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Gay Delegates Supremely Represent At The DNC!!

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President Obama and the democrats are tearin' it UP for the all the non-straights out there!

Tuesday's Democratic National Convention marked an unprecedented political win for the LGBT community, as a record number of non-straight delegates were welcomed by the Prez and his fellow lovers of democracy!

486 gay, lesbian, or transgender delegates from all 50 states - a whopping 8% of the whole number of delegates present - attended the DNC which featured LGBT community speakers among the event's other impressive pontificators.

Jerame Davis of National Stonewall Democrats, a gay-rights affiliate of the party, states:

"We’ve been an underrepresented demographic in politics for a long time. Finally seeing us appropriately represented is just a thrill."

Yes! It's always a thrill to see marginalized groups given a fair slice of the political pie!

Plus it reminds us of what makes this country so truly astonishing and an enviable place to dwell: our diversity and our constitutional RIGHT to be different and have our own thoughts, feelings and ideas!

And for a lovely hump day treat, check out some snaps of our sexxxxy president doing his presidential thaang (below)!

[Image via WENN.]

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29 comments to “Gay Delegates Supremely Represent At The DNC!!”

  1. 1

    "Yes! It's always a thrill to see marginalized groups given a fair slice of the political pie!" It's always a thrill to see how stupid you are, Perez. You homos are a tiny part of the population. But without you and the spics, the Dems stand a huge chance of losing the White House because Obama has done a shit job. You're getting more than you have in the past because you and other deviants are being used. Obama hasn't done shit for you in his four years in office. IF he gets re-elected, he'll do every bit as much as he's done in the first go-’round. It's called pandering, shithead. And if you homos fall for it, you deserve what you get, which will be zilch.

  2. 2

    There is an empty chair at the DNC Gong Show Convention – for God.
    Oh, one for the Jews too.

  3. 3

    The Mass govenor was talking about kids in dire straits.
    Funny but Obozo is the one who put them there.

  4. 4

    How can you Gays support Obama? He is obviously using you for votes. He has done nothing for your cause, and you still vote for him. If Biden did not throw him under the bus, he still would not be talking about Gays. Stand up for something Gays and get the respect! They are using you and it shows how weak you are. Gary Johnson for Pres!

  5. 5

    Military not too respected either by these jerks.
    Just like Arizona is being sued for protecting their borders, Obozo is suing Ohio so military votes are NOT counted on the last 3 days of the special extended time they are granted.
    These people are disgusting.

  6. 6

    he's just supporting the gays because of the election, HELLO!! why didn't he support in the first place! Hes full of it IMO!! GO Romney!!

  7. 7

    Re: P I N K Y – And Romney used to be pro-choice - now he is pandering to the religious right. Politicians pander - that is just the way it is.

  8. LiberalsMakeMeSick says – reply to this


    Perez, he is only using gays. Remember when he was running the first time and he said " Marriage is beteen a man and a woman"? If he really did support gays, he would have picked up his pen and made it legal for all gays to marry. Why didn't he do that? Why???? because he is USING YOU GAY PEOPLE FOR VOTES!

    Stop embarrassing yourself by posting all this crap supporting someone who clearly is using you.

  9. LiberalsMakeMeSick says – reply to this


    90 yrs ago we had 14 yr old boys lying about their age so they would have the privledge of fighting for their country and risked dying for their country. Today we have fat 50 yr old men prancing around the DNC in a bright neon pink dress with a purse.

    Can you actually say we are headed in the right direction?

  10. 10

    They wouldn't care less about the economy was falling off the planet as long as gay rights pass! Everybody is out for themselves! Like this President who likes everybody to be divided and not equal.. wake up!!

  11. 11

    Re: Yes You Bore MeRe: manymomsRe: P I N K YRe: LiberalsMakeMeSick

    you guys are just flat out lying about obama not doing anything for the lgbt community. not surprising considering who wrote the comments.

    *Signed the Matthew Shepard and James Byrd, Jr. Hate Crimes Prevention Act, which expanded existing United States federal hate crime law to include crimes motivated by a victim’s actual or perceived gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, or disability — the first positive federal LGBT legislation in the nation's history
    *Signed repeal of Don't Ask/Don't Tell
    *Signed the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Treatment Extension Act
    *Reversed an inexcusable US position by signing the UN Declaration on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity
    *Extended benefits to same-sex partners of federal employees in 2009 and, further, in 2010
    *Lifted the HIV Entry Ban effective January 2010
    *Issued diplomatic passports, and provided other benefits, to the partners of same-sex foreign service employees
    *Committed to ensuring that federal housing programs are open to all, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity
    *Conceived a National Resource Center for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Elders — the nation's first ever — funded by a three-year HHS grant to SAG

  12. 12

    Jimmy Carter’s story last night could be titled, “From One One-Termer to Another”.

  13. 13

    I'm all for gays hooking up and being a legit family but when I see things like this, I can't help but think we've entered the Twilight Zone.
    U.S. District Judge Mark Wolf ruled Tuesday in the case of Michelle Kosilek, a transgender inmate serving life in prison for murder. Wolf said the Department of Correction must provide the <b>taxpayer-funded</b> surgery because it is the only way to treat Kosilek's "serious medical need."

