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One Night In… Los Angeles! With IM5!!!!

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ticket sales from One Night In… Los Angeles is days away!!!

And there is gonna be SO MUCH entertainment! Just how we like it!

In addition to an already action-packed lineup, we are thrilled to announce that IM5 will also be performing as well!

The super talented boy band will be taking the stage alongside the previously announced Rita Ora, Far East Movement, Walk The Moon, The Saturdays, Iggy Azalea, Melanie Amaro and other acts we will be announcing daily leading up to the big fiesta.

100% of the ticket sales from One Night In… Los Angeles go to benefit Vh1 Save The Music and their work to help ensure that music educations remains in schools across American. The future!!!

CLICK HERE to buy your tickets now!!!
CLICK HERE to buy your tickets now!!!
CLICK HERE to buy your tickets now!!!
CLICK HERE to buy your tickets now!!!
CLICK HERE to buy your tickets now!!!

Can't wait to see you there!!!


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16 comments to “One Night In… Los Angeles! With IM5!!!!”

  1. 1

    I don't think adults over 21 will really care for this "act"

  2. 2

    No one else will hire them, so you may as well have them on hand for you and your nasty homo friends to bend over the tables. IM5 is worse than Jedward when it comes to a music-industry joke.

  3. johnny says – reply to this


    perez…..im a huge saturdays fans and this is their only gig in america. so not fair that i live on the other side of the states. i want to see them so badddddd!!!!!!! ugh do parties over here please…massachusettttts

  4. 4

    What I think is lame is that people who say they hate Perez read his stuff every day and comment on EVERYTHING. Every time I follow a link about im5 I see some of you same pathetic losers making rude comments. So I guess attacking kids trying to do something with their lives makes you feel SUPERIOR in some way? Lol, you look around your sad life and want to pull them down to your level, dont you? Wow- exciting life. I feel sorry for you "adults".

  5. 5

    Re: KaylaFiver – If only you mattered to someone other than yourself, huh? Do you honestly believe, you loser shithead, that your opinion matters to any of us who comment? You're an angry, ugly fat chick who believes you are relevant. You're wrong. You're as stupid and worthless as Perez. There's a tall bridge with your name on it, loser. Jump.

  6. 6

    Re: KaylaFiver – Perez does them no favors by featuring them at one of his promotions. They would be great appearing at a theme park. I get the impression that the group was formed not on friendships but on auditions and sound editors.

  7. MarioLardvagina says – reply to this


    When will you realize these little boys are NEVER going to happen. They're just like your other "acts" Siimy and Travis Garland. Aren't you managing that FLOP Kat Graham too? LMAO! Oh and why did you put make-up on on of the boys? P.e.d.o.p.h.i.l.e!!!

  8. Jonathan Krespo says – reply to this


    Melanie Amaro, IM who??? OMG book some other artists please!!!! Melanie Amaro sucks rocks!!! Sorry but she aint a star, got no album out and she's a flop!!! Xfactor she might of won but other than that BLAH. This is probably the lamest line-up ever since this event started. Let me work for you to get this event back on track. Lets have super stars not lame wanna be artists!!!!

  9. Mina says – reply to this


    Aww look. They're cute kids, but no one is ever going to care about them.

  10. Run BItch I love Im5 says – reply to this


    Okk u n all your rude comments can leave now! One thing is Im5 is talented!! I love their music and FYI I AM NOT 8 iM 15!! U obviously have no life and no taste in music so instead of being on here hating Go do something like get a job go study cause us 5ers don't appreciate you u giving us bad vibes.. Thank you NOW LEAVE

  11. Melissa says – reply to this


    Whoever said IM5 is worse than jedward needs their ears checked. NO ONE is worse than jedward. Get a grip love.

  12. Kels says – reply to this


    Okay, i can't even with some of the comments on here any more. You constantly hate on Perez's posts, but yet you keep reading them? How about you just stop reading them if you hate it so much? And as for IM5, i'm pretty sure the only reason you hate on IM5 is because Perez Hilton is one of their bosses. You don't know IM5, you just don't. These 5 boys have a good future ahead of them where you like it or not, so just shut up and leave this website, haters.

  13. 13

    Re: Yes You Bore Me – I'm fat? Lol, that's not ME you're looking at you attricious cow. I'm the girl you WISH you could've been 30 years ago or the girl that laughed in your face when you asked her out. (I don't know if you are a man/woman/hermaphrodite? Don't care.) YOU are irrelevant. You are a pathetic troll w/no life. Me? I'm 15 and SUPPOSED to be fan girling over hot teenage boys. YOU spend your days salivating over Perez's web site looking for someone to say rude things about. You are basically nothing more than a turd begging for attention because no one loves you. No one. We #5ers have our WHOLE LIVES in front of us. You? Go die somewhere. The boys from IM5 are awesome kids. They are talented and smart and freaking HOT. Just because you hate Perez you hate THEM. What a loser you are. I won't waste any more of my time on you. Unlike YOU I do have a life with friends and things to do. Happy trolling, I'm sure it's the highlight of your day.

  14. 14

    Re: ViewFromHere – At least you seem like a rational individual. They WERE put together that way, I admit, but so was One Direction and love or hate 1D they are huge, right now. OK, so IM5 may not be "The Beatles" or anything, but WE love them and it's ridiculous for people to HATE on them just because they hate Perez. These kids DO have talent. And on top of that they are really nice guys. It's just wrong.

  15. Carly says – reply to this


    If you don't like it dont look at it!!! No one care about what you have to say about them!! OKAY? xoxo

  16. Rosaura says – reply to this


    I love IM5!!! I wish I could go! But I live in Venezuela but whatever, I'll be supporting them til the end! I hope you enjoy the night and have fun! btw I'm not 8 years old -_- xoxox