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Rosario Dawson Gets Real On Politics!

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rosario dawson speaks on dnc

Rosario Dawson is a firecracker of political passion!

After protesting on the behalf of undocumented immigrants, the fiery spirit sat down with The Hollywood Reporter to have a kiki on the realness of politicians.

And some of what she says may surprise you!

Here are some HIGHlights:


I'm really happy to be here and seeing the energy I think it's really important when people say 'nothing comes out of politics' and 'nothing ever changes,' it's like, well what about the Tea Party and Sarah Palin?

The last four years have been drastically different than the four years before that, and definitely in my lifetime. For me it's invaluable to be able to be here.


Those two years leading up to that [last] election were so intense. I think there's been a lot of things that have been going on the past four years, and we have seen changes like Don't Ask, Don't Tell and obviously the Iraq War, but also civil liberties being taken apart and immigration issues.

I think people have come out of that hope change conversation and what they were looking for coming out of the Bush years and are in a different place now that's a little bit more–not vulnerable–but definitely a little more disquieted. Not as exuberant and excited.

I think these four years have been very telling of showing what the process really looks like. It showed up on him [Obama]. That's the thing we always joke about, how when anyone becomes president, after they get debriefed, suddenly they just go gray.


I did with Voto Latino, which is interesting because it was in 2004 and I could have voted four years earlier, but I didn't. That is interesting, because my mom votes and my family votes, so I think that was one of the things I really connected to with Voto Latino, was 'why didn't I vote?' I was an activist and there was just something even as an activist that's sort of outside of it, going 'politics is separate. activism is this' and doing absolutely nothing is a whole other group.

Activists unfortunately end up spending way too much time filling out paperwork and trying to get people to pay attention to the issue, when if you can combine your efforts and do activism but also work within the political system and befriend the right people you can pass legislation that can save you years of time and energy so you can get to other work.

It's always so refreshing to see a celebrity so enthralled in the passion of politics and continue that enthusiasm with a strong grasp on the issues!

[Image via Daniel Deme/WENN.]

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