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Rosario Dawson Protests On Behalf Of Undocumented Immigrants At The DNC

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Rosario Dawson protesting the DNC

Shout it from the rooftops, gurl!

Rosario Dawson wanted her voice to be heard at the Democratic National Convention on Tuesday because she was speaking up on behalf of undocumented immigrants.

She shouted, "Education not deportation" through a megaphone while holding up a banner reading, "Undocumented."

The actress joined others for the cause following the Voto Latino policy forum "People Powered Politics,” at which she was featured on a panel discussing issues like immigration, economics and education.

Check out another pic of the Rent star exercising her First Amendment right …AFTER THE JUMP!!!

Rosario Dawson protesting DNC photo 2

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66 comments to “Rosario Dawson Protests On Behalf Of Undocumented Immigrants At The DNC”

  1. Gigi says – reply to this


    I I don't care what color, race, ethinic or religious background you are. If you go to any country in the world without permission, you should be deported. You are breaking a very BASIC law. Period.

  2. 2

    Re: Gigi – I second this. Of course if say that, they automatically say you're a KKK member….Sigh.

  3. 3

    So Rosario's just "exercising her First Amendment right " but when Kirk Cameron, Chick-Fil-A, etc do the same thing, you tell them they should keep their opinions to themselves and call them names.

  4. 4

    Re: Meggie246524 – Haven't you learned how BIASED Perez is? If you're gay, or hispanic, you can do no wrong in his book!

  5. Paola says – reply to this


    Gigi and mimi;

    What gives anyone any more rights to a piece of land over someone else?
    The fact that you were lucky enough to be born in the US is great, but it is just that, luck.
    Other people are not so lucky and so they have to move to countries in which they can seek out oppportunities. Unfortunately self-imposed land boundaries exist that deem these people "illegal," but really, according to who? Man-made land boundaries are just that, man-made. We all want food, shelter, education, those are the BASIC neccesities that we try to fulfill at whatever cost and I think what Rosario Dawson is doing is commendable.

  6. melissa says – reply to this


    first off, rosario dawson was born in america so she is not undocumented. secondly, her father is white. thirdly, i'm sick of these celebs and everyone else for that matter acting like illegals should be getting rights in a country they are in illegally. we give them aide, free benefits, let them live here while they pay no taxes and contribute nothing back to the system but crime (read the statistics folks). every other country is extremely strict with illegal immigration but america welcomes illegals with open arms while it's tax paying citizens are struggling and can't get medical coverage or even food. disgusting. wake up people!

  7. 7

    Oh, let me get this straight. You support undocumented workers? If you are passing into this country illegally, you are a criminal. Period. Round them up and ship them out. You liberal democrats get funnier and funnier as the years go by. You actually have been brainwashed enough to think people entering your country willing, and knowingly, and illegally, have rights. They don't. They have knowingly and purposefully broken out laws and pissed on you to get their "better way of life" and "freebies" instead of making their way in their own country or immigrating legeally. Wise up.

  8. Justrandom says – reply to this


    Re: Genghis Khan – Linsten. You are allllll supporting undocumented immigrants. When you are eating your vegetables or fruits that you bought to the supermarket, how do you think they got there? By migrant undocumented farmers. It seems we as Americans do not complain about undocumented immigrants when they are producing for us, boosting our economy, doing the lowest paid jobs. No, at those moments we love immigrants don't we. But when it comes to recognizing human rights, we as Americans feel we have this authority. Being American is a matter of luck. It is not determined by your judge of character, because if it were then half of America would be considered immigrants. It is based on a right given to us because we were born in this land or naturalized. So stop with this whole "undocumented immigrants" are criminals.

  9. 9

    Re: Justrandom – No, NO, they are criminals. Don't try to spin it around. You enter a country illegally, you are a criminal. Pure and simple. Don't try that, get them out and round them out. Period.

  10. No way says – reply to this


    Re: Justrandom – I actually do not want my fruit and vegetables from undocumented illegals. I chose to purchase from a co-op and work within it to make sure of it. Just like I hate all the crap this country imports from China, so I don't buy it. This country has so many issues with lax gun control, poor education, rising deficit, high cost health care, over populated prisons, racism and illegals. If we allowed every single person in this world to come here for freedom, we could not handle that influx. There wouldn't be enough jobs or resources for anyone. Illegal immigrants are committing crimes by coming here. I'm all for closing down the borders and keeping them tight.

  11. 11

    Without future Latino support the GOP ain't gonna last and they know it. If Romney wins the election comprehensive immigration reform with 'AMNESTY' for illegal immigrants will be passed way quicker than if Obama wins. Romney will have bipartsan support- Obama does not. Teabaggers aren't bright and are so blinded by their hatred for Obama- was too easy for chronic fibber Gov. Romney of Mass. to pull the wool. LOL

  12. 12

    Ha ha ha. I just saw a federal court upheld the 'show me your papers' prevision of the Arizona immigration law. Ship those illegals back!

