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Katy Perry & John Mayer Are Back To Bumping Uglies!

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Katy Perry John Mayer back together at little door

Cue the fireworks bitches! This summer fling could be a real thing!

Katy Perry and her summer lover John Mayer enjoyed ANOTHER romantic date Tuesday night, at The Little Door Restaurant in El Lay.

The pop star and her bluesy fella were spotted walking out the door of the eatery in a hurry. Obvi the couple were in a rush to get back home and make babies beautiful music together!

THIS date, plus their PDA-filled FYF Fest rendezvous, are proof that Katy Kat and Johnny are back on — and going strong!

We are so so pleased to see the California gurl in love again!

Mr. Mayer must have done something VERY sweet to get back in her good graces.

Hopefully he won't screw it up… this time!

[Image via AKM-GSI.]

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34 comments to “Katy Perry & John Mayer Are Back To Bumping Uglies!”

  1. 1

    "Bumping Uglies". Perez, you are just crude. Try reporting a story without using your baby talk words and your crude references. In other words, report like an adult.

  2. Miko says – reply to this


    I LOVE these two together. So much talent. Katy is so creative, gorgeous and seems really sweet and down to earth. John being a little older could help her grow through this tough post divorce time and help her evolve into a more serious singer songwriter. I still love her music though. They would make beautiful babies. Check out my fav. Katy song, Thinking of You. Beautiful!!!

  3. Miko says – reply to this


    Note to the jilted John Lover and her camp: If all of your claims are true (that John was dating someone). Katy has nothing to do with it. Its between John and the girl. He was never married. Please keep perspective: Don't blame Katy, she was not dating the girl(s). Blame The ones involved, including the girls also, because of their naivete and poor judgement. If a man loves a woman no other woman can come in between. Fact.

  4. Sara says – reply to this


    This is one hot and sexy couple. Katy is ELECTRIC.

  5. 5

    Yeah, you are so fucking stupid. It's called a booty call. John knows this pathetic whore will put out whenever he want's, so he keeps hitting it. Damn, have you always been this fucking stupid?

  6. Gwen says – reply to this


    ewwwww two attention seekers together!! Who's worst? kimye or them? I just cant decide.

  7. Jenna says – reply to this


    John Mayer is only dating divorcees and he's always the rebound guy. It's NOT a coincidence that he only dates celebs the time of the highest point of their career, see. Taylor Swift, Anniston, Minka Kelly, etc. But KP is too stupid & a desperate whore to realize that.

  8. Nora says – reply to this


    Katy Perry is the most beautiful woman of our time. Not only because of her looks but because of her vulnerability, talent and sweetness. Inside and out. She is an icon. Like a brunette Marilyn Monroe.

  9. frank says – reply to this


    He's just trying to steal the spotlight from her. He wants some publicity. He has a new album now. As for Perry, she's such a slut. A month ago she was dating another man and she was married 10 minutes ago. She's not the good Christian girl that she's desperately trying to convince us…

  10. Sara says – reply to this


    Re: hoochpit – I am an intelligent and educated person with a heart. Don't ever verbally abuse someone. Have you always been a bully and emotionally abusive?? I think JM can get tail from anywhere he wants. I am sure their level is something someone like you (a bully) can never even grasp. You really need to check yourself and get some compassion and class. Trash that you are.

  11. 11

    Re: Sara – ahhhh, i see you are one of those "bully" people. Get a life. You can't bully grown people unless they have emotional problesm. Good god. But starting with saying your are an inteligent woman is irrelevant. What the hell is that. Then you proclaim "don't ever verbally abuse someone" like you are my fucking mom. Fuck off, moron, i'm neither a bully, or an idiot, just realistic. It's your stupid ass that believes this shit, not me. So, in closing, I will verbally abuse you by saying…fuck off, kunt!

  12. Nora says – reply to this


    its weird, but this couple starts to grow on me haha. both are hot, def a sexy pairing.

  13. c says – reply to this


    I just hope John will definately grow up and not go crying like a baby on Rolling Stone next year when he sees this whore has nothing to offer except a good fuck once in a while. I used to like him, but if he sold himself so cheap to the press again and went against everything he's been spitting all over about running away from this shitty gossip world, I wish he can go fuck himself. Two douchies together.

  14. Kelly says – reply to this


    NO. No no no no no no no. Katy is too beautiful for a womanizer like John. I'm glad they are happy… for NOW. I don't want to see another "John dumps Katy" article again.

  15. Frank Black says – reply to this


    Who said they broke up? Blog sites are quick to post rumors with confirmation from "anonymous" sources without ever really having facts. Just admit you may have been wrong about a break up instead of pretending like you have the scoop of a reconciliation! SMH!

  16. Whateva says – reply to this


    Re: Miko – If man has been jilted by the woman he loves (maybe even permanently) he's going to try to move on. Don't be so black and white and simplistic in your thinking. I will not deny that to me Katy seems like a good soul to try to move on to, though young.

  17. 17

    the hottest one is the body gaurd or whoever guiding them through. Why isn't he the star tbh? Movie Star looks

  18. Sara says – reply to this


    Re: hoochpit – You sound like a really happy, nice person. With a lot of class. I see your going places in life. Keep it up. I can tell ur a real winner in life. Good luck with your gnarly monster vibe. Yes, You are a verbally abusive person. Good riddens, Enough! BYE!!!!

  19. Vesta says – reply to this


    They are so back together. I saw them on Sunday at a private trunk show together and they both seemed very happy. Don't you just love love!

