responsibility that she blindly trusted John. Its between her and John. Not Katy. What your doing is projecting and blaming. Grow yourself honeybun. xoxo

  70. Writer Chick says – reply to this


    No Ay caramba or silencio, right? That's a girl from Florida who keeps begging John Mayer to notice her and is in late 40's. Miko, you're right it's about a lot more than that. He told my friend that he's known her for several years. His ex has all of it. He still totally digs her and is in love with her. If Mayer has knows what's good, he'll go get her! He's not stupid. Katy is already fading and I'm not talking about looks!

  71. Miko says – reply to this


    Re: Venaise – KATY has NOTHING TO DO WITH IT. John clearly didn't love the girl enough! Or they'd be married or at least public. Grow up! John and the girl are BOTH responsible. My goodness. WHat are you all 10 years old.

  72. LololoL says – reply to this


    Re: Miko – you sound so queen like! Did you put your hair pieces in again? Defending Katy Kats? You can't justify anything and who's to say that his ex is an ex still? You nor I know what Mayer will do but Katy can't replace her. It's about more than looks, but a few people said that Mayer was smitten with her. Katy doesn't have what it takes. Sure of it! You wanna talk about morals? You obviously have none.

  73. Could Miko Be Katy says – reply to this


    Miko are you by chance Katy? I could have sworn that Katy Perry herself said something just like this in an interview. I wouldn't be amazed if miko was Katy!

  74. Puuullleeeaaasssee says – reply to this


    Yeppers! Miko does sound a lot like Katy and her bff's. I bet they're all sitting around a computer and maxing out their iPhones and blackberries defending Katy kats. I'm waiting for the group of airheadeds to write something like TEAM KATY-RAH-RAH. Grow up Katy and Kats! Jilted gal? Think you're wrong about that. I'm a fan. Miko, what grade did you graduate from? You keep putting your and not you're! Yeap, this sounds like the dumb brunette Katy! Are you sure that you're not really a blonde dying your hair?

  75. PS says – reply to this


    Re: MikoRe: Miko – Did it ever occur t you that it may be his so-called ex who is on the fence about him. She could love him with some reservations. They may be in the middle of something. This could be more complicated than we can appreciate. We don't know. He may be more smitten with her than she is with him, at this time. You never know what is going on for sure.
    As for Katy, I just hope that through all of this, no matter what they can be good for each other. Friendship first.

  76. LOLILOLOL @ Katy says – reply to this


    Lol! IDK :O Sounds like Miko is falling a part. Miko or (should we call you Katy Kats ), you sound like a woman who's threatened by the ex! I'm not buying that you randomly came in to defend Katy Kats. Shut up and go do some liquid X.

  77. Just a Bystander says – reply to this


    Re: PS – PS you seem wise! I do think that Mayer and his ex will reconcile. People misbehave but they can still be in love with their ex. Miko you don't know what's going on between Mayer and this ex. I doubt that she's really left him. It happens all the time! They could be just having rough spell. Lovers go through that and if she took Mayer back the first, second time, and other times, she'll take him back this time. I think that his ex loves him. So I wish them the BEST.

    I agree with about Mayer and Katy just being friends.

  78. Sauna Gibson says – reply to this


    Umm…… Here's my two cents about this and that: I liked Mayer's Born & Raised. It was kickass. I think that if there was/is an ex, then she must have had a lot to do with his songs. He has some really soul touching music on there and maybe she's THAT girl who can keep his heart, soul and heart above the water and keep him from drowning. Maybe she's his musical muse catalyst. I feel that Katy is so wrong for him. I may be some fan who no rockstar or pop princess will ever recognize or care what I think, but I'm entitled to my opinions and I just feel that Mayer should stick to his musical roots and foundation. Maybe this ex is his foundation. Maybe she's the roots to his flower bearing soul.

  79. Miko says – reply to this


    Ya know what guys? I am out. This is a little vitriolic for me.
    So I suggest you keep your comments to yourselves because I won't be reading them.
    Never met Katy. I live in Wilton, CT and am a business consultant with a college degree from a very reputable liberal arts college. Peace out.

