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Incredible Plant Plays Dead When Touched

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We feel like some nerds right now, but this is absolutely amazing.

Ch-ch-check out this video (above) where a plant of the Mimosa Pudica type is so sensitive that it looks like it is playing dead when touched by human hands.

It is definitely something you have to see to believe.

Now that's an ACTUAL mean green machine.

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48 comments to “Incredible Plant Plays Dead When Touched”

  1. dixie says – reply to this


    It's all over the place in Jamaica! First time I saw it I was mesmorized too! lol

  2. FPerez says – reply to this


    Wow, you jacked this off from reddit. What a fucking prick, you are.

  3. Pee-Rez-Idue says – reply to this


    Re: dixie – It's all over cuba too and he would know that if he'd ever been to cuba like a real cuban

  4. 4

    Don't you fucking dare start reposting shit from reddit. You even took the title.

  5. PTY says – reply to this


    I have those in my backyard in Panamá :)

  6. honeylynn1981 says – reply to this


    RE: FPerez

    Reddit isn't a big, sacred Internet place anymore, buddy. It hasn't been for a very long time. Most people I know browse Reddit and pass this stuff on. Get over it.

  7. 7

    Oooh 'touch-me-not' plants! Love playing with them…

  8. Audrey says – reply to this


    Why preface it by saying "we feel like some nerds" ? Isn't being aware of your surroundings and the way the world works a good thing? Shouldn't that just be called being a person? It is only because of our culture and the incredible luxury of safety and comfort that we have that allows us the frivolity of not knowing about plants and animals and infrastructure. You have changed and grown so much, Perez. Please promote and informed youth that wants to learn about the world around them!

  9. 9

    Well I'm in Canada and we've kept several varieties of mimosas at home since I was a little kid. And they are available at many plant stores fairly readily. They're lots of fun - but not as uncommon as you would have people believe! :)

  10. A says – reply to this


    Saw these on plantations in Jamaica…we were told the bosses planted this purposely because if workers tried to escape, the plants collapsed and would leave a trail that was easily traced. Sad.

  11. Trinity says – reply to this


    This grows all over in Guam.. We call it "sleeping grass". Hurts like hell to step on!!!

  12. just me says – reply to this


    ape ke bangangnyer mat saleh ni. daun semalu pon x pnah jumpe ke?!

  13. Oliver says – reply to this


    "We feel like some nerds right now…"

    What the hell is that supposed to mean? You're a "nerd" because you know about a plant that plays dead?
    (But you're not a "nerd" if you gab endlessly about vacant-eyed pop stars and jack off to handsome actors?)
    Perez is a stupid dick.

  14. Oliver says – reply to this


    And who the hell is this "we" ?

  15. p28 says – reply to this


    Perez tienes que visitar Puerto Rico, aqui esta en todas partes: el morivivi

  16. 16

    Re: FPerez – Well, since I don't read Reddit, I'm glad it got linked here. What a fucking prick, and idiot, you are, to boot.

  17. leannsalonga says – reply to this


    this plant grows in our backyard and anywhere else here in the philippines..we call it "makahiya" translated in english as "shy plant"

  18. Brains of the Operatio says – reply to this


    Hi Perez, acting as a commentor. AKA idiot. Nice try. HAHAHA>

  19. Arkangel says – reply to this


    Those are in my back yard, in Texas.

  20. 20

    used to play with these while growing up in hawaii

  21. david says – reply to this


    you sure this was the first time you saw this kind of plant? lots of them are in our backyards…

  22. jenifer says – reply to this


    its in cairns, australia.. its everywhere here

  23. ennaira says – reply to this


    This is not a surprise at all. We have this in the Philippines and we call it "makahiya".

  24. Kelakars says – reply to this


    Re: just me
    kan! Kelakar tol…pelik diorg ni x pernah tgk?? Jakun gler!

  25. What says – reply to this


    LOL. Silly americans. Getting all excited about this.

  26. Tasia says – reply to this


    We have them all over Indonesia! lol First time my bf (who is a Canadian) saw it, he was so amused by it for about half an hour lol

  27. naah says – reply to this


    this is not NEWS .. this is all over Puerto Rico we call them "morivivi"

  28. 28

    I smoke it to relax.

  29. Mina says – reply to this


    Re: What

    No no no…Perez is an idiot. I'm pretty sure most americans have seen these plenty. He's also the one who wrote about some actress or another growing salvia in their garden, as if that were something most people didn't do.

  30. 30

    Re: What – You're an idiot. I don't see anybody but Perez getting excited about it.

  31. 31

    that plant is a lot smarter than kanye and kim…

  32. Jen says – reply to this


    This may be Perez Hilton's favorite plant.
    It is called the TickleMe Plant as it really closes fast when you Tickle It. and now you can grow them in doors. They even have TickleMe Plant Party Favors. Every child will want to grow one.

  33. Jen says – reply to this


    The TickleMe Plant may be Hilton's favorite plant as it really moves fast when you Tickle It.
    Now you can grow them at home so I'm sure every child will want to grow one. We just order the TickleMe Plant Party Favors.

  34. JoeyTlley says – reply to this


    I have one of thoughs!! its nicknamed a 'touch me not' in england!!

  35. Pam says – reply to this


    Re: dixie – Search pet TickleMe Plant or go here
    to grow your own TickleMe Plant indoors in the USA and to get the TickleMe Plant Party favors.

  36. Pam says – reply to this


    Search pet TickleMe Plant or go here
    to grow your own TickleMe Plant indoors and to get the TickleMe Plant Party favors.

  37. cesy says – reply to this


    This is in Dominican Republic we call it "mori vivi" its is amazing to watch.

  38. 38

    Re: What – Um, no just Perez.

  39. 39

    Nerds? WTF is that supposed to mean? You're a prick.

  40. 40

    I found an amazing plant too! It's called a Dandelion. I'm none of you have heard of yet, but it just happened to grow on my lawn. Amazing….

  41. Abi says – reply to this


    Re: Audrey – He is just referring to the fact that he is geeking over it. which is what most people do. Feeling like a nerd about something just means your overally excited. some people dnt give a shit about things like this. i.e me

  42. 42

    ive never seen this plant or heard of it before and i hate reddit so im glad they posted this. i cant figure out what purpose this function serves the plant… maybe to protect its leaves from damage?

  43. Briteedubs says – reply to this


    Re: jenifer – I couldn't stop playing with it when I was in Cairns. So much fun.

  44. aleja says – reply to this


    in my country (colombia) this plants are very common but yeah it's fun

  45. 45

    My grandma has this kind of plant. It's not as green but it does the same thing.

  46. Kono says – reply to this


    we have dose plants like all over da island bruddha! Why you no know it until now? see? we islanders are way ahead of ya! surfs up bra! stay coo and live in a disland breeze cause da waves are huge now ya here?

  47. Jen says – reply to this


    Just search pet TickleMe Plant to grow your own indoors and to get the TickleMe Plant Party Favors everyone is googling and the book

  48. Fred says – reply to this


    I love my pet TickleMe Plant…gooogle it!