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Meet Perez Sunday In Times Square! And Watch Us On Bravo!

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It's gonna be a busy and EXCITING day tomorrow!

Sunday at 11:30 AM in the heart of the theater district, Perez is honored to be a part of Broadway On Broadway, a live event to kick off the new Broadway season! It will feature performances from the following musicals:

Annie: Special Appearance
Bring It On: The Musical: “It’s All Happening”
Chicago: “Me and My Baby”
Mamma Mia!: “Mamma Mia! Medley”
Newsies: “The World Will Know”
Motown: The Musical: “Get Ready”
Once: “Falling Slowly”
Scandalous: The Life and Trials of Aimee Semple McPherson: “For Such a Time as This”
Sprider-Man: Turn Off the Dark: “Boy Falls From the Sky”
Bare: “Are You There?”
Stomp: “Brooms”

And, then, tomorrow night, Perez is thrilled to be a guest on the season premiere of Andy Cohen's What What Happens Live on Bravo at 11 PM!

Gonna be soooo fun!!!!

LOVING our very special time in NYC!!!!!

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11 comments to “Meet Perez Sunday In Times Square! And Watch Us On Bravo!”

  1. 1

    What talent do you have Perez besides ripping people a new one!

  2. 2

    Is the Show at a local Bathhouse?

  3. 3

    Every time you invite people to see you, you end up with nobody there. Why? Because you're not a celebrity. The only "talent" you have is stealing stories from other, better gossip sites. You're a nobody who will never be somebody; you're going to spend the rest of your empty, pitiful life chasing something you're not good enough or interesting enough to have. You are, in short, a loser. End of story, you ridiculous homo.

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  6. 6

    Those teeth man, something's off there..

  7. David says – reply to this


    Who the fuck would want to meet you,you're a wanker.

  8. 8

    Good luck from South Florida!

  9. 9

    Re: David – I'd love to meet him! How the hell else am I going to punch him in the throat then laugh while I watch him roll around on the floor sputtering as his trachea tries to reshape itself?!

  10. perezisasellout says – reply to this


    disgusting really..

  11. FFS says – reply to this


    Exactly what "Look" are you supposedly trying to interpret in that photo?
    Mr Ed, Herman Munster fusion?
    Apparently you think you look "Edgy and Hip" well I am here to tell you that you look like a fucking drop kick.