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Kristen Stewart showed no sign of depression Thursday night! After weeks and weeks of her reported melancholy, Robert Pattinson's ex went to her On the Read more…

26 comments to “Kristen Stewart Puts On A Happy Face For Toronto Film Festival”

  1. PEREZ IS AN IDIOT says – reply to this


    Get over it Perez…she's not about to slit her wrists…I know that must make you so unhappy you ass.
    I WAS THERE - there wasn't one moment where I thought she looked "down". Even during the Q & A after her premiere. She was great.

    So get over it now.

  2. fuck you perez says – reply to this


    She's young , cute and successful. I hope she decides to say fuck you to idiots like you Mario. Just because you are a 40 year old virgin, does not mean that everyone else needs to be. Go Kristen. Enjoy yourself and fuck this fat headed bully and his kind. Loser.

  3. 3


  4. 4

    She doesn't have a happy face, just the underbite and awkward lip perse.

  5. 5

    Stop pretending you "care" about how she is. you want her to be miserable, everyone knows you do. so STFU

  6. mich says – reply to this


    bravo to her PR team for orchestrating the damage control. shes smiling and *gasp* grateful? must be an act

  7. Dido says – reply to this


    She looks stunning perez! too bad she's moved on and you are still stuck in the past. get over it and yourself already!

  8. 8

    She's a pretty girl.

    Stop hating on her so much!

  9. Dee says – reply to this


    The best thing she can do for herself is to get back to work! And she looks beautiful!!! Dress is on point and you can tell they had to add more makeup around her eyes. She f@#$ up!!! She is young move on….Good for her….use that negative energy to motivate.

  10. 10

    I can`t help it. Every time i see her now, posing with a "new" film director or co-star, like posing with sanders, i think she fucks him as well…it`s just her "new-attitude".

  11. 11

    What a seriously gorgeous dress.

  12. Mitch says – reply to this


    She looks beautiful, but very thin. I like when she has a little more meat on those hips. She did great and she'll be fine…eventually. We've all suffered through bad breakups, we've all done things we're not proud of. I hope she takes time to figure out why she stepped out on RobPatt. He doesn't seem like a bad dude to me.

  13. 13

    Her "happy face" looks like she needs to poop. Seriously, can you be an actress and have so little range?

  14. lauren says – reply to this


    The biggest thing ever to happen at TIFF?? Um…NO.

  15. fancypants66 says – reply to this


    Go Kristen! She looks wonderful but uncomfortable. The biggest mistake she made was not to get straight out after the whole debacle happened. By staying a recluse, away from the press, for five weeks or whatever, she just made it worse. But whatever… that time has come and gone. Go Kristen — be a grownup and move on.

  16. 16

    beautiful Girl…Gorgeous dress..i feel bad for her, she looks like losed a lot of weight and that had had a rough time. TIME to Move On Kristen… if He can forgive U then He can go and F*****k himself. Good Luck Pretty.

  17. monica says – reply to this


    Am I crazy or does she look a 100 times better then when she was with Robert?
    I mean, she's still not pretty imo but she looks way better than usual.
    And as far as the depressed part- I mean; she is the one that cheated on him and she did it in a really obvious way so she had it coming.
    I think people have to get over it, it's not only MEN who cheat and just because they're celebs! And because they are twilight 'lovers'
    TBH, no one cares and they will get over it as soon as the other couple cheats on each other.

  18. 18

    She looks great! Gorgeous dress. The past is the past girl, your're only 21! Enjoy your life, if you want the Pat back you could have him…….but maybe you don't.

  19. k-stewfan says – reply to this


    Kristen….looks so beautiful…glad your out and about.
    Stay true to yourself…you are amazing.

  20. 20

    Wow she looks amazing!!!!!!!

  21. vaaaanessa says – reply to this


    Omgggg so exicted for her to come out into the world again. Everyone really needs to let this situation go, it's in the past. But my lord, she's awfully thin:( pulling for her to make more comebacks despite this milestone!

  22. iamawesom-o says – reply to this


    has she caked enough makeup on her dumpy a** face? Nice job under the eyes there. Did this nasty pig-in-heat do her makeup in the dark while she bent over for Rupert? Is she still going to continue to pursue older men because she wants to feel like a lolita despite how old she looks? Isn't that type of thing reserved for sweet innocent looking girls who look like teenagers.? Despite the fact that she doesn't pull off the lolita thing well she still tried to play that card didn't she? implied she was just some poor naive innocent girl who was taken advantage of by someone so much older then her.. She put that out there to try to drive people to believe he was a creep despite the fact that she was getting off on the fact that he was older because it made her feel like she was younger then what she really is. I'm surprised she didn't put her hair and pigtails and wear a school girl uniform. And to think that people actually ate it up when she played the "im just so young and naive!" card. Please. The only thing that seems 'young' or 'innocent' about her is her total disregard for others' feeling and her complete and utter lack of maturity when it came to facing up and taking responsibility for her actions.. Wait, that's insulting to all the 5 year old's out there who own up to their mistakes. I apologize. People can act like spoiled, self absorbed degenerates at ANY age.

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