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Prince Harry Rides Naked Stripper Helicopter!

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Prince Harry is looking mighty chipper before he boards that chopper (above)!

The royal, who took advice from The Emperors New Clothes during his Las Vegas scandal, arrived at Camp Bastion in Afghanistan today to serve as co-pilot gunner during his tour.

Who knew the ginger Prince could handle such dangerous machinery?!

Oh wait, we did ’cause those naked pictures of him totally prove he is the master of his … and ANY … domain!


Check out more snaps of the Prince preparing to board his helicopter (below)!

[Image via WENN.]

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6 comments to “Prince Harry Rides Naked Stripper Helicopter!”

  1. 1

    Why does the media make such a big deal about Prince Harry going to Afghanistan? What about the hundreds of thousands of soldiers who aren't media stars who go, leaving their families behind to live in poverty? It's great that the Prince is doing something worthwhile but so are many other men and women.

  2. 2

    Shut up about Harry, already. You're such a fucking obsessive-compulsive asshole. Take some meds and get some fucking therapy. You're such a fucking stupid douche.

  3. 3

    I agree with Lady Who, what is the big deal is he not allowed to party because he is a Royal, enough is enough its old and very boring…

  4. 4

    Seriously let the Vegas thug go, everyone has moved on, except you Mario

  5. 5

    Most people that I know, just say "wtf?" about him acting like anyone his age would do. He's he most respected Royal by my generation. If you know you're about to set off for a posting in a medieval war zone, why not have a party?
    He has little resemblance to his supposed father and brother but google "James Hewitt" to see pictures of the man that had a five year affair with Princess Diana.

  6. boston61 says – reply to this


    Off course he is chipper because he knows they will let everyone else die before him. He is a very important person.