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7 comments to “twitter-to-celebrate-my-run-in-newsicalmusical-were”

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    ROFL!! You mean you can't sell those awful CDs, and you have to get rid of them SOMEHOW, so you figure you'll use them as bait to get people to buy tickets to see you in that shitty show. If people aren't willing to buy the fucking things, how likely are they to buy tickets to see your sorry, diseased ass live? You're not a draw, and your CD is crap. If you're having to give something away to sell tickets, you may as well shout that your presence has not attracted an audience. Congrats on yet another failure, you delusional homo. When will you ever learn that you're not celebrity material?

  2. 2

    Wow, Perez. Your FB page/profile has only 83 likes. That's fucking HILARIOUS.

  3. nationalenquirer says – reply to this


    Now THIS is epic.Epic failure that is
    Get a free CD by buying a ticket. I've seen better deals at a swapmeet.

  4. 4

    i can picture it now perez standing there signing his cd and this 'thing; ARRIVES and says perez im 'yes u bore me ' im ur biggest hater fan .. lolololllllllllll then proceeds to say perez ur a pile of shit blah blah blah

    egads ….

    perez ur a star congrats …


  5. 5

    Re: perez posse number 777 – Seriously PPN777 admit your the ugly smelly Hilton. Your unwavering admiration for this thing is laughable. If you aren't ugly smelly Hilton then be honest and tell how old you are……10? be honest now. I mean seriously who sits 'near' a beach thinking about Hilton being in his stupid little play 24 hrs before it begins?? Hilton himself would do that and NO OTHER SANE PERSON! If your are not Hilton then he should get a restraining order on you as it is not mormal to behave like you do. It's REALLY CREEPY! You have never met IT you don't know IT yet you think IT is a star….SAD Really, you must be a very lonely person? You still homeless living in shitty motels? Why that? something is not right with you - seek help ASAP.

  6. iam5 sucks ass says – reply to this


    fuck off hom0..LOL. You really cant be this stupid playing with just one dick.

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