  13. 13

    Re: Paola


    ~It primarily comes down to respecting another sovereign nations' laws and basic requests Paola. Simple as that. Land has been fought over, won, bought etc. since the beginning of time so I think you're just gonna have to get used to that very cold fact. Ultimately, the laws are what they are FOR A REASON and as a side-note Mexico already has an exorbitant amount of natural resources as a country to help pull themselves up a little on their own as is but for some reason a big part of its own hindrance stems from its corrupt government (don't think I need to delve into that one). In fact, Mexico has stricter laws in place pertaining to illegal immigration than the US does so maybe you should start with writing a nice letter to the soon to be former Mexican president Calderon.

  14. 14

    Re: Paola


    ~ ~And rightfully so eh? It would be absolutely foolish to just let every single person flood the borders without taking the proper precautions. It also kind of takes away from some of the merit of what it means to be an American (Just how the f***** chips fall). Not only entering a country illegally to begin with is in of itself a crime, it also undermines and belittles those who actually take the correct/legal avenues and learn our native language and at least be able to speak it. By all means keep your culture and who you are as an individual but we have always been an English speaking nation as Mexico has always been a predominately Spanish speaking nation. See where I'm going with this? Your attitude just makes you come off as a completely entitled derelict with the demeanor of "hey, why should I should I respect your countries simple requests?" I hope you realize how selfish you sound. We are known as the melting pot of the world, but do so legally. That's all we ask honestly.

  15. 15

    Re: Paola


    ~The United States is already the financial bank and food donation leader of the world, but of course we have our faults too (find me a country that doesn't have its own to begin with). In fact, Bush had donated more to African nations during his term(s) than any other president in history f.y.i & I'm not even a full on Republican so don't tell me we do absolutely nothing for people. It's complete BS and you know it. Besides, by what you're advocating with merging countries much like that of a union I can't help but laugh because we all know how stable the EU is at the moment. As it behooves one to diversify their personal financial portfolio, by extrapolating that very principle to the macro level it behooves countries to remain sovereign and separate as at least being one of the many reasons to hedge off any systemic risk. Can you imagine how bad the sub-prime mortgage crisis would have been if Canada, the United States and Mexico were all one nation. I cringe at the thought. So, is what Rosario doing really that commendable? That's subjective. If placating to a potential voter base that by definition doesn't have the right to vote in our country to begin since they aren't legal citizens is admirable than damn I must be missing something.

  16. 16

    Education, sure… after they become legal. Jobs, fine… after they become legal. Health care, no problem… after they become legal. Get my point? You know, the one that's truly American?

  17. Paola says – reply to this


    Re: Tnorris

    You are not even a full republican? I cringe at the thought.

    And what Rosario Dawson is doing is commendable IN MY OPINION. I did not think that I would have to spell it out, considering that this is a post on Perez, but god forbid you might have thought my post was supposed to be unbiased. Yes obviously everyone has different opinions, but I'm quite sure that I can still print and say what I want.

    But hey, know what isn't subjective? Word definitions. I guess someone doesn't know what the word placating means…

  18. Paola says – reply to this


    Re: Tnorris

    Merit of being an American? What effort have you exerted in order to become a U.S citizen? People are either born or have to pass a citizenship test, one that most people born in the country would be unable to pass.

    And the whole "we have always" and "they have always" argument Is historically inaccurate since the indigenous people of the continent did not speak either language. See where I am going with this?

    I'm not selfish, in fact I am inclusive of all people while you are obviously concerned with the geographic origins of a person. Who is the selfish person when you are the one that draws boundaries and restrictions based upon where a person was born? Those "simple" requests are not so simple when your family requires the basic neccesities to survive and you are unable to provide them because you didn't win the geographic lottery.

  19. Paola says – reply to this


    Re: Tnorris
    The very cold fact is that just because something has been done a certain way for a long time does not mean that it is correct. Imperialism and colonialism, just because it was done in the past does not make it right in our own current times.

    And the current state of Mexico actually has a lot to do with U.S policies, yes including all of those horrid corrupt politicians that American big bussiness loves dealing with.