  14. 14

    *Banned job discrimination based on gender identity throughout the Federal government (the nation's largest employer)
    *Eliminated the discriminatory Census Bureau policy that kept our relationships from being counted, encouraging couples who consider themselves married to file that way, even if their state of residence does not yet permit legal marriage
    *Instructed HHS to require any hospital receiving Medicare or Medicaid funds (virtually all hospitals) to allow LGBT visitation rights
    *Required all grant applicants seeking HUD funding to comply with state and local anti-discrimination laws that protect LGBT individuals
    *Adopted transgender recommendations on the issuance of gender-appropriate passports that will ease barriers to safe travel and that will provide government-issued ID that avoids involuntary "outing" in situations requiring ID, like hiring, where a gender-appropriate driver's license or birth certificate is not available
    *Extended domestic violence protections to LGBT victims
    *Extended the Family and Medical Leave Act to cover employees taking unpaid leave to care for the children of same-sex partners
    *Issued guidance specifically to assist LGBT tenants denied housing on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity
    *Issued a National HIV/AIDS Strategy praised as "long-overdue" by the Task Force, Lambda and others
    *Issued guidance to 15,000 local departments of education and 5,000 colleges to support educators in combating bullying

  15. 15

    *Cut back authority to discharge under Don't Ask/Don't Tell from hundreds of generals to just 6 civilian appointees, effectively ending discharges while working toward a permanent end to the policy.
    *Led the fight that reversed a 2010 UN vote removing sexual orientation from the list of things people should not be killed for
    *Launched the first-ever national study of discrimination against members of the LGBT community in the rental and sale of housing
    *Determined that Section 3 of DOMA is unconstitutional, that discrimination against LGBT citizens should be subject to "heightened scrutiny" and that it will no longer defend this portion of the law in court.
    *Vacated a court order that would have deported a gay American's Venezuelan partner
    *Endorsed the Baldwin-Lieberman bill, The Domestic Partnership Benefits and Obligations Act of 2009, to provide FULL partnership benefits to federal employees
    *Released the first Presidential PRIDE proclamations since 2000
    *Hosted the first LGBT Pride Month Celebration in White House history
    *Awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom to Harvey Milk and Billie Jean King, joining past recipients such as Rosa Parks
    *Appointed the first ever transgender DNC member
    *Testified in favor of ENDA, the first time any official of any administration has testified in the Senate on ENDA

  16. 16

    Oh Lord it's hard to be humble
    when you're perfect in every way.
    I can't wait to look in the mirror
    cause I get better looking each day.
    To know me is to love me
    I must be a hell of a man.
    Oh Lord it's hard to be humble
    but I'm doing the best that I can.

  17. 17

    I am glad that lgBt rights are being adressed here but I would just like to comment on perez's comment on "486 gay, lesbian, or transgender delegates." What happened to the B in lgbt? Bisexuals are always left out and are not accepted by straight people or gay people. Someone needs to stand up for us. Dont forget us next time perez!

  18. 18

    *Hired more openly LGBT officials (like these) in its first two years — more than 150, including more than 20 "Senate-confirmables" — than any previous administration hired in four years or eight
    *Named open transgender appointees (the first President ever to do so)
    *Launched a website to gather public comment on first-ever federal LGBT housing discrimination study
    *Appointed long-time equality champion Chai Feldblum one of the four Commissioners of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
    *Produced U.S. Census Bureau PSAs featuring gay, lesbian, and transgender spokespersons
    *Successfully fought for UN accreditation of IGLHRC (the International Gay & Lesbian Human Rights Commission) — against Republican attempts to block it
    *Awarded $13.3 million to the LA Gay & Lesbian Center to create a model program for LGBTQ youth in the foster care system
    *Hosted first-ever White House transgender policy meeting

  19. 19

    Re: arbeish1 – The B's are the "confused" ones Stevie Wonder was talking about. Think John Travolta. They get ignored because they aren't "full in" with being either straight or gay. In other words, you're not heard because you can't make up your mind. Confused?

  20. mr pete says – reply to this


    I think a lot of this will back fire on Obama, there are many, many people who oppose GAY MARRIAGE,when voters have voted, it in most cases it is defeated, but many of the same people do support same sex unions, which is the same as marriage, just using different wording
    I think Obama likes this to be out front, and get talked about, because if were talking about gay issues, we are not talking about the economy, and about unemployment, and about the trillions of $$$ that have been pissed away in the past four years

  21. 21

    Re: mr pete – agree

  22. 22

    This will happen in time but cramming it down everybody's throat wont work. Very greedy time to be about gay rights. You don't care about anything else but your own agenda. But the Obuma is ALL about giving. Wow!! Really!!
    This guy is wanting your minds off the most important issues.Everything he does cost money, everything you libs want COST MONEY!! Just like when you bought the houses you couldn't afford and jacked your credit cards up. Now you dont pay them and spit on Bush for this!!! WOW!!

  23. 23

    The "Prez" is not a lover of democracy. Look at how he and Democrats shoved Obamacare down our throats even though the majority of Americans were opposed. Also, look at how the bond holders of GM got screwed without due process. The problem Perez you are too stupid or are too blinded by your one cause to see what this man and his minions are all about. He's a Marxist that wants to see this once great country down on its knees and be just another country on this globe.

  24. 24

    Too bad he's done such a poor job with the economy he'll never get reelected. The Republicans will win and that will be the end of gay marriage. It's the economy, stupid.

  25. 25

    The economy needs to be the #1 priority, stuff like gay rights is a tangential issue that can be addresses at a later date, sorry guys but that is the realityl

  26. LiberalsMakeMeSick says – reply to this


    People are losing their jobs and homes. THAT IS ALL AMERICANS CARE ABOUT! Every election, the dems bring up this "attack on women" and birth control, abortion,etc. Now they are bringing up this gay crap as an extra distraction since they can't run on their record.

    Obama is PANDERING to the Gays! Don't be stupid!

  27. 27

    Re: Squirrel – Sexuality is like race. You cannot choose it or change it. My son is half black and half white. He deals with the same issues of not being 100% accepted by either race. It was not confusing for me when I was in elementary school and it is not confusing for me now. If someone is attracted to more than one race of people, does that mean they are confused and cannot choose? Think about it.

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