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Vanity Fair Exposes Scientology's Insane Hunt To Find Tom Cruise A Bride In 2004…And What They Did To One Potential!

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Just when we thought that all of the Tom Cruise Scientology craziness had died down with summer's end…

Vanity Fair goes and drops a whole new batch of Xenu-flavored INSANITY on the world!

And we say insanity, we mean NO exaggeration whatsoever!

Because according to the magazine's upcoming cover story, there was a WHOLE LOT more going on behind all those pesky rumors that the actor had multiple auditions for his post-Nicole Kidman bride through the church…and Katie Holmes was almost a woman named Nazanin Boniadi!

Apparently, Scientology head David Miscavige's now-missing wife Shelly Miscavige spear-headed the "Marry Tom Cruise" operation back in 2004, during which they brought women in under the guise of an audition for a training film…and then asked a series of questions regarding their feelings for the A-lister!

And when Boniadi was selected, she FIRST underwent a month-long training process that demanded she be audited by high-ranking officials, forced to dump her boyfriend , and told to get rid of her braces and highlights!

By this point, she began to suspect that she was being groomed as his bride, and in November went out on a series of elaborately supervised dates with Cruise…but their relationship bliss was short-lasting!

According to the report, Tommy would pass along anything Boniadi said or did that he found upsetting to Scientology staff members - which included her not being as fond as PDA and coming off as "above" him when congratulating his Scientology’s Freedom Medal of Valor with the compliment "Very well done." However, the straw that broke Xenu's back came when she had to ask David Miscavige to repeat himself after he spoke too quickly, and she was banished to the Scientology Celebrity Centre without a word from the man she had been dating for three months!

By that point, the poor woman was so distraught that she cracked and violated her numerous confidentiality agreements by confiding to a friend…who, of course, was a fellow Scientologist and immediately reported her. As punishment, she was sent to Florida, where she had to scrub toilets and clean bathroom tile with a toothbrush, dig ditches in the middle of the night, and sell Ron Hubbard's Dianetics on street corners!


Honestly, we wish we were surprised by all of this, but given everything that's come out about this establishment since the split, this seems pretty on-par with their practices and 'punishment' techniques!

Can't wait to hear what Tom and the church has to say in response to all of THIS - and everything else the full article details when it's published!

Seriously, how many more excuses and denials can they give about this stuff?

Ugh! We've got the shivers just thinking about it!

Which makes us all the more grateful that Katie and Suri are safe and separated from it all!

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