  80. Smarty Jones says – reply to this


    Miko stop ur lying'. You came in here like you were the sh!t and either Katy's spokesperson or Katy herself! You came off way to dramatic and emotional. Sure, I'd claim to be from CT too, and would also just happen to adopt the same focus of study as his big bro! Do you think that people are that stupid? You just got scared and changed your story….. So if you're some prick from CT and not Katy or Katy's BFF squad then that makes what you were saying and defending her worth nothing, and makes it even more bullish, giving everyone more of a reason to know that you don't know wtf you're talking about. I doubt that you have a degree in liberal arts too because your intelligence came out. Most liberal arts majors know their English along with business admin majors…… Last time I checked, business major do not fall under liberal arts! You ran like the airhead you were and are. You shouldn't attack people if you can't stand the heat in the kitchen! You're a phony or either a scary chick!

  81. PS says – reply to this


    Re: Just a Bystander – Whatever it is, I just wish people would stop jumping to conclusions. It's so caddy. For all we know, he could be on the rebound too. I think people in the public have to wear invisible psychic shields, all of the time, against other people's minds; while simultaneously trying to keep their heads and managing their personal lives. Ugh!

  82. PS says – reply to this


    Re: Just a Bystander – I still say the stress of being a public figure with a personal, meaningful life can be a bit*h!

  83. Josh says – reply to this


    Re: Smarty Jones – ER, are you ok? You sound a little nutso. Seek help sister. I don't care about any of this, but am bored. So I read down the comments and found yours to be really hostile.

  84. josh says – reply to this


    Re: Smarty Jones – Are you ok? You seem really hostile. I just am reading comments out of boredom. I don't care about either side of the story, but you sure are spewin some wrathful bad vibes. That person didn't do anything like you said. You should check yourself and stop hatin

  85. Say What? says – reply to this


    Re: Just a Bystander – Now, how would you know how many times his ex took him back? Even if you do have some inside info. People do sometimes break it off for good, not always, but sometimes.

  86. Just a Bystander says – reply to this


    Re: Say What? – Partly being sarcastic about the number of times! Josh, do you have reddish orange hair and are you a ginger kid?

  87. Just Stop It says – reply to this


    Katy Kat Kamp strikes again under the name JOSH………….. Josh, aka the return of Miko? I believe so dudette! Josh as in the guy from the Teenage Dream vid? Please stop adopting multiple personalities to validate your actions MIKO! K, thanks and bye!

  88. Miko says – reply to this


    Re: Just Stop It – you need some meds man. lose the hate and don't be pyscho. GOOD BYE

  89. New Bystander Guy says – reply to this


    I wonder if Mayer did officially tell his ex that it's over or did she dump him? What if J May is on rebound and is just playing around with Katy until they patch things up? I keep reading that his ex dumped him, but how do any of us know? How do we know that he called it off with her? For all we know, he may still be in contact with the ex while people are in here speculating. If J Mayer is in touch with the ex then that's a good thing. Why not keep it flowing? That's just my take on things.


  90. JoJo Smalls says – reply to this


    Re: Say What? – Maybe Bystander was guessing?

    Josh man, I think Just a Bystander was only being sarcastic about the number of times Mayer's ex took him back. I'm sure. Don't get your panties in a rut. Even I'd think that it's not easy dating Mayer and things are destine to happen, like any normal relationship. I can only guess that their relationship had the typical ups and downs like every relationship. Regarding what PS had to say is true too. For all we know, maybe the ex is still smitten with him too and PS said something about being on the fence?

  91. It's JoJo Again says – reply to this


    Every real relationship gets tested I think and have heard. I'd like to think that maybe its the real relationships that are destined to be and built on real incidences like this that could make a bond between two lovers strong. So I wouldn't rush to the conclusion that Mayer's ex is out of the picture. She could be upset, but if she loves him, she'll come around within days maybe. Like those love stories? None of us know for sure what's going on. I would hope that Mayer would take a chance and fix things. For all we know, they could reconcile before we know it and keep things hushed and work it out. I agree with a few who said they should work things out. That's my unimportant take on all if this, right, wrong, guess or whatever. BTW PS: People who are smitten with each other shouldn't just throw things away. Hopefully he and his ex will mend things. Hey it's been done before and throughout love history. I even think that Kristen Stewart and Rob should work it out, even though she cheated on him! People quit the ones they are smitten with too easily and it needs to just stop. Grow up people and be adults.

  92. Say what? says – reply to this


    Re: New Bystander Guy – "Dumped"? Who said that?

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