  20. 20

    Re: Paola


    Did I ever say or hint it's imperative to be unbiased in a response or not say what you want. NO (you grossly misinterpreted what I was saying obviously), you let your liberal flag fly sky high ya son of a b****. So please read between the lines and think about what I'm really saying first. And for the record my use of placating is more than correct in regards to a celebrity telling a discontent & ILLEGAL voting bloc (of which democrats love taking advantage) what they want to hear by spouting off lines such as they have a right to vote and receive Medicaid which saturates and overloads the system and is one of the many factors that is putting us constantly in the red (Some may pay their taxes- how is another question since they're aren't here legally to begin with, but what do many do with the money they make here? Send it back to Mexico so the majority of income generated from this segment in the US leaves the country). I think someone (celebrity or not who obviously is speaking on behalf of one side of the aisle) telling them what they want to hear to gain some level of acceptance with these people actually DOES constitute as placating to a segment of society but hey just saying. These "rights" she's speaking of, are & were always meant to apply solely to US citizens (not illegal immigrants, not undocumented workers. Whatever the hell you want to call them. Same thing).

  21. 21

    Re: Paola


    Regardless of your opinions on colonialism, it is what it is(and yes that is historically accurate to a degree- keep reading for enlightenment) and English became our dominant language when the union was formed along with the 13 colonies before it so cry to someone who cares about what happened before- I don't live in the past. And like I said (feel like I'm turning into you- a broken record) write to someone who does like Felipe Calderon or the new Presidente come Dec. 1st. And your damn right I was born in the United States so what. It's not selfish at all just something I couldn't ever do anything about so at the end of the day life goes on. Just the way things are. I was lucky and born here (Of which I couldn't be more proud and grateful for that) so it has absolutely nothing to do with being obligated to earn anything when it simply has to do with the luck of the draw. Being a foreign national requires different circumstances if you're not lucky enough to be a naturally born citizen (So be it ya whiner). All we ask is for people to respect our f****** laws/requests and go through the proper channels as many others have in this country and throughout the world.

  22. 22

    Re: Paola


    So as you tried to reiterate to me: See where I'm going with this? (redundant prick of a mocking bird). Having one big country just leads to big systemic problems as you can see with Europe every other day. So your fluffy argument about we are all one and that love knows no borders just doesn't hold any water in the real world. Besides, centralizing a politician's power into more territory should be any sane person's worst nightmare. No matter what side of this ever-lasting border you happen to be on. On top of the fact that being a citizen of another country whether it deals with the US or Canada is and has always been a right, not a privilege my friend. Oh and I love your 5th grade responses by repeating the things I say (since you lack the creativity for a decent remark to a point with substance). Am loving the response (or lack thereof) to the fact that Mexico has stricter immigration laws than the US. Of course you didn't because by if acknowledging that very fact while defending Mexico (or any other illegal immigration policy for that matter) it would therefore make you a giant hypocrite.

  23. 23

    Re: Paola


    But at the end of the day know this, there will be nothing you can do about taking down the juggernaut that is the US border/immigration control system. Or making the concept of sovereign nations (a concept our founding fathers believed in, but what would that even mean to someone like you anyways?) a thing of the past. Why? Because many Americans don't want to become unionized. Good luck with that. Word of advice, you really need to quit mulling over what's happened in the past and think about how Mexico can right some of their own wrongs TODAY (and obviously there isn't a single cause to this). Not complain about how unjust US immigration policy is when the same f****** people who govern Mexico dictate their own domestic policies to treat any potential illegal aliens way worse than their neighbors to the North.

  24. 24

    Re: Paola


    Oh and for the record, Mexico itself was founded on principles of colonialism (What country hasn't founded by means of war and violence??) by the Spanish sometime in the 1500's so how about you look in your own backyard first before you start criticizing another country's history. Look it up for all I care. And eventually God bless'em, Mexico wanted to become independent from Spain much like the US wanting to remain independent and free from Great Britain. So it is and has always been the way of the world. It has been the epitome of foreign policy for many nations the last 300 some years (love it or hate it). The fact that whether any of these countries' indigenous people spoke the language from the start to what language we speak now is at the end of the day…irrelevant. Whether it's one indigenous tribe fighting with another over a water source, or a major country conquering another, groups (large and small) will continue shifting power through various means (throughout history) from one to another so just enjoy the ride Paola.

  25. 25

    Re: Paola

    And who says everything in life (past, present, future) has to be done in the utmost correct and most fair way? Human nature dictates otherwise. The world is an unfair place of which billions throughout the world experience different levels of this injustice everyday. Whether in Mexico, the US or wherever for that matter. Injustice is an unfortunate reality we live in and maybe one . Figured you'd be the last type of person I'd have to express this to.

  26. 26

    Re: Tnorris
    …and maybe one day it'll change for the right reasons. But who knows. May not amount to anything more than wishful thinking.

  27. 27

    Re: Tnorris
    Note for the second #3…

    Meant of course it in fact being a privilege, not a right (original should be reversed). Late when I wrote this.

  28. Paola says – reply to this


    Re: Tnorris
    There is no gross misrepresentation…You made a comment and I responded.
    And just a tip, you were looking for the word pandering or somethin close to it since "placating" simply does not apply to the sentence in which you missused it.

