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19 comments to “Alec Baldwin Calls Hank Williams Jr. A 'Senile, Racist Coot'”

  1. 1

    F*ck Alec Baldwin! Commie traitor.

  2. 2

    I don't think what Hank said was outlandish at all. They are total assholes and really bad people. Hank has got it right.

  3. 3

    Country Boy Can Survive.

  4. 4

    coming from a guy that called is daughter a thoughtless little pig. Class act all the way

  5. 5

    Alec Baldwin is a child abusing, wife abusing , has been, bloated, pig-eyed POS.

  6. Be-Atch says – reply to this


    Isn't this Williams guy gay … ? I mean - look how he dresses !

  7. Ianthe says – reply to this


    He'd have a talk with him? What makes Alec Baldwin think that Hank Williams would lower himself to talk to him? "We" "need to" call him what Alec Baldwin says he is? Alec Baldwin just married a woman of about 30 who's young enough to be his daughter, and has been criticized for it roundly online, and now he's calling Hank Williams, who has guts in his little finger than Alec Baldwin could even imagine existing in the whole world, let alone possesses himself, senile and a coot. This guy has so little insight into himself that it's pathetic. Plus, he's a bigot. SHUT UP AND GO AWAY, ALEC BALDWIN. NO ONE WITH ANY SENSE HAS ANY RESPECT FOR YOU. Go back to Massapequa, hide in Syracuse, crawl back under a rock — just get out of the line of sight of those many of us who despise you for good reason.

  8. Bell says – reply to this


    Like anyone gives a FUCK what Alec Baldwin thinks about politics. He's nothing but another idiot liberal POS from Hollywood.

    I'd give a helluva lot more credit to what Hank Williams Jr has to say….and BTW - I agree with his statement!

  9. fergie_beat_mario's_a says – reply to this


    Ha Ha This one backfired on ya Pumpkin Head. Maybe you should stick to promoting shitty music and doing meth. HWJ would kick that city boys ass

  10. mr pete says – reply to this


    I would love to see those two old drunks going at it
    punching, stumbling, falling down,pissin, than blowing each other

  11. uonlyseeonesidePH.. says – reply to this


    It just amazes me (not really) that you (or probably your pseudo writer) would write another story like this. I'm sure you're just searching for more "comments" so u (or whoever) try to stir shit up. U are such a hypocrite to ignore ALL the racist, misogynist, hypocritical BS said on this website! U R responsible! Trying to act like you've changed..UR a joke, a wolf in sheep's clothing..#thereR2sidesbutyoullnevershareit #hypocrite

  12. MM says – reply to this


    As though I'm concerned what someone thinks who calls their own daughter a "thoughtless little pig." …puhlease :/

  13. MB says – reply to this


    huahaha. I think Alec Baldwin is fucking hilarious

  14. 14

    Hank simply told the truth. $ years ago nobumma promised to cut the deficit in half. however the def is now 6 TRILLION more than it was. " It's lying time again"

  15. 15

    …just say no to inbreeding…

  16. 16

    The reality of this is that Hank Williams Jr. is 100% CORRECT! Alec Baldwin is an idiot as proven a couple of months ago when he couldn't even turn off his cell phone during pre-flight.

  17. Chester McGillacutty says – reply to this


    Re: dryan1971

    It wasn't a cellphone, ya big dumbass.

    It was a new fangled thing called a tablet.

    Leave your country cracker basement, venture out to WalMart in your nightgown and buy a clue.

  18. terri says – reply to this


    And Alec is a falling down drunk who calls his own daughter a fat B!! I think I will take money on Hank before Alec anyday!! Hank tells it like it is & maybe getting older but can kick Alec drunk fat ass anyday of the wk.! Hank took control of his drinking so maybe alec should try it!! Besides alec is one to talk about looks!! He is fat loud & so gross!! Hank has more money than alec could ever have & most of all Hank just tells it like it is and doesn't care what others think, where as alec tries to save face with the public to keep a job!! Hank is Hank & we know what he stands for & alex does things to keep ur attention on him to work. I think I will go with the one who is real all the time then with someone from hollywood who is not real anyday!!

  19. RandomAssGuy says – reply to this


    Listen, I am I don't give a rats ass about HWJ or Alec. But really, someone who is really has no clue what politics is all about shouldn't never be on national tv and have a fucking opinion. He made a fucking fool of himself and the people that support him are just a equally stupid.

    In my opinion, anyone who support HWJ are just fucking cousin fucking white trash, that should never ever fucking breed. How can you honestly say with a straight face that HWJ made a educated point? He can't even fucking count!

    If you really support him, do the rest of America a favor and shoot yourself, before you ignorant spreed.