  20. 20

    Get that racist dick Katy! Bounce on it!

  21. pizza says – reply to this


    Re: Vesta – What's a trunk show?

  22. Lady says – reply to this


    No more feather necklaces, eh JM?

  23. Lady says – reply to this


    Re: Sara – Watch out. You'll get a shock!

  24. Jessica says – reply to this


    She is the grossest slut I have ever encountered. I was a John Mayer fan for 12 years until he started banging this dirt. After all his promises about being a changed man, he goes and does something like this just like when he dated Jessica Simpson. Even though I never liked JS, she is a saint compared to this thing. Katy Perra has ZERO talent and is a horrible image for the kids out there. If you're a parent and you take your kid to see her, you should shove your head in the ground. Mindless people support talentless whores and we're stuck with their horrible "music." Dirtbag puts Jesus tattoo on her wrist and gets her nails done with crosses on them and then uses the same hands to have sex with some guy who uses her just for sex. Bitches, please… sick of you.

  25. First Hand View says – reply to this


    Re: Miko – Miko, do you have to be so cruel towards his ex? You don't know her. Mayer's ex didn't jilt him. I'm sure it's not easy for her to have to sit and watch people calling her stupid, naive, dumb, and an idiot for actually loving him and trying to see the good in him; despite hurt. I'm willing to bet my heart and soul that Mayer's ex would take him back in a heartbeat, without a doubt, again - even after this. Sure she's hurt and upset and is probably crying until she dehydrates herself, but I think that she has to have what I'd call 'unconditional love' for him. Is she stupid for loving him? I think not. I'm not going to call Katy a slew of names - I don't know her personally and even if I did, I wouldn't. You saying these things about the ex is cruel.  Many people have been pouring and rubbing salt in her heart wounds, making her feel awful, tellinger her how inadequate she is for Mayer because she's not famous. Sound familiar Miko? What matters is how the ex makes/made Mayer feel and what he feels for her. I've sat and watched silently, as people made crude comments about Mayer and his ex. No one knows exactly what Mayer may still feel for his ex and she may be his heartbeat and just because he's out with Katy doesn't mean that he's over her.

  26. Happy Feet says – reply to this


    Miko, pretty harsh. Not nice. Did you have your double dose of hate-orade this morning? Neither of us know Mayer's ex. We are no one to tell her that she's not good enough for him. Mayer and Katy could just be hanging out as friends. How do we know that he won't be back trying to mend things in a few weeks or month? For all we know Mayer may be keeping his ex a secret for a reason and does not want her out in the plubic eye because of how everyone televised her existence in the first place. I think that Mayer will come to miss his ex and will reunite. We never know.

  27. Veronica says – reply to this


    Could it be that Mayer and Katy are only about music and aren't really dating? They don't look like a real couple.

  28. Nadia Welsch says – reply to this


    Why does John Mayer look surprised by the cameras? Did he not expect them to be there? Could this be a business date? I just don't see anything more than business happening between these two. Mayer seems to grounded for Katy Perry. The media always makes things out to be more than they are for a good story and they embellish happenings to make a story fly off the stands. I don't see it. He look annoyed already and not just by the paps.

  29. Possibility says – reply to this


    Re: MikoRe: Whateva – Do we as people lookin in from the outside, know for certain that J May has moved on for good? Nobody can tell what a dude is realky feeling, wanting or thinkin. A guy can go out with another chick on rebound and bump uglies, but still be smitten with another woman. It's about sex and just b/c dude is having sex with Katy don't mean he's on the verge of fallin' in love. Do you know how many dude can f–k and be seen out with one chick, but be pinning for the ex? . Miko is spewing hatred at the ex and for all he knows, Mayer could be missing his ex like crazy. His eyes don't look genuinely happy and calm, and it's beyond the bright flashes if the cameras.

  30. Just Saying' says – reply to this


    What if this is some revenge plot between Katy Perry and her friends to get Mayer back for dumping her? Didn't she beg him to come back? There has to be a motive behind this because the girl is vengeful. What if she's trying to get the goods on Mayer and then use it against him in a song like her buddy Taylor Swift? Ever think about that? I'd hate to see that happen to Mayer again. Watch out Mayer! I think he should split before he gives her too much to write songs about and make a profit out of him…. Just sayin'

  31. The Remedy says – reply to this


    I don't want to seem like a bigger douche than John Mayer, but I really hope that his so-called HOT little ex (from what I've heard) isn't sitting around feeling crying herself sick and feeling jilted when there's men out there like me. I have just the remedy for her. She needs to f__K as many men as possible, within a week OR let me, as the available bachelor and successful wealthy stud that I am, I am more than willing and hung like a bull elephant to bang her until she:
    1.) Forgets Mayer's face,
    2.) Forgets Mayer's name,
    3.) Forget the fact that she was even with him,
    4.) Forget all of Mayer's current and past songs
    5.) and F–k her so hard that she will not listen to any future song(s) that John Mayer may pen in guilt about how he hurt her and he's sorry. I can guaaarranntttteee that I can make the girl forget about any hurt or pain she's in and when I'm finished, she'll be seeing rainbows and unicorns.

    If I figure out who she is or where she's at, we're banging until she's in coma and when she comes out of me sex coma, she won't know who Mayer is.

  32. Wish It Was Me says – reply to this


    Oh Man! Looks the the ex is one lucky b-tch. WIsh I was her. Bwahahahahahahaaaaa!

  33. best free betting says – reply to this


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  34. social presence says – reply to this


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