    And I am quite enlightened thank you very much; and there is no such thing as "historically acurate to a degree," either it is or it isn't. It is the good thing about history, no matter how people try to misrepresent it, the facts will remain the facts.

  29. Paola says – reply to this


    It is selfish to believe that having been born in a certain place puts you above others. If you were fortunate enough to have been born in a place that offers you freedoms and opportunities then you should realize just what an honor and responsibility it is. In essence, what Rosario Dawson is doing. Taking her position as a person of privilege and doing something with it. I know that I sure as hell never take for granted all of the rights and freedoms that I have been granted simply because I was lucky enough to be born in the U.S. Again though, simply luck and as much pride and patriotism as I may have, I still remain very cognizant of the fact that many other people, throughout the world, have not been so lucky.

    I'm glad that you are getting fed up with your own language, it was equally grating for me to read which is why I chose to parody it. Wow, didn't take long for that to get annoying you redundant mocking bird, now did it…. I'm not much fpr personal attacks to be honest, but language such as yours just lends itself to it.

    As for your whole EU tangent and Mexico-border security, those were never issues that I myself brought forth and which I do not feel a need to discuss.

    I'm sure at some point things will change, just look at the projected populations for the U.S.

  30. 30

    undocumented immigrants = pc bs for ILLEGAL aliens

  31. 31

    Re: Paola

    And you have to ask yourself then why do so many other countries then have such strict immigration laws and the US doesn't? Something must be working for them which is commendable. And certain segments of the population growing faster than others by what you're implying is one of MANY factors that determines what happens with the laws and borders of our country. You don't seem to not have much left in your personal attacks either, other than saying I apparently don't care about well being of others (who the f*** are to say also) just by mentioning that the chips may land where they fall. Some aren't born as fortunate as others. Just because one isn't born in the US doesn't automatically negate them from being successful anyways. You sell other countries too short. And give me a break. I have worked abroad in poorer nations and have seen/worked with quite a few successful people you'd be surprised. Especially nowadays in countries that guess what have strict immigration laws.

  32. Mel says – reply to this


    Yes, let's support the people who come over here illegally rather than the ones that do it the right way and get visas. Let's also pay for their schooling and healthcare while they don't want to learn English or become a functional member of society. I'm not saying all of them are like that but if they are truly honest good people then they can get a visa like everyone else.

  33. Mel says – reply to this


    Re: Paola – Hey if they want to come to America, then more power to them. They need to at least do it the right way. We as a country have to protect ourselves too. Not all of them are coming over with the intention of living an honest life. I can understand how you would be biased and not see it from a rational point of view.

  34. 34

    Re: Paola – The land lines exist EVERYWHERE. In the countries they come from too, & some of their immigration laws are tougher than ours. Moving on, the lines exist bc we are our own country & have our own rules. We are not one with Mexico, or Canada. We are separate. We have separate laws, rules, regulations, taxes, & when they come ILLEGALLY here, OUR tax money pays for their children k-12, & now college. I sympathize w the children who have been here pretty much their whole lives, & support the dream act. But, that doesn't mean we can just let everyone stay & not enforce our laws. They can drive w out a licence, I cannot do this. Why are they above me? They don't have to pay taxes, my husbands check goes down a couple hundred every week to pay taxes. I could go on & on.

  35. 35

    Re: Paola – Exactly, it'll be like little Mexico in the USA in 50 years. I'm so excited. My children and grandchildren will live in a crime infested shit hole. Yay!

  36. 36

    Re: No way – Well said. I'd love to have one of the jobs they have. Hell I'd even lose some weight in the proces. The problem is I'd expect minimum wage AT LEAST and the farmers won't wanna pay me that.

  37. Mama says – reply to this


    Re: Paola – Fuck off

  38. 38

    Immigrants have a rough life in their country of origin and that is why they come to America. For the American Dream. Nobody wants to leave their home/family/friends but sometimes you have to do what's best for you at the time even if that mean coming illegally to this country.

  39. 39

    In addition immigrants do pay taxes. It is automatically taken out of their paycheck just like yours and they get no refund when they do submit their taxes.

  40. 40

    Americans are Europeans who came to America and took the land from Native Americans. Who's the law breaker here?

  41. 41

    For the record, the whole Mexico/US border is in fact a little relevant in fact being it deals with what helps geographically define a nation and separates the North and South as it should (so yea it does apply to your advocacy of taking down borders since they mean nothing to you). And yea, don't know what to tell ya about the use of the word placate haha, I do indeed know what I'm talking about since as you so aptly put that any word "similar" to placate would suffice (look at examples at how it's used for all I care). So thanks, but no thanks. It's also comforting to know as well that you're pretty much all alone here on this one. And like you I'm just callin' em as I see'em. Oh, I love you too. Now is that selfish come on…

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