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Behold Gleeks! A SHIZ TON of high-res stills from the first (and maybe second) episode of Glee season five have hit the interwebs! The pics don't lo… Read more…

9 comments to “Glee Season 4 LEAKED Stills! Get Your First Look HERE!”

  1. Alisha says – reply to this


    I love these stills. Actually, during Season 4 First Listen Wednesday livestream, these stills were placed over the audios of each song. So they're screencaps of the livestream.

  2. Gleek says – reply to this


    Mehhh no Dianna, not worth looking at! The entire original cast has left McKinley, taking with them all the personality, talent and star quality of the glee club. I mean if you look at these pictures they just look incomplete and lacking - nothing jumps out at you, nothing really draws your attention, because we're left with the boring mehhh part of the glee club. No drop dead gorgeous Quinn, no divas Rachel and Mercedes's sass, No sexy Badass Puck, No super hot Santana and her awesome snide evil remarks, Finn the main guy and No adorable theatrical Kurt. Everyone that was wow has graduated, what we're left with are the extras and the background swayers, they aren't mains, they're extras…I don't see them winning anymore national competitions…

  3. 3

    Leaked??? Fuck off, more like you've received another under the table payment to promote the show on what used to be a cutting edge fun site and is now just one long bore fest thanks to all this bullshit and your hideous self promotion. You might try stop acting like a middle aged peado too over crap kids TV shows like the vomit inducing Glee.

  4. 4

    All I care about is Sam dammit!! Preferably a half-nude Sam with Quinn, but I'll take what I can get!

  5. 5

    this crap is still on the air?

  6. 6

    Didn't Tina wear that in The Purple Piano Project? I want to love these pictures but it feels like it's going to be like Saved By the Bell College Years.

  7. Callmenever says – reply to this


    Is anyone going to bring up the fact that Pucks "brother" is black and Puck is kinda not black…. Unless I missed something along the way….

  8. 8

    Puck's fine ass brother said that:

    1. Puck is his half brother.

    2. Their father is an NBA player and that there's probably a ton of other siblings running around.

    3. Puck doesn't know about him.

  9. 9

    That is SO NOT AMBER! Wow, guess all black people look alike to you Perez, lol.